Da Vinci’s Egg Original Evolvable 3D Digital Collection First Phase Successfully Released on the Unique Art Platform

In order to promote the elements of science fiction and aerospace, promote the quality of digital art, and let more people truly feel the splendor of digital art and the charm of original sci-fi, original and evolutionary 3D sci-fi digital collections – “Da Vinci’s Eggs” series copyright digital collections should be carried out And live!

“Da Vinci’s Egg” was released exclusively on the unique art platform. The first phase has successfully sold 12,000 pieces. Each “egg” is a unique copyrighted work. is under creation.


UR market price on the day of sale

The starting price of “Da Vinci’s Egg” is 199 yuan, which is divided into four grades: UR, SSR, SR, and R. After the sale, the market price has soared. As of May 5, the rarest UR model has far exceeded 10 10,000 yuan, and the lowest price of SSR models is also stable at more than 50,000 yuan, bringing domestic digital collections into a new latitude!


At present, the producer of “Da Vinci’s Egg” has reached an official cooperation with the China Aerospace Corporation (Shenzhen) Research Institute , and will carry out a series of content cooperation plans in the future. At the same time, the producer of “Da Vinci’s Egg” has started cooperation and negotiation with Qidian Novel Network and Zhejiang Writers Association , and will soon start the creation of comic serialization, short videos and short stories, and will continue to expand art figures, digital picture frames, Derivative expression packs and other peripherals.

As of May 4th, the #Metaverse Egg RaisingGuide Weibo topic has been read 15.13 million times and discussed 22,000 times; the video account of the “DaVinqi’s Egg” promotional video has 200,000+ views, 550+ likes, and 500+ reposts ; And received 40+ media reports, “Da Vinci’s Egg” is known as SS-level digital artwork!

“Da Vinci’s Egg” is a gift from the vast universe to mankind. It is a mysterious and rare collection and metamaterial, and it is a virtual and reality that spans the Metaverse. With the release of “Da Vinci’s Egg”, the Observer Alliance will lead the “Observers” (digital collectors) to explore the ecology of the Metaverse and roam the sea of ​​stars and stars of imagination!

*For more details, please pay attention to the “Unique Art Platform” public account.

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