Dachang “Krypton Gold”, can’t buy tickets to Metaverse

On the contrary, small and medium entrepreneurs go further.

In the face of Metaverse, domestic Internet companies need to change the “Krypton Gold” thinking of investing solely through investment.

In an earnings conference call in early November, Liu Chiping talked about Meta Universe for the first time, claiming that Tencent has technological and capability advantages in multiple fields. But in remarks published ten days ago, Tencent agency issued “Rob idea” in his temporarily when exposed setback.

“Roblox” is the domestic version of Roblox, an American online game creation platform, officially launched in July. Roblox is widely regarded as the most meta-universe Internet product, and “Roblox” also carries the expectations of Tencent’s card bit-universe. But after just three months of operation, “Robles” stopped registering, and it is unknown when it will resume.

As early as May 2019, Tencent and Roblox reached a strategic cooperation and obtained domestic agency rights. More than half a year later, Tencent participated in the investment in Roblox and became one of the shareholders.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

On March 10 this year, Roblox went public. In the prospectus, it imaginatively borrowed the concept of “metauniverse” from science fiction, and transformed it from a game website into the world’s “first share of the metaverse”, and its market value is now approaching 70 billion U.S. dollars. Subsequently, the global Internet circle set off an upsurge to follow suit.

Tencent holds Roblox this good card, coupled with its own funds, resources and technical capabilities, it has the opportunity to take the lead in grabbing the tickets to the meta universe.

Tencent initially announced that the cooperation between the two parties will first focus on the education sector, such as basic programming, game design, and entrepreneurial skills. This is very different from the original intention of Roblox, but under the education boom at that time, not many people questioned it. Nowadays, in the face of strict supervision of off-campus training, it is difficult to focus on education.

It wasn’t until this summer that Tencent officially launched “Roblox”. At the beginning of its launch, this software once ranked in the forefront of major app stores, but this popularity did not continue.

Many players have found that, compared with the international version of Roblox, the number of games in “Robless” is not much, only for mobile phones, and uses a different data system from the international version. Domestic users who access the international version of Roblox will also be forced to jump to Roblox. The virtual currency that players previously recharged in Roblox is completely invalid.

Amidst the controversy, “Rob Le Si” temporarily ran aground. However, Tencent is still actively exploring opportunities in the meta-universe field.

Alibaba chose to cut into the meta universe from the hardware dimension.

In February 2016, Ali led Magic Leap’s Series C financing with a total of US$800 million, and the latter’s valuation rose to US$4.5 billion. In the subsequent D round of financing, Ali once again became one of the investors.

Magic Leap is one of the first players to enter AR (augmented reality) glasses. When it got the investment from Ali, it had not sold any products and its technology was kept confidential. However, Cai Chongxin, one of Ali’s top management, said that Magic Leap is “very farsighted and innovative” and is an investment target that Ali likes. Cai Chongxin also joined the latter’s board of directors.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

It wasn’t until 2018 that Magic Leap released its first product, priced at up to $2,300. The founder originally planned to sell 1 million units in the first year of listing, but the sales volume was only about 6,000 units in the first half of the year, which was a poor performance.

Faced with the huge gap, investors began to lose confidence. Magic Leap’s valuation has shrunk sharply from US$6.4 billion in 2019 to US$450 million in September 2020, a drop of more than 90%. The founder of the company resigned as CEO, the new head came from Microsoft, and plans to switch to the B-end market.

Magic Leap failed to achieve the “magic leap”. Ali not only recorded a huge investment loss, but also paid a considerable opportunity cost.

Sufficient funds are the biggest support for Internet giants to compete for the meta-universe. Before Meta Universe was hyped up by the global science and technology community, the new BAT unanimously used strategic investment as the main way to check the Meta Universe track. In addition to Tencent and Ali, at the end of August this year, BYTE spent 9 billion yuan to acquire Pico, a domestic head VR (virtual reality) equipment manufacturer, which shocked the entire industry.

However, Alibaba and Tencent have successively broken the halberd, making Dachang “buy” the meta-universe ticket gameplay that has been questioned. They began to turn inward, searching for the gold nugget route of the meta-universe on their own .

On the other hand, the explosion of Metaverse has also benefited some small and medium-sized companies a lot, accelerating their progress in the subdivision of the track, trying to take a development path different from that of the big factories.


Although the investment in Magic Leap is not effective, Ali obviously will not give up the meta-universe track easily.

At the 2021 Yunqi Conference at the end of October this year, Ali announced the establishment of the XR Lab, which will mainly conduct research on AR and VR related technologies. This laboratory will become the bridgehead for Ali to enter the meta universe.

Ali Dharma hospital XR Tan Ping, head of the laboratory to do a finale speech, entitled ” Yuan Universe: The Next Generation Internet .” He talked about the concept and composition of the meta universe, and showed some examples, including Tmall holographic store, virtual home improvement, etc.

At the same time, Tmall held the first Meta Universe Art Exhibition, inviting 15 brands such as Wuliangye , Xiaopeng Automobile, and Burberry to participate. After shopping, consumers have the opportunity to receive NFT (non-homogeneous token) digital collections. NFT technology is regarded as one of the technical cornerstones of Metaverse, and Ali’s marketing obviously contains the taste of “showing muscles”.

Old rival Tencent is also unwilling to show weakness.

In the third quarter analyst call on November 10, Ma Huateng said that “Tencent has a large number of technology and capability modules, and can explore the opportunities of the meta universe in different ways.”

Ma Huateng believes that Tencent has a deep accumulation in games, social networks, engines, AI (artificial intelligence) and other sectors. It has the infrastructure to serve a large number of users online at the same time, as well as the ability to manage the digital content economy and digital assets. These are the advantages of Tencent’s entry into the meta universe.

The next day is the 23rd birthday of Tencent. Tencent presented 72,000 NFT digital collections to all employees, which consisted of the QQ penguin image with different elements. There are rumors that certain hidden funds were sold at a high price of 50,000 yuan in private transactions.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

But so far, neither Ali nor Tencent has deployed a new strategy for Meta Universe. When they talked about related topics, they tried to fit their existing businesses into the meta-universe interpretation framework. The two companies have developed a series of layouts around NFT, and more of them are technical explorations and experiments.

In the final analysis, the meta universe is too hot, even Ali Tencent can’t ignore it. This mentality is more pronounced in smaller companies.

For example, Baidu recently launched the meta-universe social app “Xarang”; Station B claims to be one of the most suitable companies in China to realize the meta-universe concept; Netease CEO Ding Lei said that the company is ready for meta-universe-related technologies and plans .

Behind the hustle and bustle, more and more people are beginning to reflect on whether the meta-universe has been overheated, and what path should be taken to reach the ideal country where the real world and the virtual network blend.


At present, the yuan go in the field of corporate universe far, most specialize in a particular area , such as gaming sector MetaApp, Yahaha, the hardware sector Nreal, virtual people plate record One Technology and so on.

Compared with the new BAT, the voices of these companies are much smaller than those of the Internet giants, and their attention is much lower. But whether it is a technological path or a business model, they are trying to paint a more convincing prospect.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

On the second day Roblox landed on the New York Stock Exchange, the domestic sandbox game development platform MetaApp announced a financing of US$100 million. There are rumors that after this round of financing, MetaApp is valued at close to $1 billion, making it one of the unicorns.

According to state business and other media reports, MetaApp founded in 2017, initially using the algorithm recommended casual games, people started to provide interactive content creation and hosting services to developers last year, helping the team to achieve small ideas.

At present, developers can upload their own developed games on the MetaApp sandbox platform, and users can play directly in the sandbox without downloading and installing.

It can be seen that the business model of MetaApp is very similar to Roblox. In addition, domestic startups trying to replicate Roblox also include Yahaha, BUD, and Mini Creators. Their specific gameplay is similar, and they all hope to use the sandbox game as the starting point to grow the embryonic form of the meta-universe.

On the other hand, some people try to cut into the track from other angles.

At the end of September this year, AR (Augmented Reality) startup Nreal announced the completion of Series C financing, with an amount exceeding US$100 million. The company’s investment lineup is very luxurious, in addition to Hillhouse, Sequoia, along the capital, Yunfeng Fund, Wei to capital, Hong Tai funds and other well-known institutions, but also the emergence of deft , iQIYI such as the head of the company’s presence .

Nreal’s main product is AR smart glasses. Compared with other consumer-grade AR glasses, Nreal is lighter in weight and lower in price, but its display effect and space perception are better. At present, Nreal is mainly for overseas sales, and has entered the operator channels of South Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, the United States and other countries.

In addition to facing C-end consumers, Nreal is also expanding the B-end market. It has developed more than 8,000 application development partners worldwide, covering industry, education, cultural tourism, medical and other industries, and jointly build industry solutions to help Companies use AM (augmented reality) technology to achieve energy reduction and efficiency enhancement and innovative experience.

Nreal founder and CEO Xu Chi told 36Kr that the mobile Internet based on mobile phones has limitations, and the “spatial Internet” will bring about changes in the interactive dimension, and “almost seamlessly” with the meta universe. Behind this ecosystem, whether it is content or social interaction, a core hardware carrier is needed. This provides a huge market space for AR manufacturers.

When participating in a live broadcast event in Geek Park , Xu Chi predicted that “mobile phones will still exist, but in 2030 there will be 1 billion AR glasses worn on consumers’ heads.”

In addition to hardware, content is also the focus of domestic Metaverse entrepreneurs.

At the end of October this year, the virtual person “Liu Yexi” became popular on Douyin. The number of likes for a single video exceeded 3 million, and the number of fans exceeded 5 million in less than a month.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

The producer of Liu Yexi is a startup company called Chuangyi Technology. The founder Liang Zikang told the self-media “New Broadcasting Site” that as early as 8 months ago, Chuangyi Technology had set its sights on Metaverse and began planning to launch Liu Yexi.

“She (Liu Yexi) is more like an opening character in our meta-universe world. Like Marvel and Disney, we hope to create an IP world with our own characteristics, and to be a Disney with a short video track.” Liang Zi Kang said.


The scale of small and medium entrepreneurial teams from 0 to 1, allows Chinese technology companies to occupy a place in the global wave of Metaverse. But after gaining a firm foothold, how to go from 1 to 100 is still an important challenge for MetaApp and Nreal.

November 19, famous Russian investor Yuri Mir Carolina (Yuri Milner) in the last summit, held Sequoia Capital, said Yuan Universe platform may only be created by large companies, such as Facebook, Tencent, or other mature large companies .

Milner believes that in order to build the core platform of Metaverse, billions of dollars or more will be invested every year, and continuous investment will be required for 10 to 20 years. This only large enterprises can do to get .

In the Chinese Internet circle, there are only three new BAT companies with such financial resources. This also means that Meta Universe startups are likely to need to form alliances with large companies.

Someone has already taken this step. After being taken over by Byte, Pico recently applied for the “Pico meta universe” trademark, becoming the main attacker of Byte in this field. At the same time, with the lessons learned from Tencent and Ali, how to help the heavily-purchased Pico go further will test the abilities of byte management.

Dachang "Krypton Gold", can't buy tickets to Metaverse

Source: Pico official website

In addition, the domestic meta-universe circuit still has the problem of eager quick success. People from all walks of life rushed forward and used the information gap to slash the leeks.

According to reports from the investment community, an online course called “Meta Universe 6 Lectures” on a paid knowledge app attracted more than 40,000 people to sign up, with a rough estimate of income exceeding 1 million yuan. On platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B, a large number of “experts” from various sources of Metaverse have emerged, peddling second-hand knowledge for profit.

But cutting leeks for users who are hungry for knowledge has limited benefits after all. Intentional big players have begun to exert influence on the capital market.

Typical cases here include Zhongqingbao , a second-tier game manufacturer that has since been tainted with the concept of Meta Universe, and its stock price has soared three times in less than two months. Listed companies such as Chinese Online , Tianxia Show, and Tom Cat have also started to talk about Yunyu.

These actions have led to external criticism and regulatory actions. The exchange has repeatedly issued letters of concern, requesting explanations from related companies, but it has not yet allowed the “meta universe concept stocks” to really cool down.

The concept of speculation for profiteering has always been the target of severe crackdowns by the capital market. If the so-called concept stocks continue to proliferate, Meta Universe risks repeating the mistakes of virtual currencies in China, and it is not impossible to encounter a complete blockade.

In the eyes of Metaverse entrepreneurs, Metaverse is still a grand concept, and it is still far away from its actual landing. On the road in the future, they need to find a comfortable way to cooperate with the new BAT, and more need to maintain their original intention in an impatient atmosphere, and find a balance between short-term benefits and long-term value.

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