Crypto x Real Estate Project Research

Messari analyst Ally Zach published a research report on July 11, investigating crypto-x real estate crypto projects. The main contents of the report are as follows:

1. Protocols and companies such as Propy, Milo Credit, and Vest Equity are creating a more efficient real estate market by:

Tokenize real estate assets; collateralize loans with cryptocurrencies; create a broader investor base through ownership fragmentation.

2. Zillow is the world’s leading real estate market with a current market value of over $8.3 billion.

Over 80% of U.S. homes are viewed on their site, 60% higher than the second-largest competitor.

But Zillow doesn’t have the technology to prove digital ownership of physical assets.

3. Propy is the Web3 version of Zillow.

Propy combines a Zillow-like peer-to-peer marketplace with Ethereum smart contracts to simplify the real estate buying process worldwide.

4. The Propy protocol consists of three core components:

Listing platform; trading platform, blockchain registration.

After the seller has provided all the accompanying legal documents, the property is listed on the market as an NFT, and the buyer can immediately start quoting.

qzrlxxIS1NjPhQdjH3M6JggHEvXJHjsWTkRMh9Ni.jpeg5. Milo Credit is trying to speed up the financing process for customers who accumulate large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Leveraging cryptocurrencies is not a new concept, but Milo Credit was one of the first companies to apply the model to mortgage lending.


6. Vest Equity offers homeowners a unique way to cash in on their rising home equity.

Vest Equity is based on algorand, and its peer-to-peer marketplace allows homeowners to sell a portion of their property equity to accredited investors via fragmented NFTs.

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