CryptoPunks NFT sci-fi game Parallel. What is Life?

According to OpenSea transaction volume ranking data, the NFT set Parallel Alpha released by the science fiction card game has a 7-day transaction volume of 12,822 ETH , which exceeds the transaction volume of CryptoPunks by 11,155 ETH, ranking second in OpenSea.


What is the origin of this

What story does tell

First of all, is a science fiction story. In the future, the earth will run out of energy to maintain civilization, and a global radiation disaster will occur when scientists look for new fission forms of energy enhanced by antimatter. Humans began to immigrate to Mars, space, Jupiter and unknown planets, and some remained on Earth. Humans evolved to five parallel lives.

However, the past radiation disasters of the earth have matured the people who stayed on the earth after many centuries, and have primed a new era of technology. Other parallel beings have detected the evolution of the earth and tried to return and compete for the earth.

What is Parallel? What is the relationship between Parallel and NFT?

A Parallel is one of the five evolutionary roles that humans experience at the same time. They are Earthen, Marcolian, Augencore, Kathari, Shroud, living on Earth, Mars, space, Jupiter and unknown planets respectively.

The original 3D artwork purchased by the user includes the character’s original 3D artwork or the artwork rendered by the artist. Each made Ethernet Square NFT on the network “non-homogeneity token”, respectively.

The Parallel game consists of digital collectible cards that can be used to build a deck of cards and play in online/mobile games. The game is still under development.

Users will support the Parallel project by purchasing the original digital art as NFT. Like anyone supporting an early project, buying NFT artwork also means accepting the risk that the project may encounter changes, delays, and unforeseen challenges, and admitting that all aspects of the project may not be realized.

What do I need to play Parallel games?

The minimum number of cards needs to be collected to form a deck of playable cards related to one of the five parallel lines.

You can create more than one deck of cards and play any parallel role in each game.

Mix and match cards from the same parallel to form a stronger deck for the game

Do I need all Parallels to play?

At least one complete deck of cards is required to play a parallel game. Users can collect cards from multiple Parallels and own multiple decks, so they can choose which Parallels to play for each game. Universal cards can be used with any Parallels.

When will the Parallel card be released?

Parallel’s Genesis α version will be released gradually, starting with the first 15 cards released. You can find each Parallel’s currently available cards and their descriptions on the “Cards” page of the website.

How much is Parallel royalties? How to use it?

Any Parallel NFT resold through the market will charge royalties. 10% of the resale price will be sent to Parallel. Half of the royalties will be used to fund projects, and the other half will be used for game leaderboards and competition prize pools.

When will the game be built?

The project party stated that making a sci-fi NFT game with a dynamic interface and exquisite art worthy of its community participation is an effort that requires time and money. By purchasing Parallel NFT, it is helping the project party to provide funds. However, the project party did not provide a development timetable.


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