Crazy CPI growth, what does it mean?

Recently the market is still the strongest of the big pie, most coins are not gaining funds, each round of rise is about the same, bitcoin first, followed by mainstream coins, then small coins, and finally air coins

Crazy CPI growth, what does it mean?

U.S. CPI data for May was released last night, up 5% year-over-year, exceeding market expectations and hitting the highest record in nearly 13 years. The core CPI index soared 3.8%, hitting a new high in nearly 29 years, and the 10-year Treasury yield fell to 1.464%, a new low in nearly three months. Look at the number of years of record highs, we know how extreme an environment and times we are in, such times, people who seize the natural will get huge wealth, and people who do not go hard, will miss the great opportunities given by the times, the fate of each person will also be in the constant choice to pull the gap, and these choices, is the realization of cognition. Data, gold soared, bitcoin did not move much, inflation continues to exceed expectations, the U.S. bank overnight lending rate fell to 0%, the market is far more money than imagined, and bitcoin, an emerging thing, is to undertake these “big water” very good pool, so the upward logic of bitcoin is still unchanged, but the market repair confidence It will take time. While we look forward to the future, we must also remain calm. The huge amount of liquidity will be tightened sooner or later, as such inflation is hardly sustainable, so it is worth our attention when this turn will happen.

The acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador has drawn the attention of more countries, and everyone is waiting to see if this experiment will be successful, and once it is, more countries will follow, including countries with large populations like India, which also have the intention of lifting the crypto ban because of the aftermath of El Salvador. This historic event means that all merchants in El Salvador will have to accept bitcoin in accordance with the law, which will inevitably create a huge pool of money that will grow larger as more countries accept bitcoin, but the total amount of bitcoin is limited, so Madman believes that bitcoin will be less risky than U.S. stocks and gold in the future when liquidity tightens.

South Africa released a potential regulatory document for crypto assets, which means that the big momentum is really unstoppable as the legalization of cryptocurrencies in South Africa is about to be completed.

State Street Bank set up a dedicated cryptocurrency unit with the goal of supporting the crypto business by creating a new liquidity venue for global customers and investors. There will be a three or six or nine class of banks in the future, the banks that embrace the times are getting bigger and bigger, and the old guard banks will be phased out, a fact that doesn’t change in every era.

Texas has approved state-chartered banks to host cryptocurrencies, meaning that many banks in Texas are now supporting cryptocurrency storage for their customers. Meanwhile Manhattan Solar Partners will build a renewable energy crypto mine in Texas. It was never thought before that bitcoin mining could be so popular, so popular that its energy consumption has sparked global concern, which shows from the side how successful bitcoin is now and how huge its ecology really is, so it seems that bitcoin’s market cap is not too high.

ARK Fund bought 60,000 shares of Coinbase stock again, and Woody’s continued buying shows its determination to be long on cryptocurrencies.

Twitter CEO tweets: We all speak the same language, and that’s Bitcoin. This thing maniac is kinda touching, a few years ago playing abroad, cable car I was watching the bitcoin market, foreigners asked me you also speculate in coins ah, I said yes, Crypto will really become the global language.

The fourth-ranked whale address increased its holdings by 3,720 bitcoins, worth about $138 million, which is the true believer, with a pie in his hand and no distractions.

AARP’s senior policy expert said that bitcoin is not suitable for retirement funds, the specific logic is not said, presumably because of the huge volatility of bitcoin and extremely high risk reasons.

The director of the Dutch Central Planning Agency believes that a cryptocurrency collapse is inevitable in the future, urging that the Dutch government must immediately ban bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Dutch are probably hurt by the “tulip bubble” of the year and see all investments as Ponzi schemes.

Panic 21, as long as this index does not turn optimistic, the short-term rally logic will remain the same.

Market Analysis


The market’s selling pressure is almost digested, the overall selling pressure is still not very big, the short-term will be in the 35000-39000 band to shake, the maniac or before that view, 40000 this position will eventually break through, just need some time, when the shock finishing time enough, the market rebound up will continue.


The recent heat is not much, obviously weaker than bitcoin, the EIP1559 agreement in July will push ethereum into a deflationary environment, which is relatively certain good, so when bitcoin this round first up, ethereum will still catch up, no need to rush to hold a position, take more of it.


Relatively weak in the near future, but does not affect the future expectations, 1-2 weeks we look for opportunities to participate.


The selling pressure is extremely small, and is expected to rebound.


Short-term is still weak, do not participate first.


Clearly stronger than other mainstream coins in the last 3 days, indicating that funds are continuing to intervene at the bottom, expected to be the first to rebound.


It is not moving down and is expected to continue to rebound.


Oscillating consolidation period, hold first.


Drawdown retracement, although the retracement is large, but the overall trend has not changed.


Not much selling pressure, small rebound mainly.


The selling pressure is reduced, and you can consider making up once near 1.2.

The market is still the strongest, most of the coins did not get the funds to pursue, every round of rise is about the same, bitcoin first, behind the mainstream coins, then small coins, and finally air coins, every time the air coins crazy, is often the sign of the end of a round of trend, the current wave of rebound is still in the big pie stage, not anxious not anxious.

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