Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

NFT + food, explore different forms of food Metaverse.

With the explosion of NFT at the beginning of its birth, it has quickly entered the public eye, and now more and more people have heard of, understood and begun to actively explore the field of NFT. In addition to fashion, art, music, e-sports and other industries, the rapid rise of NFT market transactions has made more and more industries see its development potential, and have begun to actively seek integration with NFT, and the food industry is one of them .

The world’s first NFT restaurant

The Flyfish Private Club is located in New York City, and its exact location has not yet been announced. But what is known is that this NFT restaurant, which is expected to officially open in 2023, covers an area of ​​10,000 square feet, with a vast space and a view of New York City’s urban landmark.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image credit: Flyfish club

The club adopts a membership-based operation form, and its membership is obtained by purchasing it in the form of NFT on the blockchain. This is also a very unique point of this restaurant – the membership of the restaurant is the NFT it sells.The restaurant currently offers and sells two levels of membership, Flyfish (FF) membership and Flyfish Omakase (FFO), the latter will enjoy more benefits. With a membership NFT, you have access to the restaurant, you can enjoy seafood dishes, host cocktail parties, in addition, you can host private parties, enjoy the vast outdoor space and the unique Omakase room. The perks of the restaurant are very attractive.

The most unique aspect of the founding team is to turn the restaurant membership into an asset itself, which can be leased by the holder or sold to others. This also means that the holder of the membership can obtain more additional income with the restaurant NFT membership in addition to enjoying the services of the restaurant.

Virtual restaurant development, build chef NFT

So since there are NFT restaurants, can there be NFT chefs too? Cordia, a virtual restaurant development company, has implemented this idea. Cordia is a Reno, Nevada-based company that operates “virtual restaurants” and “ghost kitchens.”Not long ago, the company announced the launch of the chef series NFT – “Crypto Food Hall”, including 500 male and female chefs, a total of 1,000 chefs, including chefs who are good at different cuisines, with different styles and personalities. View and purchase transactions can be performed on the NFT trading platform Opensea.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image credit: Opensea

The emergence of Chef NFT gives people who do not have a lot of funds to try the exploration of the gourmet Metaverse a low-cost exploration opportunity – because the purchase cost of a Chef NFT is only 0.08eth, or about $200. Holders of Chef NFTs can own their own virtual restaurant within the app and get the opportunity to participate in virtual and face-to-face cooking events.

In addition, because Cordia is essentially an online payment and food delivery service operation, this method of operation saves restaurant operators the series of expenses incurred in setting up brick-and-mortar stores in expensive business districts. This is also one of the purposes of the company’s sales of chef series NFTs mentioned by Peter Klamka, CEO of Cordia – to provide a low trial and error opportunity for users who want to explore the food Metaverse. Because, users can also resell their chef NFTs on the Opensea platform if they are unsuccessful after trying it or think they are not suitable.

NFT products of major catering brands

In addition to NFT restaurants and NFT chefs, the exploration of the Metaverse in the food industry is also reflected in the different NFT products of major catering brands.


On April 9, 2021, McDonald’s France released its food series NFT “McDoNFT” on Twitter, including a total of 20 gourmet NFT creative works such as french fries, Big Macs and sundaes.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image credit: McDonald’s France

On October 8 of the same year, McDonald’s China released its first NFT creative work – “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube”. Inspired by the brand spirit of McDonald’s and the shape of the new headquarters building, “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube” designed eight three-dimensional scenes, which is a three-dimensional dynamic digital creative work. And McDonald’s China said that it will give away 188 NFT creative works to employees and consumers for free. Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald’s China, said: “McDonald’s is a young and trendy brand that has always been concerned with fashion trends and cutting-edge technology.” It is indeed cutting-edge to join the exploration of the food Metaverse and launch different series of NFT works.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image source: McDonald’s China

Pizza Hut

In the first quarter of 2021, Pizza Hut Canada released a pixel-style pizza slice NFT work called “1 Byte Favourites”. The company announced that it will release a different pixel-style pizza slice NFT every week, showcasing different pizza recipes. Daniel Meymen, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Canada, said that through the “1 Byte Favourites” series of NFT works, fans of the brand can obtain different recipes of the brand’s food. In this way, user stickiness can be enhanced, thereby attracting the attention of more users and increasing brand awareness.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image credit: Pizza Hut

Burger King

Burger King followed suit with an event called “Keep It Real Meals” in September 2021, and invited celebrities such as Nelly and Anitta to add heat to the event. At the same time, Burger King has also followed the footsteps of McDonald’s and other catering brands, actively exploring “NFT + food” belonging to its own brand. They chose to cooperate with the NFT market trading platform Sweet to develop an NFT collectible game. The campaign requires users to scan the QR code on the box of Burger King’s “Keep it real meal” products to collect a total of three collectible games. When all three games are collected, users will receive a random reward – a 3D digital collectible, a free Whopper sandwich for a year, or an autographed item or a phone call with the brand’s star ambassador. In this way, the integration with NFT can stimulate users’ desire to collect and indirectly guide users to buy more branded products while being interesting.

Crypto restaurant development, food metaverse emerges

Image credit: Burgerking

NFT + food adds possibility to the Metaverse

Whether it is NFT restaurants, NFT chefs or the various attempts of the major catering brands “NFT + gourmet”, they are all manifestations of a trend and development trend in the field of the gourmet industry to actively explore the Metaverse.The integration of various forms also shows the many possibilities and broad development space of “NFT + food”. The development of the catering industry so far shows that its development needs to seek more innovative changes and explore more possibilities, and the birth and popularity of the NFT market just provides the catering industry with a platform and space for innovation and change.

Moreover, from the perspective of the current development form, the exploration of the Metaverse world in the fields of fashion, art, music, e-sports and other industries has shown great development potential, and has gradually formed a development trend and trend. The food industry’s exploration attempts in the Metaverse in recent years have also attracted a lot of users’ attention. Many brands have gained more exposure and increased user stickiness in the “social platform” of the new era of NFTs. Facts have proved that their integration with NFTs has Very good marketing effect.Therefore, under the better general development trend, the integrated development of the food industry and NFT is feasible and worth looking forward to. For the Metaverse world, the addition of the food industry will also add more color to the Metaverse world.

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