Cryptocurrency, may be the only area where you can achieve “wealth freedom”

There are only a handful of opportunities and areas in life like this.

Cryptocurrency, may be the only area where you can achieve "wealth freedom"

The articles I’ve written in the past few days are to share with you some of my views on this big drop. It’s been 6 days since the big drop on May 19, and I remember that there has never been a time when I started writing articles like this one to write my analysis of the market and my personal experience for several days in a row.

The long time continuous writing market analysis is not my characteristic and style, but in such a situation, I feel very necessary to put these feelings and feelings are recorded, but also for the future better reflection and summary.

This adjustment is the largest adjustment in the current round of the market to go now, although relative to the 94 magnitude of four years ago is still much smaller, but the new entry in the current round of the market investors are afraid of the first time in the investment market encountered such a situation, psychologically difficult to accept, emotionally difficult to calm down, which is very normal.

But the more at this time we have to hold on, the more we can not retreat mentally. No matter what way we are prepared to deal with the next market, we need to calm down now.

I suggest that we may want to think carefully about the original purpose and reason we came into this market.

I’m sure all of us who are new to this circle have heard stories of miraculous wealth creation by early participants in the circle, and because of these wealth stories, the vast majority of players are attracted to enter the market.

What do people hope to achieve when they enter? I reckon that except for a small number of them who are fighting for the pure ideal of creating an equal and decentralized crypto world, more of them may still hope to change their status quo, achieve class leap and realize wealth freedom.

If you agree with this viewpoint, you may want to ask yourself: Why do we want to change our status quo, achieve class advancement and even wealth freedom in this field? And not in other areas?

Because the opportunities created in this field are unlimited, and the cost required is extremely low —- so low that most of the workers can afford, even without much effort.

This is the reason I wrote the article in the first place, and I hope that you can understand and believe in it from the bottom of your heart.

I also invest in the stock market, but as I said, that is only a way to diversify risk and ensure a stable investment income in fiat currency, and never a way to change the status quo. In the A-share, how many ordinary investors can catch a stock that has doubled 10 times? Even if they can, how many ordinary investors have enough capital to invest at the time of investment?

This is true not only for A-shares, but also for all traditional markets such as commodities, precious metals, oil, and foreign exchange. So the traditional investment market only ensures that our wealth can increase steadily, and can never work miracles for us.

In the digital currency market, if you follow us with fixed investment investors, I believe that before this plunge, many investors more or less in a certain coin almost 10 times the return. Ether is one of them, right? And is it that hard to invest in Ether? Do you need to read a lot of financial statements, analyze fundamentals, and do in-depth research? Not at all. It is the number two digital currency, second only to Bitcoin in consensus and second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization, with high security and insurance factor, so investors who don’t know anything know it and just buy it.

And in A-share, investors who don’t know anything about it can buy the stock with high security, large insurance factor and the second largest market capitalization in just a few years and turn 10 times?

This is true of the stock market, as well as other traditional markets.

After the investment, let’s look at entrepreneurship. Why look at entrepreneurship? Because only entrepreneurship can change yourself, achieve class jump or even wealth freedom.

What are the opportunities for ordinary people to start a business?

Open a small food store, do some small business? That can only make a living, now there is no opportunity to make a fortune with small business at the beginning of the reform and opening up. Even the high-tech industry, there is a unique technology to start a business is far from their own strength can be achieved, at least also need to invest, also need a team, but also need to market operations. And any one of the links wrong, will be abandoned before the work.

So for ordinary people, whether in traditional industries or in high technology, the chances of starting a business are almost always slim.

So why do digital currencies show opportunities to countless ordinary people? Because the majority of those who created the miracle of wealth (such as Li Xiaolai and Bao Erji) do not have high diplomas, no network resources, and achieved the goal we dreamed of with the simplest buy and hold.

Such a simple operation can create such an incredible miracle, so we rushed to.

But are these apparently simple operations really that simple?

Absolutely not. There is no two ways about the world, it is true that its operation is as simple as it can be, but the heart and faith that support its operation is hard beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It is difficult to fall 90%, you can still hold it; difficult in the country are expressly prohibited trading, you still believe it has tomorrow; difficult in everyone is laughing at you, you can still encourage yourself.

Without this courage, why did only a few of the people who bought bitcoin together achieve their goals in the end? Without the hard work, how can you talk about the great rewards?

In other fields, this hard work may be money, resources, mental and physical strength; in this field, there is almost only one —- is mental strength.

This market can torture your heart, pain and even all thoughts. Why is this market so cruel? It is because it puts other areas in the money, resources, mental and physical effort all pressed on the “mind power” a fulcrum. So the investor has to support the whole business with this only one fulcrum, it can not be difficult, can not be painful?

It is not easy for investors who can resist all kinds of torture to come this far, and this is the time to test everyone.

If there are really investors who want to quit completely for various reasons, then I also hope that these friends continue to pay attention to the next market, at least in the spirit of attention to a complete trend of such a great benefit to their lives.

For those investors who still have hope in this area but have limited financial resources, I suggest temporarily withdrawing some of your assets for fiat currency to ensure that your life is not affected.

For investors who will not use this asset at all in the next few years of their lives, then I suggest taking a chance, at best, this part of the asset will go to zero. But because this part of the money will not affect the next few years of life, I think that even if we lose all, we still have the opportunity to earn again. If we give up on this, we may be completely discouraged and leave the market completely, thus losing an opportunity to change our lives.

And in life, such opportunities and such areas are few and far between.

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