CTB, the bull coin, is ready to go live on LSEX exchange soon

CTB will go live on LSEX (Thor) exchange on June 11, 2021, opening for filling and withdrawing at 20:00 on June 11, and opening for CTB/USDT trading at 21:00 on June 11.

CTB, the bull coin, is ready to go live on LSEX exchange soon

As a project that has received a lot of attention since the second half of the year, when will CTB, the cattle market coin, go live on the exchange? Which exchange will it be on? It has always been a matter of concern for the market. The exciting moment has finally arrived, after a period of warm-up, according to the official announcement, CTB will be online on LSEX (Thor) exchange on June 11, 2021, with the opening of charging and withdrawing at 20:00 on June 11 and CTB/USDT trading at 21:00 on June 11.

CTB Token China is officially opened and is now live on TP wallet. We are now recruiting 100 community volunteers to make CTB a fully autonomous community. The recruitment target is 100 community organizations. You can apply for community leader by holding 100 million CTB, and after being elected successfully, each community leader can get 1 trillion CTB reward, and the total reward is 100 trillion pieces. As a community-based open source blockchain project with global participation, the CTB community fully respects the basic features of blockchain such as decentralization and distribution, and is completely autonomous by the community in terms of coin value management, community management and ecological construction. The community aims to build a truly fair, just and open decentralized community, which ultimately allows every player to become a dealer and a project party.

CTB platform will open the function of “pledging CTB to dig BNB” on June 30, CTBtoken is a decentralized volatility protocol, which is now online on the main network board of Pancake V2. CTB token adopts an innovative structured risk control mechanism and liquidity supply mechanism, attracting $3 million from the Chamber of Commerce. additional investment to provide pledged mining capacity for CTB crypto assets. Users can pledge CTB mining mainstream coins through BTC/USDT, TOF/USDT, EOS/USDT three kinds of transaction pairs in DMEX of Coinan Smart Chain, and also get BCT rewards, users can deposit and withdraw their principal and earnings as they go, with super high annualized returns.

As the key node for project token conversion, for new token issuance, factors such as when to go to the exchange, which exchange to go to, and which trading pairs to open will play a crucial role in the token price performance. For investors, it is important to choose the first exchange to avoid unnecessary risks. Thor LSEX (Raytheon) digital asset trading service platform, founded in Agra, Singapore, LSEX is an innovative international station for digital assets for professional users worldwide. It provides trading and investment services between a wide range of digital assets. It is a global leader in technology platform, product branch, security risk control, operation and customer service system, etc. We are committed to providing professional, secure and transparent one-stop services for digital assets for global users. the ecology established by LSEX is decentralized, and the ecology provided by LSEX is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that is not centered on the interests of LSEX, but rather like a decentralized network, where project parties, communities, capital, media and other resources are self-organized peer-to-peer.

CTB is opening its arms and embracing every blockchain enthusiast who agrees with the DeFi windfall. The digital currency field is full of infinite possibilities, Bitcoin has increased ten million times since its birth and created a classic legend, CTB will also be the next dark horse and contribute its share to the future digital ecology!

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