Crypto Parrot: Blockchain employment trends have changed

Crypto Parrot released the ratio of encryption and blockchain work.

The demand for market, human resources and management has increased significantly.

The role of software and hardware development has been reduced by nearly a third.

For those looking for new jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, 2021 may be the best year.

A recent study published by Crypto Parrot (a provider of cryptocurrency trading simulations) shows that in all industry sectors, the share of work involving cryptocurrency or blockchain in the listed sector has more than doubled, an increase of 118%.

The data covers the period from July 16, 2020 to July 16, 2021.

The number of developer positions has decreased, and the demand for human resources and marketing has increased

The research published by Crypto Parrot also provides a classification of these new job listings by discipline. Unsurprisingly, software development is the most demanded area by employers. However, the proportion of blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs related to software development has actually fallen by 14.65% in the past year.

Combining this number with the decrease in industrial engineering positions (-12.49%), it shows that the demand for technical positions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields has decreased by 27.14%. These positions include work directly related to the development and maintenance of the actual hardware and software of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

According to the share of all cryptocurrency and blockchain job listings, the demand for human resources has grown the most so far. Compared with the previous year, the number of hiring for human resources positions in 2021 has increased by 200%. Marketing ranks second, and the number of listed companies this year (105.88%) is more than twice that of 2020.

Other major jobs added include:

  • Finance: +100%
  • IT operations and help desk: +53.84%
  • Accounting: +39.39%
  • Management: +29.87%

What might this shift in priority mean?

The reason can only be speculated. However, changes in blockchain standards and protocols, as well as increased use and development of open source “blockchain-of-blockchain” platforms (such as Ethereum ), may play a key role.

This may be one of the reasons for the decrease in demand for technical jobs. The other is the shift from many protocols to a proof-of-stake model, resulting in a reduction in the demand for hardware-based roles.

In addition, now that anyone can technically create their own blockchain and/or tokens, we are seeing more and more companies focusing more on profit than innovation. We can conclude that in 2021, there will be much more employment opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain than last year-this is a net positive for the industry.


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