Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Metaverse is not a point of attraction for consumption

Every year to December, there will always be a variety of hottest words of the year. Not long ago, the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released “Top Ten Internet Terms in 2021”-the term “Metaverse” sweeping the entire science and technology circle , No surprises shortlisted among them.

How popular is the term “Metaverse”? Just type these three words in Baidu search and press Enter, the result is 34.4 million. As early as September 15 this year, Baidu released the “Baidu Hot Search Metaverse Observation Report”. From this report based on search big data, you can more truly feel how this word has become a hot spot for the entire network in an instant.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

The report pointed out that the search focus of “Metaverse” ushered in explosive growth in September, and the popularity increased by 466% month-on-month in the past 30 days. “What is Metaverse” ranked first among hot search topics. Faced with the new concept of “metauniverse”, netizens are most concerned about “what is metaverse”, followed by metaverse-related products, companies and stocks.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

In the past ten years, the concept of “everything can be intelligent” has gradually penetrated into people’s hearts through the joint effect of hardware and software. When there is a stable bond between reality and virtuality, the public naturally or unintentionally hope to further expand their boundaries in the virtual world. The launch of the concept of “Metaverse” has naturally become the tipping point of this desire. So, where is the attraction of “Metaverse”, and what impact will this term have on the most massive smart product in the past decade, the car?

01 Tracing back to the source, what is the Metaverse?

Before discussing the above two issues, we might as well go back to how “Metaverse” was instantly detonated in the Chinese Internet world.

In contrast to the series of events that led to the listing of “Metaverse’s first stock” Roblox on the US stock market, the market is more willing to announce that Facebook was renamed Meta, which is regarded as the node where the concept of Metaverse detonated in the Chinese Internet world. Facebook’s popularity on the Internet is obviously greater and more far-reaching, which means that CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s judgment on Metaverse can more effectively recognize the value of Metaverse.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

According to a CBS report, Zuckerberg said: “We believe that Metaverse will become the successor of the mobile Internet.” He believes that in the next 10 years, Metaverse will cover 1 billion people and carry hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce. , And provide employment opportunities for millions of creators and developers.

Facebook, which originally has an industrial chain relationship with the concept of Metaverse, chose to change its name to Meta in order to better embrace (attract) embrace (citize) Wei (capital) to (this), which corresponds to the English “Metaverse” of Metaverse. first half. The favor of technology giants proves that Metaverse does have its charm.

However, “Metaverse” is actually nothing new.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

The term Metaverse was born in the science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. The novel depicts a huge virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status. From this we can know that the Metaverse is essentially a process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, and the Metaverse can be regarded as a projection and extension of the real world.

After that, film and television creators began to revolve around this word to create mesmerizing works. In the past ten years, the “Sword Art Online” series and “Accelerated World” created by Japanese light novel writer Kawahara Reki, and “Number One Player” created by American writer Ernst Klein, have fascinated interpretations of the concept of the Metaverse.

Looking at the release time of these novels and derivative works, it is not difficult to understand why the “Baidu Hot Search Meta-Universe Observation Report” pointed out that the “post-80s” and “post-90s” groups are the most enthusiastic groups for the concept of Metaverse.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

02 yuan universe outlet, a life-saving straw for car companies

Coincidentally, the “post-80s” and “post-90s” are now the main consumer of bulk commodities on the market. According to the “2021 New Youth Car Report” jointly launched by the Beijing News, Shell Finance, and Tuhu Yangzhou, “18-25 years old” car buyers accounted for 36.05%, followed by “25-30 years old” users accounted for 34.88 %, this means that nearly 70% of “car owners” have their first car before the age of 30. Those “post-80s” with a relatively good economic foundation may have planned or even started to use improved cars .

In the post-epidemic era, all walks of life have tacitly reached a consensus: Business is getting harder and harder to do. It’s rare that “Metaverse” is a hot word about the future with huge potential, and it can also attract the attention of the main consumers in the current market, “post-80s” and “post-90s”. Any marketer wants to make their own products Bundled with this hot word.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

In the automotive industry undergoing transformation, the enthusiasm for the big outlet of Metaverse is also high. As early as when Metaverse just became a hot search word, “Lao Xing Zun” BMW had already thrown out the corresponding streaming media platform product-“JOYTOPIA”. This platform is jointly developed by BMW and Journee, the latter is a company related to “Metaverse”. In order to kick off this concept, the platform was unveiled with an exclusive performance by the Coldplay band, which is enough to show how much BMW attaches to it.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

It is understood that there are three worlds in JOYTOPIA, namely “Re:THINK”, “Re:IMAGINE” and “Re:BIRTH”. They are all based on the circular economy, electric transportation, urban transportation and sustainability themes that BMW considers important And build. Users can explore these worlds with their own avatars (its appearance can be changed), create their own spaces and interact deeply.

It is worth mentioning that Journee only needs a browser to use, users do not need to register an account, email address or install an application. This means that both smart phones and in-vehicle systems are channels for users to easily enter JOYTOPIA

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

The same is the “old line of respect” in the auto industry, Ford carries the concept of Metaverse through specific products. At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, Ford announced the new Ford Smart Space concept. This Metaverse concept is inspired by the smart cockpit of the new model EVOS, which was launched at the same time, with digital intelligence as the core of the upgrade. The space includes a renewed and upgraded exhibition hall, an upgraded after-sales service process, a new online member community, etc.

At the same time, Changan Ford has also created the first user value co-creation platform-Fuyu, which integrates community, information, events, shopping malls and car services, so as to better strengthen the communication and communication between Ford and users .

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Comparing BMW and Ford, the little-known Zhiji car has launched the “Raw Stone Valley” function. Users can extract or mine rough stones in the “Raw Stone Valley” to exchange for official car hardware or software services.

The 300 million rough stones that Zhiji Auto plans to issue are developed based on its blockchain technology, trying to combine another hot concept nowadays-NFT (Non-Homogeneous Tokens), to break the real world and the virtual world. The boundary allows car owners to use virtual “rough stones” to upgrade real cars, closely linking the virtual with reality.

Car companies who are worried about being abandoned by the market may think that the Metaverse concept affects sales in the least, but determines life and death. Regardless of whether the gameplay is rigidly linked to the product, Metaverse is the next blue ocean in the eyes of car companies.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

As of press time, we can find more and more car companies rush to register trademarks related to various Metaverse concepts, such as “Wei Lai Metaverse”, “Ideal Metaverse”, “Xiao Peng Metaverse”, and “Car Universe” Wait, the Weilai ET5 released on December 18 directly uses AR and VR. Combining the trend of automobile intelligence, we can foresee that Metaverse will be the main propaganda concept that most car companies cannot avoid for some time to come.

03 Metaverse is not an attraction for consumption

To explain this point of view, we need to go back to the three words “metauniverse”, which is essentially a process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world. In the final analysis, it is still a world.

Throughout human history, the world we live in is constantly evolving in the perfection of rules. As a projection of the real world, the Metaverse should also be finally formed by the continuous integration and evolution of many tools and platforms under the support of shared infrastructure, standards and protocols.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

From this as a standard to measure the current “metacosmic” behavior of car companies, we can find that many of them do it with the mentality of “being at a disadvantage if you enter the market late”. Even if there are already landable gameplays like the above three brands, it is more to increase the stickiness of the brand. If the “Metaverse” coat is stripped off, the gameplay of these car companies and the popular network for 20 to 30 years have changed into countless “user communities” that have not changed. What is the difference?

In the present and future where all walks of life want to share a piece of the universe, Xiao Dao believes that the traditional consumer digital industry can take the lead. As the starting point of “Everything can be smart”, many products in the consumer digital industry have grown into a pure virtual world entrance and interacted with the real world.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Based on the energy generated by the fusion of reality and virtuality, the consumer digital industry has initiated the next-generation evolution represented by head-mounted display devices. As mentioned earlier, Facebook acquired Oculus, one of the “Three Royals” of VR, as early as 2014. This is enough to explain why Xiao Zha supports the Metaverse concept so much. A year later, Microsoft released HoloLens, a product integrating AR and VR, and said that this product has actually been developed five years ago.

Regardless of VR, AR or MR (a gameplay that mixes the former two together), these are the exploration of the next generation of virtual worlds by the traditional digital industry. In all fairness, even the traditional digital industry that is proficient in this way has not realized in-depth Metaverse exploration with these devices. We can even say that the speed of hardware evolution is very slow, but they still outperform other industries.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

In contrast, cars at the current stage are still essentially “a means of transportation that require people to operate.” To truly feel the charm of the Metaverse through the car, the city road construction must not only be as smart as the classic sci-fi movie “Mechanical Enemy”, but also the car must have the same independent personality with thinking ability as the Japanese racing animation “High Intelligence Formula” in ASURADA. . Back to the present, technology is still not enough to feel this charm.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Therefore, “Metaverse” is still an illusory concept in the automotive industry. Even if it retreats from “Metaverse” to “intelligence”, the automotive industry has not yet come up with an epoch-making achievement that the public has unanimously recognized as an epoch-making achievement. Just like the iPhone’s revolution in the mobile phone industry, smart cars still have not been ahead of the curve.

If we take the important indicator of intelligent interconnection between people and vehicles as the object of investigation, we can feel that it is still an era of brutal growth and a melee of war.

At this stage of intelligent interconnection of people and vehicles, the mainstream gameplay is the driving APP launched by mobile phone manufacturers, the supporting mobile phone APP launched by car manufacturers, and the host directly implanted in the intelligent operating system and equipped with network ports. Although they all advertised “smart man-machine interconnection”, their expressible ways and oriented goals are different, and naturally they have different effects on driving experience.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Is this another way of self-advanced enclosure? As a consumer, let’s first look at the inconclusive battle waiting for the automakers to finish. Only when this group fight is over, and the interconnection between cars is supported by a shared infrastructure, standards and protocols, can the car metaverse truly open up and talk about the true meaning of the car metaverse to consumers.

4. Virtual feeds back to reality, and industry takes the lead

At this stage, the concept of Metaverse is far away. For the automotive industry, it actually has a point of strength, and it should give full play to its value in the industry. However, some car companies have unknowingly stepped into the door of the automobile Metaverse but did not care. The platform currently implemented is the exclusive racing game “GT Racing” series of PlayStation.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the “GT Racing” series, is a racing driver. The game implements the purpose of “pursuing realism” in the production of “GT Racing”. The appearance, engine sound, and performance of each car are made entirely based on data collected from real cars. The details of each car are realistically restored, making it a mobile virtual car library.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

In the previous release of “GT Sport”, game developer Polyphony Digital cooperated with the FIA ​�?International Automobile Sports Federation) to issue the world’s first “electronic driver’s license.” At the same time, FIA also assisted game production, not only made the driving experience more realistic, but also held the National Cup and Manufacturers Cup in the game. Correspondingly, the FIA ​​will present awards to players who have won global championships in these two events together with the real racing awards in the official celebrations.

For gamers who have racing dreams but are shy in their pockets, “GT Sport” is an excellent opportunity to realize their ideals. The “GT Racing” series of games before “GT Sport” also transformed some e-sports drivers into professional racers through the “GT Student” project. Even setting aside these two activities, the “GT Racing” series has accumulated a huge global influence, which is enough to attract car companies to invest here.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

The way car companies invest is not only to open the brand and vehicle model authorization to the game, but also to develop the Vision Gran Turismo series of game concept cars that can be used by players for games such as Porsche, McLaren, Mazda and many other brands. For the brand, this is not only a “Metaverse” propaganda, but also a return to the development of reality in the virtual world.

Some time ago, it was decided to launch the Vision Gran Turismo Porsche in “GT Racing 7”. Michael Mauer, the vice president of design, also said frankly, “This is a car built purely for the virtual world, providing us with the possibility of excitement. . Otherwise, in conventional design, we will have many restrictions due to mass production requirements.”

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

Robert Ader, Porsche’s vice president of marketing, said that increasing activity in the game world is also of strategic significance for Porsche. Through the game world, Porsche will use digital methods to create car dreams for young target groups and attract them.

The first Porsche sports car developed purely for virtual space is not only an important milestone in the strategic cooperation between Porsche and game developer PolyphonyDigital, it is also destined to affect the development of the entire industry.

Such a high-standard virtual platform provided by a third party will benefit car companies even more. In the real world, to develop a new car from scratch requires four stages: market research, conceptual design, engineering design, and prototype test. The manpower and material resources involved in each stage are astronomical.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

With the help of platforms such as “GT Racing”, car companies can unrestrictedly display their creativity and test future technologies. Those Vision Gran Turismo models in the game really have a chance to become a reality in the future.

As a virtual test environment, the “GT Racing” series can also get consumers’ opinions in time. Once the player chooses to use a certain brand of car to get an experience with reality, car companies can obtain data from game developers to enhance interaction with consumers, and then car companies can use actual data in the simulation world. , Forcing the upgrade of the supply chain, the cars produced have a fixed fan base, so there is no need to worry about sales.

Crazy chasing the Metaverse, what are the car companies chasing after?

In addition, the real data records of each car make the virtual database a “car museum”. In the main menu screen of “GT Sport”, there will be explanations of historical data of the automobile industry from time to time, which can be used as a car encyclopedia in detail. Compared with cars with reimbursement years, digital preservation has its distinct advantages. In the future world, the models launched by the brand will always exist and will not disappear in real life. This solves the problem of the continuity of consumer perception for the brand.

Write at the end

Car companies that have licensed or even cooperated with Polyphony Digital have grown over the years, turning the virtual into a projection of the real world and growing in sync with the real world. In contrast to the various “Metaverse” one-sided propaganda in today’s advertising slogans, it is a viable path at this stage to establish a data world through a gamified portal, and to feed back the reality virtually, so as to continue the brand equity.

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