Crypto VC report in the first half of the year: the bear market heat is not reduced, the investment amount exceeds 30.2 billion US dollars

This H1 2022 Crypto VC Funding Report has been compiled and compiled by analyzing all data from Dove Metrics, a crypto funding data site.


A total of 543 rounds of financing were raised in the first quarter of 2022 and 652 rounds in the second quarter, that is, a total of 1,195 rounds in the first half of 2022, an increase of 50.79% compared to the first half of 2021.

The total value of VC investments was $30.2 billion, which was relatively evenly distributed between the first and second quarters. A substantial increase from $9.978 billion in the first half of 2021.

Investment areas


The areas of greatest interest to VCs are Web3 and NFTs , accounting for 50.46% of all funding rounds. Of these, $9.6 billion was raised in the infrastructure sector, the most of any category.

Despite being second in the funding round, the DeFi (decentralized finance ) sector received the least amount of funding.As we enter a bear market, VCs will be smaller and more conservative. The CeFi (centralized financial platform) sector raised $8.5 billion, likely due to many institutions raising debt to avoid liquidation, such as Voyager and BlockFi .

VC Top5


a16z became the top VC with the most investments in the first half of 2022, totaling $4.5 billion. They made a total of 44 investments, covering areas such as DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and infrastructure, but no CeFi companies. Notable investments include Phantom, Yuga Labs, NEAR Protocol, and Lido .

Sequoia Capital and FTX Ventures tied for second place with $2 billion each. Sequoia has made 29 investments, including StepN, Polygon , and Magic Eden, among others. FTX has made 28 investments, including Mina Protocol, Yuga Labs, LayerZero, and BlockFi.

Haun Ventures has invested a total of $1.5 billion in seven investments focused on NFT developers in the gaming space, including companies such as Zora and Derby Stars.

Ivy Blocks is a new subsidiary of huobi. Launched in June 2022 with $1 billion in assets under management and no investments to date.

Top 5 financing rounds


Epic Games, a game studio/game store open to NFTs, raised $2 billion on April 11, making it the largest funding round in the first half of the year, with investors including Sony and KIRKBI. Through this round of financing, Epic Games will vigorously promote the exploration of the virtual world of the Metaverse.

Citadel Securities, the world’s leading quantitative trading firm and market maker, raised $1.15 billion on January 11.Investors include Sequoia Capital and Paradigm .

Terra – focused group Luna Foundation Guard raised $1 billion in February with investors including Three Arrows Capital,Jump Capital , GSR and DeFiance Capital.

Cross River, a fintech company that provides embedded payments, lending and crypto payment solutions, raised $620 million. Notable investors include a16z, Whale Rock and Hanaco Ventures.

Robinhood , a stock brokerage offering trading in crypto assets, has raised $600 million through an investment from Emergent Fidelity Technologies.

DeFi field


Funding in the DeFi space has seen a marked increase from the first half of 2021. In the first half of 2022, there were a total of 230 funding rounds in the space, raising a total of $2.4 billion. It is worth mentioning that although the DeFi space has raised the least amount of funds, the financing rounds accounted for 19.24% of all Crypto financing rounds.


Top 5 DeFi financing:

– Lithosphere is a decentralized cross-chain network of different blockchains where dApps and decentralized services can interoperate. Raised $400 million, making it the top funding round in the DeFi space. Its investor is Gem Capital.

– Unizen is an Expert Advisor ecosystem. Capricorn is a multi-asset-backed protocol with a collateral-based token, CUSD.Both raised $200 million. Unizen’s investor is GEM Capital; Capricorn has an investment from MQ technology.

– Rain, a Middle Eastern crypto-asset trading platform, raised $110 million from VCs such as Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and others.

– Serum , a decentralized exchange built on Solana , raised $75 million from Tiger Global Management, Commonwealth Asset Management, and Tagus Capital.

Web3 and NFT Fields


The huge potential shown in the Web3 and NFT space has “convinced” VCs to deploy large sums of money. The Web3 & NFTs space has raised a total of $9.5 billion in funding through 603 deals in the first half of 2022.


Web3 & NFTs financing Top5:

– As mentioned above, Epic Games is not only the top funding round in the Web3 & NFTs space, but also the top funding round for the entire first half of 2022.

– Yuga Labs, the NFT developer behind The Boring Ape and Cypherpunk, raised $450 million, making it the second-largest funding round in the Web3 & NFTs space. Notable investors include FTX, a16z and The Sandbox .

Animoca Brands is a game development company focusing on blockchain and Web3 in recent years. Its blockchain game products include The Sandbox Metaverse, the racing game REVV, and the decentralized game platform Arc 8. Raised $358,888,888 through VCs such as Gemini.

– OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on Ethereum , raised $300 million in funding through Paradigm and Coatue Management.

– Football news platform Onefootball also raised $300 million, which will be used to expand Onefootball to Web3 and blockchain.



Funding in the infrastructure sector is very active. A total of $9.6 billion has been raised in 198 deals, making it the largest funding area in the entire Crypto.


Top 5 Infrastructure Financing:

– Luna Foundation Guard and Cross River are the top two funding rounds in the infrastructure space.

– Ethereum L2 Polygon raised $450 million from VCs including Sequoia, SoftBank, and Galaxy Digital.

– Consensys, a blockchain company backing projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, raised $450 million in funding from VCs such as SoftBank, Microsoft, and ParaFi.

– Compute North, a data center providing high-performance crypto mining and infrastructure solutions, raised $385 million in funding.

CeFi field


In the first half of 2022, CeFi raised $8.5 billion from 164 transactions. The new funding comes mostly from institutions raising debt to avoid liquidation, such as BlockFi raising $250 million from FTX, or Voyager raising $200 million from Alameda.


CeFi financing Top5:

– As mentioned above, both Citadel Securities and Robinhood have received significant funding.

– Fireblocks is a digital asset custody company that has received $550 million from VCs such as Sequoia Capital, Spark Capital and others.

– FTX US and FTX each raised $400 million. Notable investors include Paradigm and SoftBank, which have invested in both.

M&A transactions


M&A transactions were relatively evenly distributed over the six-month period in the first half of 2022. Web3 and GameFiare prominent among these M&A deals.


To further enhance its reputation in the Web3 space, Animoca Brands became the largest acquisition company in the first half of 2022, completing 6 M&A transactions in the Web3 and NFT space.


FTX was the second-largest acquirer in the first half of 2022, with 4 M&A deals. With a strong focus on stock trading and liquidity companies, FTX wants to expand its financial services offering to more clients, especially the United States. In addition, FTX acquired Good Luck Games, the game company that made Storybook Brawl, the game that fascinated FTXfounder SBF.


Amber Group was the third-largest acquirer in H1 2022 with 2 M&A transactions. The acquisition by the Amber Group is dedicated to the integration of TradFi and Crypto. Through these transactions, Amber Group has obtained five SEC licenses – Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, Type 5 and Type 9 – which enable the firm to carry out a wide range of services, including securities and Futures contracts provide advice and trading, as well as provide asset management services.

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