Could the Metaverse Disrupt the Smartphone?

Escapism is not the future of this world, but transforming the real world is.

The Metaverse is not only widely discussed in China, overseas, the Metaverse is even thought to subvert smartphones.

A few days ago, Sai Krishna, co-founder of Indian augmented reality company Scapic, talked about a point of view in an exclusive interview with the “Indian Express”: “The Metaverse is the revolutionary evolution of the Internet, we will have 3D space, immersive virtual environment and advanced communications and a paradigm shift in business and entertainment. The Metaverse is the next logical step beyond the smartphone and the traditional internet phase as we know it now.”

“The Metaverse is a set of user-shared 3D immersive environments where you can interact with others through your avatar, and doing this requires specialized hardware that you can’t do in a 2D world or through a smartphone app,” he said. complete this operation.”

In Sai Krishna’s imaginary world, when people started living in the “Metaverse”, there would be no need for smartphones.

At a recent tech conference in South Korea, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Fortnite developer Epic Games Inc, had a similar view, arguing that the Metaverse is a one-size-fits-all operation. The system’s universal app store offers developers an alternative to Apple and Google’s dominance of the smartphone economy.

In China, there are also many voices who believe that as the key to the Metaverse, VR headsets have been considered to be the next generation of personal general-purpose computing devices to replace smartphones.

Is it really so?

To draw a clear line with the Metaverse, Apple is “pragmatic and not retreat”

We know that the Metaverse is considered to be the next generation of the Internet, and the “Metaverse” experience also includes a collection of many comprehensive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and extended reality (XR). On the whole, with the help of various comprehensive cutting-edge technologies, the Metaverse is more inclined to construct and create a virtual world with a deeper and immersive experience.

Could the Metaverse Disrupt the Smartphone?

We will notice that while the outside world is crazy about the Metaverse, Apple is drawing a line from the concept of the Metaverse. According to Gurman, a well-known American journalist, the concept of the Metaverse is a taboo topic within Apple, which is completely different from the strategy of companies such as Meta.

The Metaverse is to allow people to escape the troubles of the real world and accomplish some things that are impossible in the real world in the virtual Metaverse. This is what Apple and Cook do not currently agree with. We know that, from the information revealed by products such as iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and future AR glasses, Apple’s product philosophy has always been based on and solving real-world problems and becoming a better tool for the real world.

Since around 2016, Cook has expressed a strong interest in AR, and has always emphasized the ability of AR to transform the real world. In the field of AR, Apple has also quietly laid out for many years.

Unlike VR, AR makes people immerse in a 3D virtual reality. It superimposes virtual scenes, but it is not separated from the real scenes. The purpose is to enhance the perception of the real world, such as displaying 3D models in reality. Productivity is formed in a specific scene of the world.

In short, the AR that Apple wants to do is actually more based on the real world, and even it can be integrated and connected with mobile phone products such as the iPhone to form a better scene productivity that transforms the real world.

Cook also expressed this philosophy in a recent “Time” interview: “I am very interested in augmented reality. It is the superposition of the virtual world and the real world without distracting the real world. It’s about strengthening relationships and cooperation with each other.”

For example, according to an earlier report by Mingqi Guo, Apple’s AR glasses will depend on the hardware performance and data transmission efficiency of the mobile phone, and even use the iPhone to power their AR glasses. After the release of Apple’s AR glasses, it is likely to support the addition of existing AR glasses. There are ARKit apps – it can directly run all AR apps tailored for iPhone.

Judging from the current news from Bloomberg, the release of Apple’s AR/VR headset may be delayed until 2023 due to “overheating, camera and software-related challenges”. According to the information disclosed by The Information, Apple’s AR headset Used for gaming, communication and content consumption, it is essentially “augmented reality”, not “escapism”.

Could the Metaverse Disrupt the Smartphone?

Source: The Information

In addition, in 2021, Guo Mingqi said in a public investment report: “Apple will also launch AR contact lenses between 2030 and 2040”, and emphasized that AR contact lenses will not have independent computing functions and storage space, and It is used in conjunction with other devices such as iPhone.

From this point of view, the positioning of Apple’s AR device is somewhat similar to the Apple Watch. On the one hand, it can be used as an independent hardware product, but at the same time, it can achieve collaborative gameplay with the iPhone.

Apple’s philosophy is more inclined to be based on the real world, and it has its own thinking on the direction and scenarios recognized by the mainstream of the world in the future. From the current point of view, smart phones have greatly enhanced people’s ability to obtain information and perceive externally in the two-dimensional world. AR is to further strengthen this ability, create three-dimensional experience in the real world, and better drive the real world. Ability to solve problems and innovate scenarios.

It can also be seen that Apple does not use AR devices as a product to subvert smartphones, but as a device to enhance the capabilities of the iPhone or form a differentiated gameplay with mobile phones. In short, Apple’s product direction is more inclined to integrate the real world with the virtual world to better empower the real world.

The author has pointed out many times before that, unlike many Western technology giants who often showed symptoms of acclimatization in the Chinese market in the past, the reason why Apple can stand firm in the fiercely competitive Chinese market is, to a certain extent, because it has become more and more Learn more about the Chinese market.

From a domestic point of view, supporting and transforming the real economy has become the main theme of the next step of the Internet. Giants such as Tencent, Ali, and Meituan have tacitly regarded “helping the real economy” as one of their core strategic directions. That is to say, When the Internet has developed to this stage, the next mainstream direction is no longer to continue to move towards a deeper virtual world, but to better transform the real world. From this perspective, Apple’s product concept of “not retreating and being more pragmatic” may actually be more in line with China’s policies and national conditions.

Smartphones and VR/AR devices are a fusion relationship, not a subversive relationship

Even if VR/AR products are Metaverse and hardware entrances, they are more likely to form a fusion relationship with smartphones rather than a subversive relationship.

For example, from the perspective of some VR product ideas in the past, the smartphone itself is also one of the terminal entrances for VR glasses and VR helmet products, and combines the application ecological gameplay of the mobile Internet. As early as around 2016, the popular mobile game “Angry Birds” also launched a VR version. Players need to wear a SamsungGear VR headset to control the bird to fly along the aperture to the end point by moving the head. Including many previous VR games, it is often necessary to combine VR and mobile phone products to operate.

A current trend is the arrival of the tide of folding mobile phones. The folding form of folding mobile phones naturally creates better conditions for 3D interaction. Although it is said that smartphones are not born for 3D space, nor are they designed for the “Metaverse world”, under the vigorous development of foldable mobile phones, the great possibility is that, driven by the concept of the Metaverse, some fusion The 3D interaction of the Metaverse concept, AR/VR product technology innovation functions or interactive forms will be introduced into mobile phone products.

Therefore, the fusion of smartphones and Metaverse concepts may be a new trend, and some innovative immersive gameplay and spaces may also be formed.

The Metaverse is a virtual space that is parallel to the real world but independent of the real world. Compared with the current Internet, it has stronger immersion, interactivity and ultra-low latency with the help of VR and AR technologies. Immersive 3D virtual experience, in this virtual world, you can do more imaginative things – party, work, study, play, shop, create, etc.

Entering this world requires a brand new hardware terminal. If the Metaverse will form a replacement for smartphones, the first is the replacement of mobile phone hardware products by smart terminals at the entrance of the Metaverse. For example, from the virtual world built by Facebook’s VR platform, Horizon Worlds, users need to use the Oculus Quest 2 headset to create characters.

Could the Metaverse Disrupt the Smartphone?

But does this possibility really exist?

Escaping reality is not the future of this world, transforming the real world is

In the author’s opinion, a product can completely replace another product, and it must be viewed from three directions. First, it solves the shortcomings of the previous generation products, and the experience far exceeds the original products.The replacement of feature phones by smartphones falls into this category.

The second is that it creates easier connectivity and a better experience. The replacement of mobile phones for BB machines falls into this category. The third is whether it is more efficient to help people solve real-world problems.

Judging from the current hardware product that is generally considered to be the entrance to the Metaverse, the VR headset, it is firstly unable to solve portability, and secondly, it is unable to help users solve real-world problems more efficiently, and there is no short board to solve smart phones. ——Because the mobility and portability of mobile phones are better than that of headsets. People can carry a mobile phone all the time, but it is impossible to carry a VR headset all the time. As Musk said: “No one wants to wear a screen to their face all day long.”

People need to deal with many problems of the real world anytime, anywhere through their smartphones, and the Metaverse is more inclined to let people escape from reality and separate from the real world.

In essence, since entering the information society, mobile phones have always been an indispensable and rigid product for people. The reason why it is irreplaceable is that it brings convenience and efficiency to people’s real world, and it strengthens the , the ability to connect people and society, people and information. It exists to solve real world problems.

After the iteration of the last 10-year cycle, smartphone products have been connected to real life, economy and many other aspects. As an important computing platform, mobile phones continue to promote the connection and data precipitation of all walks of life. in a period of continuous development.

Simply put, products that meet the various needs of the real world and help people solve real-world problems better and more efficiently are indispensable for everyone. It can only be replaced by more advanced and efficient mobile phone products, instead of being defeated by more Metaverses based on virtual world transformation.

Of course, escapism, separation from the real world – a need for many people today. As modern technology drives more people to become passive observers, passive recipients and consumers, the reality of virtual worlds becomes more and more addictive.

But although the virtual world is good, people will eventually return to the real world and participate in economic and social activities in the real world.

After all, whether from the perspective of domestic conditions, policies, human development and economic development, “empowering entities” and strengthening the ability to transform the real world are the main themes of the future. Talking about the issue of “economy deviating from the real to the virtual” earlier, the National Development and Reform Commission also talked about “the virtual economy arises from the real economy and should serve the real economy, this principle cannot be changed.”

Even from a global perspective, whether it is at the economic level of various countries or the mainstream policy orientation level, young people will not be encouraged to indulge in the virtual world of the Metaverse and lie down better.

Therefore, for enterprises, how to aim at the direction of social mainstream-oriented values ​​and policy support to better transform the real world and the real economy, can it be possible to quantify the direction of future dividends.

Therefore, the current imagination of the Metaverse from all walks of life has always ignored a core problem – if entering the virtual world of the Metaverse only allows people to escape from reality and avoid reality, but does not make people better and more efficient in the real world, then it is impossible. It is the future of this world, and it will not be the direction recognized by mainstream society, let alone subvert smartphones.

After all, after taking off your helmet and returning to the real world, probably the first thing you do is grab your phone.

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