Core development: ETH developers and “product managers” are out of touch

This article is based on the opinions of Ethereum core developer Peter Szilagyi on his personal social media platform, and BlockBeats has organized and translated it as follows:

Complexity is an often overlooked aspect of a system because usually it’s not the people who created it that pay for it, but someone else. But make no mistake, someone is paying the price —whether it’s money, time, or effort. They may be unwilling or impossible to do so forever.

Like scalability, sophistication can build up to the point of loss of control without being seen. At that time, it was irreversible. The level of complexity also has the undesirable effect of causing cascading failures. Too many people overworked and incapacitated, leading to greater work overload.

In the history of Ethereum, the level of complexity has never been lower. Each EIP is stacked on top of it. Every breaking change (1559, merge, sharding, verkle, stateless, L2, etc.) is one more peg. I get very frustrated when a research proposal says ” everything is figured out, now only the engineering is left “.

Even though it feels like we are approaching an Ethereum merger, I must stress that Ethereum is not moving in a neat direction . Essentially, it’s bearing fruit, but it’s also piling up sophistication, as if not to worry about later. It won’t succeed if the protocol doesn’t get leaner.

I think the root cause is the disconnect between researchers and development teams . The former is “only” used to come up with elegant and independent ideas. The latter needs to juggle every idea that has ever been introduced, while finding ways to rub them together.

There have been projects trying to reduce complexity (Erigon’s module split, Ethereum merge’s split of responsibilities). However, there has never been an attempt to reduce the complexity of the protocol.

It sucks that no one has a complete picture of the system.

I can’t say what the solution is, but my point is to stop adding features and start cutting, even if it’s going to be disruptive .

Fewer and fewer people know and are willing to piece together a broken web. And with every change, more people leave.

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