ConsenSys partners with Microsoft! Offering hosted blockchain services based on Ether

ConsenSys has announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide an Ether-based hosted blockchain service using ConsenSys Quorum.

ConsenSys partners with Microsoft! Offering hosted blockchain services based on Ether

ConsenSys, an ethereum software company, announced that it is working with Microsoft to provide an ethereum-based hosted blockchain service for its cloud operating system Azure customers.

The two parties are leveraging ConsenSys Quorum, an open source protocol layer for Ether development.

The ConsenSys and Microsoft partnership aims to provide customers and business partners with an easy way to set up a multi-cloud blockchain service with additional permissions to ensure the privacy of transactions. The service will enable users to easily set up flexible blockchain nodes, thereby reducing the cost of enterprise blockchain deployments and developer programming time.

By working closely with ConsenSys, we will provide customers with an easy way to deploy and manage their blockchain trials and production use cases running on Microsoft Azure,” noted Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, “This collaboration is designed to eliminate complexity of the infrastructure (hardware and software) necessary to manage enterprise blockchains.”

Blockchain adoption in the enterprise is growing as the adoption of blockchain technology accelerates and more enterprises expand their online presence to include payments and financial transactions.

Avivah Litan of Gartner Inc. said, “Blockchain production use cases are expected to maintain double-digit percentage growth through 2021 due to the maturation of cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies.”

Joseph Lubin, founder and CEO of Consensys, said, “Expanding our partnership with Microsoft helps leverage Consensys Quorum and Quorum customer support to provide users with enterprise-class managed blockchain services that can be easily set up and deployed. We are excited to bring the award-winning Quorum product to Azure users as the next step in our partnership with Microsoft.”

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethernet, said blockchain, crypto, DeFi and NFT are the “four horsemen” of adoption in the industry.

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