Conversations OpenBlox: An NFT ticket unlocks a one-stop NFT gaming platform

OpenBlox, a one-stop NFT gaming platform based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), is about to launch its first chain game, RogueBlox.

OpenBlox, a one-stop NFT gaming platform based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), just launched its first Web3 product, RunBlox, this year, and is about to launch its first chain game, RogueBlox. In addition, OpenBlox’s recently completed seed round of financing has also attracted the participation of the famous Japanese industrialist Yusaku Maezawa. What’s the charm of OpenBlox, which breaks the boundaries between the real and digital worlds? What does #Bloxverse, the sustainability ecology it is building, look like?

Today, we have invited Penny, OpenBlox Partnership Manager, to join us in our online sharing event! Take you to explore how to play NFTs in the Web3 era, decrypt OpenBlox’s one-stop NFT platform and what games and Web3 applications it builds with #Bloxverse!

Conversations OpenBlox: An NFT "ticket" to unlock a one-stop NFT gaming platform

The following is the live sharing record:


Could you please introduce yourself and give us a brief introduction to the OpenBlox project?

Penny: Hello everyone, I’m Penny, in OpenBlox mainly do Partnership, itself is also a gamer, since childhood love to play games, from the earliest version of the Windows version of the Paladin to the beautiful girl Dreamworks, and now League of Legends I am very fond of playing, although the level is not good, but I also enjoy the game to bring me happy time. It is a pleasure to be invited by PANews to share our project OpenBlox here.

OpenBlox is a diverse NFT gaming platform dedicated to building our own Metaverse, BloxVerse, that allows players to participate and experience different kinds of fun in the universe we’ve carefully built. We have launched RunBlox, a Web3 live health mobile app, which currently has an average of nearly 20,000 daily active users. The app is called Move & Earn and is designed to encourage users to develop positive and healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition, we have plans to launch other different types of games, the first of which RougeBlox plans to meet you in November this year, which is a meat-pigeon card-building tower climbing game that will use our published Blox NFT as a game character. Recently, we have also updated some of the development progress updates of our game in the weekly fixed community AMA with you, welcome interested partners to join our Discord community to view some of the game demo videos we have released. At the same time, we also have a product that is also under secret development, and we expect to meet with you this year.


In recent years, more and more gamers and crypto enthusiasts have become enthusiastic about all kinds of blockchain games. From GameFi to NFTFi, what changes do you think this trend shift will bring to the blockchain space? What should chaintravel look like in the Web3 era?

Penny: Whether it’s GameFi or NFTFi, it actually reflects the same point, that is, NFT is still the mainstream trend in the future, so the trend is unchanged, but more and more people can see more aspects of NFT use, not just let players users grasp their game assets. This will also allow more users, especially in traditional fields, to understand and gradually accept NFT crypto assets.

So, I think in the next few years, or even a year or two, there will be more and more traditional users in the circle, as well as game industry builders in traditional fields. They will bring us a lot of fresh blood, of course, including healthy competitive learning, and we will also see more and more excellent chain travel projects. Especially in the current bear market, many noisy sounds have been filtered out, and projects that can continue to be built are very long-term vision and unlimited possibilities.

I think Web3’s chainplay is both playable and at the same time allows players and users to enjoy ownership of game assets. This is the trend. We also abandon the traditional email login and GPS collection, as far as possible do not collect user information to make products.


OpenBlox is building a one-stop gaming ecosystem that integrates NFT trading markets, Web3 applications and games. Can you tell us more about the ecosystem that OpenBlox wants to build? Will all of its Web3 apps and games be based on this ecosystem?

Penny: Because we want to do an NFT game platform, not a single game or product project, so that the assets and gameplay in each game can be interactive, we plan to achieve, and strive to build our Metaverse BloxVerse, and when our ecology is more mature and stable, we also welcome other excellent independent game developers or studios to join in the joint construction. At the same time, it can also bring more good experiences to our ecological users or players. Our ultimate dream is to seamlessly connect with real life in a world created by Blox.


Compared to other NFT gaming platforms, what do you think are the biggest advantages and features of OpenBlox?

Penny: I think there are two things:

1. We have a strong development team and operation team, and this year alone we will have 3 games to meet with you. Our multilingual community makes localization easier, making it easier for local users to consult events and communicate directly with the team.

2. This brings us to one of our investors, the famous Japanese billionaire Mr. Tomisaka Maezawa. OpenBlox is the first project invested by his Web3 dedicated fund. Therefore, we are one of the most high-profile project teams in Japan at the moment. At the same time, our team in Japan is also preparing to build (after the UK) a second major global stronghold.


Web3 fitness app RunBlox has been online for some time, recently launched a bear market marathon, can you give us a brief introduction to RunBlox this fitness APP, its current operation and upcoming marathon activities?

Penny: RunBlox, our first app, spread rapidly across communities as soon as it was launched, with a very high level of engagement from users in Japan. We started alpha testing at the end of May and early June. In the past 4 months, RunBlox user registrations have reached 18w, and although the number of daily active users has declined recently, after we announced the marathon, the daily active users returned and hit a new high. For this recently launched marathon, we prepared 3 blue-chip NFTs worth a total of $20,000 as rewards. You need to earn $RUX by running as much as you can in the next month, and the three players who end up holding up to $RUS will win the blue-chip NFT we have prepared. The specific rules you can pay attention to our official push or read our blog post to understand “Run Blox, Run” bear market marathon is about to start!


For gaming enthusiasts, OpenBlox’s upcoming series of games are the focus of attention. #Bloxverse生态下首款游戏RogueBlox上线在即, it is understood that this game will be blox and RPG game Roguelike organic combination, can you please introduce the specific gameplay and highlights of RogueBlox for us? As a turn-based card battle game, what fun experiences will players have in the game?

Penny: As mentioned earlier, we’re all revealing some of RogueBlox’s gameplay in a row, and we’re announcing updates every Wednesday at the OpenBlox Discord community AMA and everyone. At the beginning of the game, players should first choose one of our Blox NFTs as the game character, and the attributes and skills that can be cast by each character are completely different. The game uses randomly generated cards for each game to construct different sets of cards. The goal of the game is to explore the tower from the bottom up, while constantly increasing the strength of the deck.

There are several large floors in the game, and there are many tree-like branch routes on each floor, and different routes may encounter various events, such as fighting monsters, resting in campfires, trading with merchants, random events, etc. A boss appears at the end of each floor, and after winning the battle, you can move on to the next floor.

RogueBlox has the “randomness” of a meat pigeon game, with maps, enemies, cards, and events randomly generated at the beginning of each game, and once the battle is dead, it can only start a new round from the beginning and cannot be traced. After the battle is killed, the score is settled, and the level of map exploration and the number of enemies killed in the game are scored, and new cards, props, and events are unlocked when a certain number of points are reached.

What we want to bring to RougueBlox is a fun game that you can open at any time, and the tokens you earn in the game will also directly affect the growth of the character and the player’s own income.

Conversations OpenBlox: An NFT "ticket" to unlock a one-stop NFT gaming platform

Conversations OpenBlox: An NFT "ticket" to unlock a one-stop NFT gaming platform

Conversations OpenBlox: An NFT "ticket" to unlock a one-stop NFT gaming platform


When will RogueBlox be officially launched? Why did you choose RogueBlox as your first game?

Penny: We plan to publish website announcements and other information after October, and we will also carry out tester registration activities one after another. Because it’s a card game, we spend a lot of time adjusting the playability of the cards. People can join our community for first-hand information. The reason why I decided to make the first game into a card category is because of the fun and playability of this type of game, and players can unconsciously play hundreds of hours in this type of game. We also plan to enrich the game with constant updates.


Depending on the route, OpenBlox will have many announcements to look forward to in the coming months. Could you please tell us a little bit about that?

Penny: First of all, of course, our RogueBlox game, and the mysterious product that is being developed in secret. In addition, we plan to do some collaborations with some Web2 brand products and even independent artists in the future. In addition, some of the cooperation of theco-builder partners of W eb3 will be announced one after another. Please join our community and follow our social media to get the earliest information. (Discord | Chinese Telegram Group)

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