Cryptocurrency legend woman undefeated god of war, Queen Lanling, earns a small goal in 4 years

Trading is like platooning troops, and it is indispensable to take advantage of the situation during the trial.

By chance, I met an Asian girl born in the 90s on the rooftop of a hotel in Dubai. Unlike other girls, her bright eyes sparkled with clever eyes, like a battle-tested female player, showing her dashing and heroic posture. After a few greetings, she knew that she was already worth more than 100 million yuan, and she became the envy of others as the “freedom of wealth”.

Queen Lanling is her name in the currency circle.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

She humbly said: “In this circle, my assets are nothing. There are many young people who have more assets than mine. But today’s wealth can give me a sense of security and allow me to do what I want to do. At that time, I went to a foreign country to taste the delicacies and delicacies, and I would take a trip that just walked away.”

I looked at her and said earnestly: “Queen Lanling, I have heard that her reputation is not small in this circle. If it is convenient, can you talk about some of your things”

The night was as cool as water, and under the hazy moonlight, she was telling the past, and the curling voice fell into the distance with the sound of the wind.

01. The New Zealand foreign exchange trading competition won the first prize in the New Zealand foreign exchange trading competition.

Just out of the ivory tower, she was as confused and hesitant as many of her peers. She had worked as a civil servant in a state-owned enterprise, as a personnel in a foreign company, and as a project director of operations. But each of these jobs was not what she really wanted to do, but for her at that time, having a decent job and receiving a good salary was a good start.

However, with a strong personality, she is not reconciled to just being a hard-working worker all her life. As a result, she resolutely resigned from the glamorous high-paying position and went to the entrepreneurial army.

Yunlu Lanyu can be said to be a true portrayal of her early days of entrepreneurship. Looking for investment and pulling the team started completely from scratch. Fortunately, due to her previous work, she not only allowed her to accumulate some network resources, but also gained a group of friends who trusted her. 

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

That year, although she was very busy and even lost her first love due to work, she also gained a lot. The first pot of gold in her life was also dug from that year.

The good times didn’t last long. One year later, she would inevitably feel a little anxious looking at the bottlenecked company. Seeing the partners who accompanied her to start the business one by one left the company, she also knew that the company had reached its end. She stood alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office that night, looking at the figures below. She made a decision that night to dissolve the company, and provided a small amount of money to subsidize the small partners who accompany her to start a business.

From the moment the company was disbanded, she went back to the time when she was alone. However, unlike before, her mentality has changed slightly. In addition to her resilience being polished, the review thinking of trial time and taking advantage of the situation has become a powerful weapon for embarking on the financial journey in the future.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years 
With a background in finance, she has an extraordinary acumen to market finance, and her professional financial theory knowledge has enabled her to show off her skills in the wave of international finance, but it is the New Zealand Forex Trading Competition that really made her famous.

At that time, she began foreign exchange investment transactions with a prescribed trading period of 40 trading days and a fixed amount of 1 million US dollars. In the end, she won the championship with a total of more than 92 million US dollars and won the New Zealand Foreign Exchange Trading Championship in one fell swoop.

02. Successfully escape from the top of the investment in Bitcoin, and the contract analysis is striving for perfection

After a few years abroad, she moved back to China. By chance, she learned about a digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin from a friend. When she first heard it, she felt a little strange. Later, gradually understanding the logic behind the blockchain technology, she felt that the value of Bitcoin must not stop there.

In 2017, like many believers, she not only invested in Bitcoin, but also invested in many blockchain projects. Fortunately, Bitcoin, which broke the historical record, brought her huge profits in December of that year, and managed to escape the top with her keen market sense. Regrettably, the investment project disappeared under that last carnival, and some wealth was lost.

After experiencing a violent bull market, the market ushered in a long and sluggish bear market. Obviously, the spot game is not very suitable for players, and the contract has become a shortcut to arbitrage in the long bear market. However, high returns are accompanied by high risks, and behind the magnification of leverage, it is precisely your risk that is magnified. Therefore, the contract strategy is particularly important.

Queen Lanling also began to dabble in contracts in 2018. In her view, the contract itself is a type of financial derivative that maps from traditional finance to the encrypted world, so the research on technical standards and industry information is naturally the same.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

At the time of the trial, she captured the industry information dynamics and used it to predict the market trend. Taking advantage of the situation is her own flexible application of various tools such as Bollinger Bands, macd, moving averages, rsi, golden forks, and wave theory. From trial time to taking advantage of the situation, for the Queen of Lanling, it is the prelude to formulating strategies.

At the beginning, the contract strategy she developed was amazing, especially suitable for high-frequency short-term operations. However, there will still be mistakes in some extreme market conditions. After all, there can be no 100% accurate strategy analysis in this world.

As a result, improving the high-frequency short-term operation rate of return has become the first battle of the Queen of Lanling to start the golden sign. From the real-time research on the industry before the strategy formulation to the review after the strategy, Queen Lanling has become more skilled in contract play and has become a new star in the industry.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

After a long bear market, the currency circle gradually emerged. At the same time, with the popularity of contract gameplay, Queen Lanling chose to specialize in contract strategy analysis and became a well-known analyst in the industry by virtue of her sophisticated ultra-high frequency short-term strategy.

At this time, she had already been well-known and received high salaries from many well-known trading platforms to hire KOLs, and she was respected and thanked.

As for why? She once said: “Qianjinshigu is certainly a good talk, but she doesn’t like the feeling of being bound. She feels that being tied to a certain platform will always be restricted. In contrast, I prefer to take a good minister and choose Mingjun. Script.”

03. settled Asproex ( Apollo , fight 3.12

A few months later, she chose Asproex (Apollo) and became a distinguished contract analyst. Then why is there such a reversal?

In her words, she is very optimistic about the Asproex (Apollo) platform. Even though its reputation was not obvious at the time, it holds a five-country license and its hard power backed by offshore banks is second to none in the industry. In addition, the platform is willing to give her enough free time, which is particularly important.

The time is set to March 2020. The new crown epidemic is raging around the world, and U.S. stocks have also experienced rare and frequent circuit breakers. Even Father Buffett shouted “Living to see you”. Having been in traditional finance for many years, she has already sensed a trace of danger, and believes that the panic caused by traditional finance will inevitably affect the currency circle, so a decline is an inevitable trend.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

Immediately, she made a decisive decision: short Bitcoin. Sure enough, the 3.12 black swan arrived as scheduled. After this black swan incident, doing long at a low level once again benefited a lot. This battle made her famous.

Afterwards, she replied that the reason why the U.S. stocks melted was the emotional panic caused by the epidemic. People’s emotions were only temporary. After everyone became sober, the panic disappeared after all. Then the U.S. stock market will surely rise, and in addition, the U.S. will definitely rescue the market. After the decline, there will inevitably be a rebound. In the same way, this theory is also applicable to the currency circle.

In addition, she also successfully predicted the start of the bull market in the second half of the year. Sure enough, driven by the Bitcoin halving and the Federal Reserve’s stimulus, not only the American people regard Bitcoin as a way of investment and financial management, but also many people in China have once again ignited their interest in the encryption industry.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

When a small amount of hot money in the market poured into the encryption industry, the long cow for nearly a year has gradually kicked off. However, Queen Lanling is particularly low-key in this bull market, or reduced contract operations.

Queen Lanling just said that there is no 100% profit order, even if you win a lot in front, but as long as you lose once, you may have nothing. Now it is a bull market. Although the contract returns are high, the risks are also high. Spot copying in the bull market can also get good returns, and the risk is not too high.

Spot speculation in the bull market and contract speculation in the bear market. This seems to be a convention.

At this time, Asproex (Apollo) gave her the freedom to play its value in the bull market. Queen Lanling temporarily reduced the workload of contract analysis, but placed the focus of the contract on the spot.

During this period, she continued to buy mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and received a lot of rewards under the baptism of the bull market.

04. The rain is about to come, and the prediction is surprisingly similar

In mid-April 2021, the enthusiasm of animal currency attracted many users in traditional industries, and early participants stepped on the trend, and it is not uncommon for animal currency to increase by hundreds of times and thousands of times. Such a handy wealth password has made many new leeks into the currency circle.

I fear when others are greedy, and I am greedy when others fear. This is regarded as the golden rule in the field of trading, but not many people really do it.

The Queen of Lanling felt panic at the time, because she seemed to see the shadow of Esio in 2017. After the tide retreated, she knew who was swimming naked; after the avalanche, no snowflake was innocent. As a result, she gradually lightened her shipments.

After dozens of days, CCTV news named animal currency, and then, on the evening of May 18, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association, and China Payment and Clearing Association jointly issued the “Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Hype in Virtual Currency Transactions”, reminding Bitcoin, etc. The risk of virtual currency.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

The mountain rain is about to come, and the crisis is on the verge.

On May 19, 2021, the currency circle once again ushered in the darkest moment, the mainstream coins were directly cut in half, and the altcoins were even more terrible. Many users are deeply complacent, and long users lose their money.

Queen Lanling is one of the most fortunate ones, because not long ago, the spot in her hand had been replaced with stable coins. Obviously, she not only gained wealth in the wave of the bull market, but also managed to escape the top, avoiding the 5.19 “cleanse”.

Coin World-The Undefeated Queen of the God of War Lanling, the Undefeated Lady of the Coin Circle, earns a small goal in 4 years

Now the Queen of Lanling has achieved a small goal. Although she is not outstanding in this circle, she can do what she wants at any time without having to worry about some money problems. Not to be disturbed by foreign objects, to focus on excellence in the art industry, this is her plan for her future, and she is also responsible for the users who trust her.

She once said: Don’t ask for a full garden, but hope that the partners who fight with her will be a victorious trender in the wave of contracts.


The breeze hit, and a chill brought me back to reality from her story. I joked: “Your story is very interesting, and it is not in vain to be a strange woman in the currency circle. I have the opportunity to write a biography for you. “

She smiled and said, “Okay.”

Immediately, she looked at the starry sky in a foreign land and said: “Do you know the “Lanling King Entering the Battle”?”

I said I knew that the “Old Tang Book·Music History” said: The face came from the Northern Qi Dynasty. Changgong, the Lanling King of the Northern Qi Dynasty, was brilliant and beautiful, often wearing masks to confront the enemy. Taste the Zhoushi Jin Yong city, crown the three armies bravely, and all the people are strong. For this purpose, the dance is to emulate his command and stabs, which is called “Lanling King Entering the Battle”.

She fiddled with the hair on her forehead and said, “Yes, I want to be like the King of Lanling, and win if you fight. At least on the battlefield of the contract, I hope I can lead my partners to’invincible’. Invincible’. This is also the reason why I call myself the’Queen of Lanling’.”

I looked at her firm and fearless eyes, somehow I understood why she succeeded. Her steadfastness stems from her extremely high level of professionalism and precise prediction of the trial; her fearlessness stems from her high-efficiency practical experience and her familiarity with taking advantage of the situation.

Perhaps there can be many strange women in the currency circle, but there is only one Queen Lanling. Like the ancient dance music “Lanling King Entering the Formation”, it is unparalleled in the world!

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