Cruel Metaverse world, it spurned small brands

In the future appearance of the meta-universe I imagine, it is just a matching platform.

What is the meta universe? Even if we cannot clearly define it yet, many players have set their sights on this concept and tried to seize the opportunity. So, if Metaverse does come, will it have a negative impact on the brand and the practitioners in the marketing industry? With this possibility, what should small brands and practitioners do?

Recently, there has been a flood of meta-universe news, and many people are applauding, but as a second- and third-line small and medium-sized catering marketing practitioner, the first reaction when he saw it was inexplicable fear and felt that the wolf was coming.

Because I think that if the meta-universe world is the time outside of real life in the future to kill the mainstream, it will inevitably be unfortunate for small brands and practitioners like us.

This article does not have Metaverse technology, and the content will talk to you about the possible negative effects that Metaverse will bring to small brands and practitioners in terms of traffic and advertising formats that I personally guess.

Why is Meta Universe, unfortunate for small brands?

Advertising is really difficult, and traffic is also difficult to obtain. People who do physical marketing must feel this way.

Of course, the difficulty here not only refers to the ubiquitous advertisements in life, but also consumes the patience and attention of consumers all the time, leading to greater immunity of consumers and making advertisements less and less effective.

There is also the problem of online consumers being distracted by different APP channels, resulting in increased difficulty in acquisition and increased costs in creative and human channels.

Advertising guru John Wanamaker once said: “I know that half of my advertising expenses are wasted, but I don’t know which half is wasted.” As a marketing practitioner, many people may have heard of it. I don’t believe that, for example, I am a loyal fan.

Nowadays, with the advancement and development of science and technology of the times, the emergence of digitalized operation and precision delivery has indeed greatly improved the delivery and effect of advertising. For example, the commonly seen SEM and DSP forms are better than the old-fashioned effects in the past. Much better.

But… it is regrettable: improvement does not mean complete change.

If you want to achieve true accurate delivery, the system can help is part, but such an advertising form also has great requirements for the professional requirements and qualities of the advertiser.

After all, this is not an exclusive business. Others are doing it while you are doing it. Maybe your way is the case of others.

In addition, the crowd portrait, the selection of keywords, the time point of delivery, the creative production of the landing page, and the level of optimization of the landing page will also affect the results.

Therefore, even with the emergence of precise advertising, optimization has improved the effect of the original advertising form, and it is actually done well , there are still certain requirements for the overall reputation of a company in the society and the fluency of departmental team cooperation.

Then, what is the matter of Guan Yuan Universe, why am I not optimistic, and also said that I am not friendly to small brands?

Regarding the arrival of the meta universe, I have such a pessimistic view.

I think that the arrival of the meta-universe is very likely to cause the advertising investment of big brands to cause consumer shopping cognition monopoly, and it will weaken the reality of small brands in disguise.

Especially in industries related to food, clothing, housing and transportation, it is especially true for small and medium-sized industries that are more homogenized and have weaker core competitiveness, and generally pass value through offline services and word-of-mouth competition!

My words may be alarmist, but when people spend more time in the virtual world, it is definitely not. Think about whether there is a true portrayal in the real society.

When big brands promote, their starting point is to start with every aspect of everyone’s life.

Through different publicity channels, based on different forms and different technologies, publicize their products, brands, and cultural concepts, so as to occupy and change our minds and increase the impact on our memory and psychological choices.

The arrival of the immersive digital meta-universe will inevitably lead to a shift in the focus of advertising, which will cause digital advertising to account for more and heavier proportions, because in the meta-universe world, advertising placement will be more convenient, and consumers’ minds will change and consumers Occupation will also be easier.

From this we can think about, when reality shines into the dream future, in the real and illusory worlds of different meta-universe worlds, under the dual influence of online and offline, what kind of scenes might you see?

If you don’t have any concepts in your mind, you can try to recite a certain brand dozens of times a day!

If you say to me, your mind is still blank, just remember how they inserted advertisements when using social, workplace or life shopping, and gaming software, whether it is PC or mobile. Do you see it every time you play, and you are deeply impressed, and you might even laugh and murmur?

I am afraid that one day in the world of Metaverse, all kinds of virtual objects named after well-known brands are packed into props, wall stickers, scenes, landmarks, and various sponsored OEM advertisements.

I am afraid that one day, people will spend less and less time in the real world and more and more time in the virtual world; the offline attention and time of small brands have been diverted, and the strength of online advertising investment will not be able to compete. other people!

Isn’t this a sad and unfortunate thing?

Here I have two pieces of data from dentsu’s global advertising expenditure budget. We can see that the growth rate of global expenditures on digital advertising and the investment in various industries will only be stronger in the future.

Cruel Metaverse world, it spurned small brands

Cruel Metaverse world, it spurned small brands

Some people may question that big companies can do it, but can’t small brands do it?

Of course, small brands may be able to do it!

But reality will tell us more that small brands can’t do it, are unwilling to do it, and can’t afford it!

Moreover, it is difficult to achieve the so-called differentiation whether online or offline, and it is meaningless.

But the irony is that the arrival of Meta Universe may be unfriendly to small and medium-sized brands in terms of traffic, but for many advertisers and digital advertising front-end and back-end related practitioners, it is also the beginning of a beautiful spring.

Why is it also unfortunate for the older marketing practitioners of small and medium-sized brands after the emergence of Meta Universe?

With the development of advertising for so many years, the content and format have also become complicated, and the channels that can be placed are even more numerous.

From the world’s first a history can be found in the ancient Egyptian capital 3,000 years ago, the weaver in Habu in search of escaped slaves Shem, distributed flyers, to China’s first commercial online advertising.

Marketing from online to offline, outdoor to indoor, graphic to short video, brand to effect conversion.

From male and female customer groups to analysis of the elderly and children, goals to landing behavior, subject to copywriting, you have too many things to consider, everything is still changing, so you have to learn a lot.

Cruel Metaverse world, it spurned small brands

Picture source: iResearch “Annual Insight Report on China Network Report 2021”

After the emergence of the meta universe, the form and content of advertisements will inevitably undergo tremendous changes.

Some people may not understand the source of my sentence. In fact, if you briefly understand what the underlying construction basis of the metaverse is, you may not object to my sentence.

The realization of the meta-universe scene is a complex systematic project that requires the comprehensive support of a series of software and hardware technology clusters, such as XR (extended reality), NFT (non-homogeneous tokens), AI, 3D, voice and gesture recognition, space Mapping, digital twins, and other directly related technologies. The maturity of these technologies directly determines the progress of the meta-universe scene.

I don’t understand the technical terms they talked about, and I can’t make a more precise and detailed explanation; but what we need to know as a practitioner is that when we are chasing traffic in the metaverse for advertising, these are unavoidable.

For example, we need to know in what form the advertisements are presented after the accumulation of these professional terms, what kind of content is needed, which area of ​​the meta-universe (leisure, work, games, learning), through the form of landing payment It is better to advertise the effect and the basic principles of some successful cases in the meta universe.

Operation and planning is an extremely difficult task, especially in small businesses and for small brands.

Because if you want to be a qualified market operator in a small business, you must require yourself to be a hammer , a hammer that can nail nails at any time , and do more with limited resources.

My career in operations and event planning originated from an accident. Over the years I have been in the industry, I have been working in some small and medium-sized enterprises. Plan separately and execute independently to complete a small and medium-sized project, from start to finish.

During this process, I have done many failed projects, and I have also done successful ones, but as a novice who is not led by anyone, I have put too much work, energy, and money into the industry.

I have never dared to indulge myself by not studying. Every year I buy a lot of professional-related books. I also spend a lot of time to understand and research, and try the latest platform gameplay and rules.

From Weibo , to Toutiao, to Zhihu , to Xiaohongshu , to Douyin, to Station B; from pictures to short videos, I kept going to some planning websites to learn new cases, and the traffic was running. .

I am afraid that one day I will be eliminated by the times.

But I understand that the big waves wash away the sand, the waves before the waves are eliminated after the waves are the trend, age, experience, salary, position, performance, fate will affect the future you can not touch now, this is the sadness of older practitioners.

Facing the upcoming meta universe, how do small brands and practitioners reverse?

In the previous article, I said some of my conjectures. At the end of the article, I want to talk to you about how small and medium-sized brands should counterattack and control their own destiny in the face of the impact of the meta universe.

The prescription I prescribe for small brands is to increase the development of IP related to my own brand, so as to achieve my own long-term stable, no high marketing cost investment, completely my own, independent marketing promotion channel.

The reason for choosing IP to build is because everyone is in production and has the same function. If you want to distinguish from others, you can only use different brand colors, positioning and different concepts, culture and service and other emotions!

I have always believed and firmly believed that the future corporate competition will inevitably be the competition of the mind, the competition of the brand, the competition of word-of-mouth, and the competition of cultural propaganda.

In the future, you must be a long-termist who can stick to a resilient company and brand.

The way to create IP, I don’t think it’s necessary to just start from the product and cultural point of view, as long as the IP is related to the enterprise; for example, through the boss, employees, department team collectively or separately, in different forms, with different content, and from Developed from different perspectives, and use their advocacy to increase people’s cognitive memory of companies and brands and enhance their goodwill and reputation, so as to affect the mind and memory at the lowest cost.

To give a simple example, I have hardly eaten takeaways after working for so many years, but I am hungry . When it comes to takeaways, the first reaction I think of takeaways is Meituan.

The reason is not only that almost everyone around me is using Meituan, but also not only because Meituan’s brand-related content on the Internet has a lot of information; moreover, the color of Meituan’s brand is big yellow, and Meituan is like a rabbit’s ears. The marketing memory of hats is more profound than that of I only read it once and I remember it.

Of course, the development of IP is not simply to obtain traffic to achieve brand exposure, but to establish a channel of independent marketing and promotion of its own, and to do more beneficial things without deliberately affecting and hurting traffic.

Proposals for solving professional crises for older practitioners

To be honest, I am also older marketing practitioners, all these years I have been in small companies, start-up companies hard, did not make a dazzling achievement for me to say, there is no way to solve this problem.

Some people say that you can be a slash youth , do your own sideline, shoot short videos, or zoom in on other things of interest; my way to deal with professional crises is to start a business. I know that I will inevitably embark on the road of entrepreneurship in the future, and I firmly believe that, so I take every job and every project seriously, as if I was doing my own thing.

My approach may not be suitable for you.

Finally, a few digressions:

As for what the future of the meta universe will look like, there is no clear and precise vision to present it.

Many people mentioned that Metaverse will inevitably mention the movie “The Matrix”, inevitably mention “Number One Player”, inevitably mention various technologies, inevitably mention various companies, but I am not as complicated as you think.

In the future appearance of the meta-universe I imagine, it is just a matching platform.

This matching platform is a deeply immersive matching platform with no space limitation, global resource sharing in the true sense, and information and knowledge integration.

In this matching platform, it may be divided into three major areas.

The first is the living area. You can travel to Dubai or visit the Sahara Desert.

The second is the game area, where you can play Tencent ’s League of Legends in a real way , or you can play other foreign games in a real way.

The third is the study area. You can go to Harvard University or attend classes at Peking University.

You only need an account to enjoy all the real resources in the world in a fully immersive way.

As for whether globalized resources can be shared and matched in a real sense, and whether this will become a real possibility, I personally think that it should be impossible within a hundred years.

The title picture comes from Unsplash, based on the CC0 protocol

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