Create a new consumer payment model for farmers

Recently, at the 9th China Public Welfare and Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “City Exhibition”), Mr. Wang was browsing the 3D exhibition hall of the China Construction Bank of the Charity Exhibition Cloud Exhibition and clicked on the agricultural aid commodity Xinjiang Grey Date suspended on the cloud platform The picture consumes 36 yuan digital renminbi to purchase goods, of which 28 yuan arrives in the wallet of the farmer in real time.

Create a new consumer payment model for farmers

This is a new payment model in the field of consumer assistance created by the Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank in conjunction with the agricultural assistance service platform, based on the splitting function of the digital renminbi.

According to the understanding of the mobile payment network, this function relies on the underlying technology of digital renminbi to realize a “point-to-point” automatic payment path where consumer orders are paid in one payment and received separately. When consumers buy agricultural products, the sales payment will immediately reach the farmers’ personal wallets, which helps digital technology. Innovative consumption and new forms of agriculture.

Simply understand, that is, after a user purchases products from multiple merchants in an order, the account splitting function can automatically realize the automatic account splitting of the order, how much revenue each merchant should receive, and how much the platform should receive. And relying on the feature of digital renminbi payment and settlement, each payment is directly sent to the digital renminbi wallet of each merchant in real time, which provides an innovative experience and excellent demonstration for the realization of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization projects. 

Mr. Wang, who successfully purchased the goods, said that the digital renminbi payment process is smooth, and he can see the reminder that the payment goes directly to the farmers during the payment process, and he can more intuitively feel that he can contribute to the revitalization of the village and greatly enhance the sense of participation.

Create a new consumer payment model for farmers

This year’s Shenzhen Charity Fair was affected by the epidemic and adopted an online exhibition format. The Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank participated in the ninth sector as a co-organizer, and set up a 3D exhibition hall of CCB in the Charity and Rural Revitalization Exhibition Hall to display the results of agricultural assistance. Its online display area provides visitors with a link to purchase dried gray dates on trees in the designated areas of Shenzhen to help agricultural products-Xinjiang. Visitors can experience a brand new model of consumption assistance for agriculture through CCB’s digital renminbi payment.

Create a new consumer payment model for farmers

Since the launch of the digital renminbi pilot work, digital renminbi operating institutions represented by the Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank have expanded a wide range of digital renminbi applications. 

The Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Bank launched the “New Financial Digital Convenience Plan” on July 22, which has successively created a diversified digital convenience payment ecosystem. In addition to consumer poverty alleviation scenarios, it has now expanded to include transportation, government services, and agricultural markets. With tens of thousands of payment scenarios in the large application field, “digital currency convenience” has been promoted in depth as an important measure to serve the people’s better life, allowing safe and convenient financial services to penetrate every bit of life.

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