Convex: A global state management tool for DApps

On April 27, A16Z announced that Convex had raised $26 million in Series A financing led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Co-investors include former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, Alphabet board member Ram Shriram, Netlify, and more.

Convex is a global state management platform for web developers. Developers can use Convex in the easiest and fastest way to build dynamic web applications. That is, Convex can provide developers with the simplest front-end construction, and can manage the global state of the application front-end.

Convex makes it very simple to store the shared state of an application and synchronize it everywhere. Developers can use JavaScript or TypeScript functions to interact with the shared state and bind that state to the application.

Convex raised $3.5 million in a seed round led by Neo, with participation from Fathom, SVAngel, GeneralCatalyst, and ANGELS.

The founders of Convex led many of the company’s infrastructure projects and teams while working at Dropbox. After leaving Dropbox, I wanted to quickly prototype a series of applications using the public cloud, so I started digging into the management consoles for those clouds.

The research found that the serverless movement will fundamentally change the way teams build software on the Internet. Because it eliminates difficult, repetitive work.

And then was born Convex,

Serverless tools and platforms currently provide a solution for simple website building. Static content and web-only projects do not have to worry about the problems caused by large-scale service requirements, but once the project content becomes user-driven and dynamic, it will soon be combined with some other systems.

Dynamic sites do require the same services that static sites currently enjoy in terms of scale, performance, cost efficiency, and reliability. Doing this requires a more thorough and comprehensive thinking about how the backend should work.

Convex is designing a new set of abstraction tools based on a top-down examination of how web and mobile engineers work today, rather than on earlier organizational charts.

Convex has built a natural and ergonomic SDK for storing and querying data, performing efficient computations, subscriptions, and caching. Soon, Convex will introduce ways to trigger and manage asynchronous computations (timers, queues, pipes, etc.) and provide a framework to help developers (step-by-step implementation pattern, 100% safe data migration).

A16Z commented on Convex as follows:

Distributed systems are one of the few important aspects of computer science, and as applications go global, workloads need to be moved closer to users. Of these, perhaps the trickiest is managing shared global state. Global state itself is a very simple concept. It’s just a state used by a program, and reads and modifications by front-end programs, no matter where they run, need to be properly updated and maintained. Building anything but the most basic static application requires shared global state.

Even developers building websites with Netlify or Vercel don’t have many good options for managing globally distributed state. Most often front-end developers resort to using databases, which are slow and complex.

Convex enables any front-end or serverless developer to manage globally distributed state in JavaScript as part of their front-end code. We believe Convex is the best solution.

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