Crazy diners of China’s “Boring Ape Club” successfully completed the first phase sale on the only art platform

Overseas, the influence of NFT’s star product Bored Ape is still strong, and its sales in OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT market, often maintain its lead.

So, in what form should the NFT, which is native to Chinese cultural soil, stand out? The “Crazy Visitors Club” gave the answer. The project is supported by the UN Economic and Social Council Investment Organization: World Ecological Design Conference, which is committed to creating a global low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable ecological environment through digital technology.

On January 5, the first issue of the “Crazy Visitors Club” series of digital art collections will be sold in a limited edition of 1,000 copies on the only art platform. This digital art collection with a starting price of 99 yuan was sold out as soon as it was sold. The price of the trading market has soared. Among them, the rarest SSR model was easily sold at a price of 19,999 yuan, which undoubtedly ignited another wave of digital art in China. !


The “Crazy Runner Club” series of digital art collections have only 10,000 items in the world. They are programmed to generate more than 200 features, including skins, food, clothing accessories, and so on. Each is a unique collection of copyrighted art. You can enjoy copyright rights after purchase, and can be used for commercial use, or you can freely apply them in various secondary creations. Through the unique and unique collection of digital art, the identity and emotions of the residents of the Metaverse are given.

In the personal account of the only art platform, holding “crazy diners” can directly obtain the membership of the club. In the future, more membership rights will be gradually unlocked by the community together with the realization of the project milestones, opening the door to the Metaverse.

As China’s first digital art e-commerce company, the only art platform has successfully sold the explosive Feng Zikai NFT, dynamic Dunhuang NFT, Talking Tom NFT, and Palace Garden Bingxi Tu NFT. The only art platform is making more people feel it. The unique charm of China Metaverse.


The release of “Crazy Diner” represents that the only art platform and Yuanzhi Creative Arts are actively exploring the new ideas and ideas of Yuanzhi, steadily and safely practicing the new model of Yuanzhou, leading the healthy and healthy development of China Yuanzhi!

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