Cryptocurrency Survivor Report: Here are 100 ways to die, more addictive than drugs

The very popular saying “one day in the cryptocurrency circle, one year on earth” describes that the money in the cryptocurrency circle can be doubled several times in one day, and all the money can be reduced to nothing in one day, and you can go back and forth to experience “the world” in a short time.

Cryptocurrency Survivor Report: Here are 100 ways to die, more addictive than drugs

The wealth of the cryptocurrency circle has always come and gone quickly. After months of soaring, virtual currencies have recently collapsed, and bitcoin prices have been on a roller coaster, once falling to near $30,000, then back to $40,000, and diving again in the evening of May 21.

At the same time, a number of virtual currency exchanges were once again exposed to inability to trade, with 590,000 investors suffering a blowout and 44.2 billion yuan evaporating in one day. In this dark “massacre” moment, the risk brought by leveraged funds involved in coin speculation was exposed. The huge shake in the market, do more losses, short also have a burst position.

The newbie speculator’s dream of wealth was shattered, and there were many crying, rights defense and claims, and various “group warming” rights defense groups were exceptionally active. After all, in the cryptocurrency circle, traders have a hundred ways to harvest “leeks”, dealer manipulation of coin prices, server downtime restrictions on buying and selling …… investors do not fall down in this pit, they fall down in that pit.

The senior speculators are more relaxed in comparison, and they have been used to the ups and downs, and they have brushed against the “death” time and again, playing with the heartbeat and the speed. They enjoy the hundred kinds of “death” from the manipulator to escape, enjoy dancing on the wire, enjoy dodging the bullet in the Russian roulette wheel, at the end, but also forgot to sigh a “this is more addictive than drugs”.

After several months of high growth, virtual currencies have recently collapsed across the board. At the same time, a number of virtual currency exchanges were once again exposed to be unable to carry out trading operations, and 590,000 investors were tragically burst, evaporating 44.2 billion yuan a day. In this dark moment, the risk brought by leveraged funds involved in coin speculation is exposed. The market is in huge shock, the position is easy to blow up, some people actually lost millions of dollars. Although most of those who blew their positions were long, there were also 10 times smaller leveraged short contracts that blew their positions.

If you are still shocked by the blowout

It only means you haven’t seen the nature of virtual coins

“Heart palpitations.” The virtual currency microblogger said while replaying the game, a number of virtual currency exchanges collectively “unplugged” on the night of the 19th, evaporating 44.2 billion yuan in 24 hours.

The “ghostly” inability of the virtual currency exchanges to trade is a play on the term “trolling” in the cryptocurrency world. “The leeks can’t play the dealer.

“I actually lost 1 million dollars, the coin only copied a little bottom, earned a little, otherwise this moment has returned to the capital.” The big V said while fearful but with a hint of regret, they have done a good job of risk control, but also expected the burst of the market, but did not expect to come so quickly, the night of the 19th came, and the sound beyond imagination.

“Fortunately, I did not add positions when it fell, otherwise I really want to be put down by the contract in the position of 28000~30000. Firecoin 12 million lost only 5.5 million yuan, not stop loss may be nothing.” In his opinion, saving 5.5 million yuan is already a great fortune in misfortune.

On the 19th, the virtual currency market plummeted, with long positions exploding causing further selling stampede and futures contract market bloodshed. According to coincoin data, a total of about 590,000 people blew their positions within 24 hours, with the blowout amounting to 44.2 billion yuan, with the largest blowout order occurring in Huobi-BTC worth 430 million yuan.

In the cryptocurrency secondary market blowout happens often, this kind of thing has been seen, if you are still shocked by this kind of thing, it only means that you have not seen the nature of the virtual coin exchange or dealer. Those videos circulating on the internet of people crying in pain because of the blowout may have been made a long time ago.

This is what investor Xiao Li said. Although blowouts happen from time to time, Xiao Li has also had a taste of the sweetness in the cryptocurrency world. On his first day in the cryptocurrency world, he successfully made $100 to $978 by shorting, a one-night return close to the sum of his returns in the stock market for the six years from 2015 to 2020.

“No wonder the cryptocurrency world is so attractive to young people, with a day’s trading volume more than a stock account for several years, while still experiencing 10 to 100 times leverage, as well as a one-minute position explosion.” Xiao Li said, under the premise of ten times leverage, the market will blow up as soon as it rises or falls by 10% when the market is unfavorable, and retail investors who are chasing bitcoin with 50 to 100 times capital leverage will trigger a blow-up as soon as bitcoin retraces slightly by 1% to 2% in the upward process.

The reporter learned that leveraged trading is actually the act of gambling by magnifying the principal several times and making a big investment with small capital. If investors are bullish on a certain coin, they can borrow money from the virtual coin exchange (referring to coins such as USDT that are seen as stable coins) to buy the bullish coin, and return the borrowed money to the exchange regardless of whether the coin is up or down later. Before borrowing money, investors need to pay a certain amount of margin at the exchange so that they don’t operate at a loss and have no money to pay back the account.

If investors are bearish on a certain coin, they can borrow the coin from the virtual coin exchange with the amount of money in hand * leverage multiplier and then sell it. Regardless of whether the borrowed coin is up or down in the future, investors have to inject the margin before borrowing the coin to avoid running out of money to pay back the bill.

It is understood that the amount of leverage an investor can do varies from exchange to exchange and from coin to coin, and the “interest rate” specified for borrowing is also different. In addition, investors can choose to trade full position or position by position. Full position trading means that investors can trade multiple coins in one account with leverage, and if one coin bursts, other coins will also burst; position by position trading means that investors divide their funds into several parts for leverage trading, and bursts do not affect each other. At the same time, different virtual coin exchanges have different margin requirements.

On the FireCoin exchange, for example, full traders can operate with 3x leverage for BTC/USDT and 3x leverage for ETH/USDT, while position-by-position traders can have 5x leverage.

“Although most of those who blew up their positions were long, some people bought 10x small leverage shorting contracts in Coinan also blew up.” Xiao Li sighs to, in the surge and plunge of the market, whether long or short, there is the risk of being burst.

“Yesterday (the 19th), in the case of several coins down more than 20%, low times leverage is still difficult to escape the fate of the ripple.” As a senior leek, Xiao Li has a deep understanding of this, he told the “Daily Economic News” reporter, from the exchange of information, many speculators around the loss of heavy, contractual, in this round of market plunge, many coins in 2 times the leverage of the position also burst. There are also speculators DeFi on the lending was also liquidated, and these are no way to fully count.

DeFi is a decentralized application that is automatically executed by smart contracts. maker, Compound , Aave are ranked among the top DeFi lending platforms, and their main business is mortgage lending. To prevent risk, DeFi lending platforms set collateral rates and liquidation thresholds.

For example, on both Compound and Aave, the maximum collateral rate for ETH is 75%, meaning that if you pledge $100 worth of ETH to Compound or Aave, you can lend up to $75 worth of other virtual currency assets; once the liquidation threshold is reached, the system will sell the pledged assets to pay off the debt.

This is similar to a real-life bank loan, Li told reporters, if you can’t repay the bank loan, the bank will take your collateral, such as a house, car, etc. to auction, and use the money from the auction to repay your debt. deFi lending platform is the same, if you can’t repay, the platform will sell your collateral virtual currency assets to repay the debt.

The market participants pointed out that the price of virtual currency assets are highly volatile, many people simply do not have time to increase the asset collateral to continue the “game”, the only result is to be liquidated.

The futures market is in a slump, how about the spot market? In this round of virtual coin plunge, Zhang Ning (a pseudonym), an investor who claims he doesn’t play with contracts, said he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in spot. Although he also cut out of the game, but compared to the investors who lost millions of dollars at every turn, he really counted as a survivor of this round of “massacre”.

The plunge didn’t make Zhang Ning apprehensive about fighting in the cryptocurrency world, but rather, in his opinion, bitcoin is currently in a bull market. He laughed and said that it is not unusual for “leeks” to chase up and down and be harvested by institutions, and that if you look at the market rationally, there are indeed cases of shorting to make a profit.

But compared to the stock market, Zhang Ning still advised the “white” best easily do not enter the cryptocurrency circle, which has hundreds of “death”, than drugs are also addictive.

As we all know, drugs are addictive because of dopamine, and the excitement of enjoying the ups and downs in the cryptocurrency circle does not lie in such substances. In fact, for the speculators who are between “rich” and “negative” in the cryptocurrency circle, speculation is more like a kind of gambling, and dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is the key to make people “obsessed” and addicted. The dopamine neurotransmitter is the key to addiction.

When gambling and gambling-like investment activities, the human brain will secrete a large amount of dopamine, it is these neurological substances that make gamblers such as speculators very fascinated by the process of winning and losing, and also make the excitement and pleasure at the time skyrocket.

According to a big data survey, general jokes can lead to dopamine secretion of 30%, food up to 70%, methamphetamine use can instantly make the degree of dopamine secretion more than 500%, up to 1000%, and gambling and gambling-like investment activities, it is easy to break 500%, 1000%. This shows that gambling is no less addictive and euphoric than drug use.

After this round of plunge, many industry insiders prompted the average consumer to pay attention to hedge against the eventual loss of funds due to a fluke.

Han Haiting, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Electronic Markets, said publicly that virtual currencies are a less mature asset and price fluctuations are normal; in particular, virtual currencies have no actual value anchor and their price fluctuations are entirely dependent on market speculators’ speculation and investors’ confidence. It is easy to understand that the current market flow V’s malicious operation, the risk of regulatory policy intensified, and the price surge and plunge.

However, in Han Haiting’s opinion, when it comes to strong regulation, the short-term fever may drop, but in the absence of a new speculative tool, the virtual currency market will concoct a new false boom again and again.

Claims of stable profit and no loss

ICO projects are taking advantage of the plunge to pull in headcount

In the secondary market suffered a blowout, countless investors lost their money, while the primary market project side is reveling.
“Now the best way out is to participate in the primary market to apply for new coins.” A virtual coin project party, Xiao Wang, enthusiastically portrayed the blueprint of the project he imagined to the reporter who is an investor. According to his explanation, the project he has in hand has great potential for development, and the offline market is blooming nationwide, with major teams grabbing stalls.

“The whole big market is falling, the bottom of the people have become less, is not feeling panic in the heart? You are right to come to me, the primary market participation in the new coin subscription is the most stable.” If not through the screen, Xiao Wang was so sincere that he even wanted to shake hands with the investor.

The first time I saw the company, I was able to get to know the company, and I was able to get to know the company.

Xiao Wang “teacher” gave the reporter six investment strategies: do not play the contract; long term hold plate leading coins; dare to start early quality projects; not frequent operations; do not take the money that affects life to invest; keep the principal to let profits run.
According to Xiao Wang, want to subscribe to the new coins of his hand project need to get membership first, and gave the reporter an introduction to become a member of the way.

The reporter noted that the ultimate purpose of this approach is that the project party uses the virtual coins without consensus in their hands for the virtual coins with consensus in the hands of investors.

Take Xiao Wang’s project as an example.

Investors need to transfer a certain amount of USDT (virtual coins called “stable coins”) at once to become a member and get new coins. If the total amount of subscriptions exceeds 12 million USDT, the new coins will be given according to the unit of “total USDT/16 million”; if the total amount of subscriptions is less than 12 million USDT, the new coins will be given according to the unit of “0.75 USDT”. In other words, a certain amount is used as the basis, below that amount, new coins will be given in units of “0.75 USDT”, above that amount, the more subscriptions, the more new coins will be given.

Xiao Wang told reporters that the number of people participating in this project is close to 900, with a total subscription volume of more than 4 million USDT.

So, is the primary market really as good as depicted by Xiao Wang? The reporter investigated and learned that virtual coin ICO projects have long been banned domestically, and many projects rolled a wave of money and ran away, existing for a very short period of time. The project party has designed a high profile white paper and found a non-existent celebrity to promote the purpose of attracting traffic.
When investors exchange the virtual coins with consensus in their hands for these virtual coins without consensus, the price trend of the new coins is mostly a small wave of rise, and then a sharp decline in the plunge, at which time the new coins in the hands of investors will become “zero coins”.

How can virtual currency trading bypass forex regulation?

USDT instead of USD

A veteran of the virtual currency exchange told reporters that the virtual coin, pointing to the mountain is still mainly after 90 or even after zero Z era players, they are young, some have long been worth more than 100 million, but most people dream broken here, abused, pitted, has become cannon fodder still resigned to go forward and backward.

Usually, those who enter the cryptocurrency world are attracted by the myth of wealth creation that floods the network. The first thing you need to do is to get in touch with Bitcoin in 2014, when you’ve been looking for a part-time job and heard that mining is profitable, so you get in touch with Bitcoin from mining.

After 2017, Bitcoin’s tens of times increase has inspired more people to imagine infinitely, and many highly educated people are also eager to move. In the eyes of “April Facebook”, before bitcoin is just a legend, the real stimulation is, once learned from the 985 school computer department graduated from the school bully hair, with a monthly salary of several tens of thousands, leaving the money to call take-out all bought bitcoin, ethereum, in the side of “inspirational brother The “inspirational brother” around the influence, he “not willing to lag behind”, also running to enter.

There are even “big brothers” in people’s eyes who simply leap onto the cryptocurrency boat. A Hong Kong person engaged in global shipping, when the reporter contacted again, has been in the cryptocurrency circle for several years, no longer stay in the past, the reason is to contact the blockchain.

After entering the cryptocurrency circle, most people agree that this is a world completely different from the everyday society. The senior member of the virtual coin exchange said to the Daily Economic News reporter: ten or so years on earth, the coin circle in the blink of an eye.

The app, such as Firecoin, Coinan, OKEx, etc., is also a step-by-step process of filling out information as required, real names but not necessarily directly tied to bank cards, similar to shopping platforms can choose Alipay or WeChat payment.

The problem is that the virtual currencies are all denominated in US dollars, can they be traded in exchange for US dollars? Contrary to popular belief, to enter a virtual currency exchange for trading, you do not exchange dollars, but a token called USDT, which means it can be used as an international currency on the exchange instead of dollars. With USDT you can buy various virtual currencies, or you can sell virtual currencies to get USDT, which can then be exchanged for any fiat currency.

Why go through the hassle of turnover? At its core, this allows traders to avoid regulatory controls for exchanging dollars.

Industry insiders have told reporters that the cryptocurrency community has created a completely separate ecology.

In this ecology, USDT holds a heavy position. So what is USDT? USDT is also called TEDA coin, which is in principle 1:1 exchangeable with the US dollar. TEDA coin is widely recognized in the virtual currency market and thus can be circulated, and in the eyes of virtual currency traders is a stable coin that is benchmarked against the US dollar.

Some domestic lawyers have analyzed that exchanging legal tender for US dollars will be subject to foreign exchange regulation, but exchanging USDT will not therefore constitute a crime of illegal trading of foreign exchange.

To do virtual currency trading, the first key link after entering the exchange is to exchange USDT, up to this point is not considered a virtual currency investment, but only for investment and exchange generic coins.

The first key step after entering the exchange is to exchange USDT, which is not considered a virtual currency investment, but an exchange of generic coins for investment purposes.

For bitcoins, you can’t just buy them one by one, the starting point for the number of purchases can be 0.001, and some exchanges even split them up smaller.

According to the above logic, after selling virtual currency such as bitcoin, you will also get USDT, which you can use to exchange for fiat currency and withdraw cash.

Virtual currency trading, in the way, can be spot trading or futures contract trading, the latter is leveraged trading, but there is a risk of forced position closing, i.e., the margin is forcibly cut by the system, and thus the risk of capital loss is greater, which is where many traders suffer a bloody lesson.

Under the high pressure of card-breaking action

Virtual coin trading is difficult to realize

A veteran of the cryptocurrency industry told reporters that the “coin withdrawals” (i.e. selling virtual currency for legal tender) on major exchanges are mainly realized through the C2C method, i.e. the buyer directly transfers money to the seller’s receiving bank account, and once the buyer has problems with the source of funds, such as suspected fraud, money laundering, etc., the seller’s receiving bank account will be frozen. Once this happens, the exchange will not take any responsibility and all risks will be borne by the participants.
In the opinion of the above-mentioned cryptocurrency circle senior people, this has really become a “faith recharge” game, once the money bought into the virtual currency to participate in speculation unless the loss is finished, it is actually very difficult to be realized into legal tender.

The last straw for the bitcoin bull market is the high pressure of the “card-breaking action” combined with the three associations’ risk tips.
“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Some investors have told reporters that they have heard of accounts with restricted access to funds, frozen accounts and missing assets when trading in the secondary market.
In December 2020, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the People’s Bank of China jointly issued the “Notice on Severe Crackdown on Punishment of Illegal Criminal Activities of Illegal Trading of Phone Cards and Bank Cards” to crack down on illegal trading with a “zero tolerance” attitude. The “two cards” illegal criminal activities, to further strengthen the supervision of the industry, nationwide implementation of disciplinary action against those involved in the “two cards” illegal criminal activities, in-depth promotion of the “card break” action, and make every effort to To cut off the black and gray industrial chain of illegal trading of “two cards”.

On May 18, in order to further implement the “Notice on Preventing the Risk of Bitcoin” and “Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Token Issuance and Financing” issued by the central bank and other departments, and to prevent the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions, the China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Payment Clearing Association jointly issued an announcement on related matters: financial institutions, payment institutions and other member units shall not use virtual currency to price their products and services, and shall not underwrite products and services that are not related to virtual currency. The announcement was made by the China Internet Finance Association, the China Banking Association and the China Payment Clearing Association.

In addition to the difficulty of cashing out, speculators often face exchange “downtime”. In other words, once the price of virtual currencies surges and plummets, the servers of major exchanges cannot operate normally due to the surge in the number of people involved in trading, and speculators cannot log in to their accounts to trade. In the speculation of the virtual currency crowd, leveraged trading contracts are not a few, once encountered a large market, the exchange “downtime”, often making them too late to close positions and replenish the margin, many people thus lost their money.

The reporter noted that on May 19, a number of virtual currency exchanges went down, causing investors to blow their positions, a phenomenon that has actually happened from time to time in the past, although virtual currency exchanges often cite “a surge in the number of users and visitors”, “technical failures”, “system delays”, etc. Although virtual coin exchanges often explain it with “surge of users and visitors”, “technical failure”, “system delay”, etc., the market is still full of the sound of virtual coin exchanges maliciously bursting their positions and bankers taking over.

Just this past 19th big market day, Coinbase, the largest digital virtual currency exchange in the United States, went down. In response, Coinbase said in a statement, “We have identified a number of issues with Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, and some features may not be fully functional. We are currently investigating these issues and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

Some users took to social networks to express their frustration over the Coinbase website and app being down, as they wanted to take the opportunity to buy at a time when digital virtual currency prices are plummeting. As a result, Coinbase shares fell about 11% at one point in early trading on the 19th, and still recorded a 5.94% drop by the close of trading.

In addition to Coinbase, another virtual currency trading platform “Coinan” (Binance) also announced on the morning of the 19th, will suspend some virtual currency withdrawals. The notice said that it has suspended the trading of all leveraged tokens except BTCUP, BTCDOWN, ETHUP, ETHDOWN, BNBUP and BNBDOWN, and suspended the subscription and redemption functions of all leveraged tokens.

Su Xiaorui, a senior commentator on financial technology, said in an interview with reporters that in the current virtual currency trading model, virtual currency exchanges set up outside of China bypass regulation through the C2C model, and banks and payment institutions inadvertently provide payment channels, making it difficult to identify the true source and flow of funds in individual accounts. With further regulatory breakdowns of what is prohibited, platform parties are put under higher control requirements. The various violations that have sprung up by relying on the hot market of virtual currencies will also have nothing to hide.

“In the cryptocurrency circle, I have a hundred ways to harvest you”

“The very popular saying “a day in the cryptocurrency world is a year on earth” describes that the money in the cryptocurrency world can be doubled several times in a day, and all the money can be reduced to nothing in a day, and the world can be experienced back and forth in a short time.

As for how big the risk is, the “Xinghai Bay Bridge family jumped off the bridge” incident in June 2020 was a national sensation, and the people involved lost more than 20 million yuan in early June of that year because they used leveraged funds to participate in the speculation.

A trader wrote a chronicle of the bitcoin treadmill, which mentions, “I just want to give you friends a reminder that bitcoin is something where a few people make money and most people run along. Your illusion of wealth is being blinded by the beautiful upward curve.”
The naked reality is that in a zone that is not protected by regulation, chaos is rife, with phenomena such as “leek-cutting”, and new entrants are the ones waiting to be harvested in the eyes of the traders The new entrants are the ones waiting to be harvested in the eyes of the traders.

As the industry insiders say, “In the coin circle, I have a hundred ways to harvest you.” The usual tactic of manipulation is to pull the plate and smash it.

The “Puyin coin” has harvested a large number of ambitious “leeks” alive. The “Puyin coin” was in fact operated by the Puyin company using the investors’ investment money, and once the price of the Puyin coin was raised from 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan. In order to attract more investors, the company promised at the launch that the Puyin coins held by investors would be split twice (one split of ten), so that the Puyin coins held by investors would be expanded by 100 times, and claimed to supplement 10 billion yuan of Tibetan tea as support. In reality, only more than 50 million yuan of investment money was actually used to replenish the Tibetan tea.

When a large number of investors entered the market, the company lost a lot of money by maliciously manipulating the price trend of the pu silver coins and constantly cashing out, resulting in the pu silver coins being worthless in the hands of the investors.

The company’s harvesting techniques did not end at the level of manipulation, and there are many fraudsters who directly do pyramid schemes under the banner of “block chain” and “virtual currency”, etc. In June 2019, Plustoken, which is known as the “No. 1 capital board in the cryptocurrency world”, was launched. In June 2019, the Plustoken wallet, which is known as the “No. 1 capital market in the cryptocurrency world,” was unable to withdraw its coins, and the official website in China was closed. At first, users can exchange and trade bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dog coin and other virtual currencies through the exchange.

In April 2021, CCTV Finance Channel reported under the title of “Breaking: 40 billion ‘coin ring scam'” that Plus Token, a virtual coin wallet, had swept through more than 100 countries and regions around the world in just over a year, with the participation of In just over a year, Plus Token, a virtual coin wallet, has swept through more than 100 countries and regions around the world, involving more than 2 million people and up to 3,000 layers of marketing.

The USDT bypasses foreign exchange regulations, the primary and secondary markets compete to solicit customers, and the dealer sits in the industry “knows it all” …… industry sources told reporters that the coin circle follows the law of the jungle, because the system is outside the state regulation, how a word of chaos. The system is not regulated by the state.

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. The meeting called for resolute prevention and control of financial risks. Adhere to the bottom-line thinking, strengthen the financial risk of all-round scanning and early warning, promote the reform of small and medium-sized financial institutions to reduce the risk of credit, strengthen the supervision of financial activities of platform enterprises, crack down on bitcoin mining and trading practices, and resolutely prevent the transmission of individual risks to the social sector.

In addition, today, the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government also issued “Legislative Proposals to Enhance the Regulation of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Hong Kong” in which it is proposed to refer to similar empowering provisions in the Securities and Futures Ordinance to give the SFC the power to intervene to restrict or prohibit the operation of licensed virtual asset service providers and their associated entities when necessary. It is also proposed that any person who carries on regulated virtual asset activities without a license commits a criminal offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of $5 million and imprisonment for seven years.

Under strong regulation, virtual coins reappeared in the diving market in the evening of May 21, with BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE and other multi-currencies falling by more than 10% in 24 hours.

Reporter’s Note: When will the false prosperity of virtual currencies be broken?

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, virtual coins represented by Bitcoin began to appear frequently in the public eye. After more than a decade of development, virtual coins have gradually established an ecosystem of their own. However, the virtual coin ecosystem is not healthy, it is deformed and unjust. Whether it is the dealer, exchange, institutional investors, retail investors, or the primary market, secondary market, all participants are playing a game, each participant knows they are playing a “script” game, whether it is the virtual currency exchange downtime, or the dealer secretly manipulate the price of coins, or even investors buy new coins of ICO projects. The fishy parties actually “know it all”.

Many investors even confessed that “blowout” is often occurring and expected, and exchange downtime is a common operation, if anyone is surprised by this, it can only be said that their entry into the industry is too shallow.

Chaos, chaos, chaos! The virtual coin ecosystem is so chaotic that everyone feels that the development is under their control, trying to win in the chaos and gain high revenue. However, each participant continues to be “hit in the face” again and again, and re-entered again and again.

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