Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality



A recent test on the MBTI-16 personality, there was a fire. So I came up with a whim, and felt that excluding the market factor, when we looked at the avatar, we were actually choosing according to our personal preferences! So today, let’s take a look. Among so many very popular NFT avatar projects, which one is suitable for you? What are you waiting for, let’s start~
ISTJ – Logistician Personality
Description: Integrity, pragmatism, and due diligence make them popular with those who uphold traditions, rules, and standards.
Pairing PFPs: CryptoPunks




CryptoPunks are considered to be one of the earliest NFT projects, and this historical status gives CryptoPunks a unique position in the field of NFT collectibles of its kind. It dates back to June 2017, when Larva Labs founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson created a software program that generates thousands of different, but odd-looking, avatars. At the time anyone could claim a CryptoPunk for free. When you own CryptoPunk, it also means you have membership in the coolest and most “OG” club in the NFT space, showing that you are the leader in the NFT market, you recognize the historical significance of this project, so you are in NFT Fields are noteworthy.


ISFJ – Guardian Personality

Description: The existence of contradictions. Seek security and stability, but be open to change as long as they are understood and respected.

Pairing PFP: Meebits


Larva Labs’ second NFT project, Meebits, was officially launched on May 3, 2021, which includes 7 species: humans, pigs, elephants, robots, skeletons, aliens, and anatomical people. A total of 20,000 were issued, 10,512 were distributed for free to holders of CryptoPunks and glyphs, and 9,488 were left for auction. Although it came to the market as a 3D version of Crypto Punks, the addition of a 3D version 2 body to the avatar makes Meebits more interactive and richer in usage scenarios. You can use these NFT characters in games, virtual worlds, etc. You can also animate, play and swap these 3D voxel characters. Looking at it this way, isn’t it cool to have an avatar of virtual worlds and game VR that are constantly changing?


INFJ – Advocate Personality
Description: Not a lazy daydream, but someone who can accomplish goals down to earth and leave a lasting positive impact.
Pairing PFP: Azuki




The anime-style characters, dubbed “Azuki,” came from the PFP project released in January this year, totaling 8,700 NFTs.According to i, the team is committed to becoming the largest decentralized brand built and owned by the community in the Metaverse world. In addition to NFT sales, it also plans to deploy 3D scenes on Sandbox VR, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space platforms in the future to provide users with an immersive 3D experience. At the same time, it also plans to develop offline streetwear brand stores, hold meet-and-greets and live music festival events. Behind Azuki is a real-name team with backgrounds in big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, YC, and Blizzard.
INTJ – Architectural Personality
Description: It’s hard to find like-minded people who can match his extraordinary intelligence and prudent way of thinking.
Pairing PFP: Cyberbrokers

The project Cyberbrokers, launched in March this year, was created by OG digital artist Josie Bellini and is an ecosystem of 10,000 unique on-chain NFT-centric art collectibles consisting of 51 character types. In addition to Josie, the founder team also has Ben Heidorn, a blockchain engineer, game developer and programmer with 14 years of professional experience, who is also the CTO of Blockade Games. According to the team, the three core pillars of the project are content, collectibles and games. A team with a proven track record of almost guaranteeing above-average artwork, coupled with support from industry heavyweights, makes the project more of a perfect storm.
ISTP – appreciative personality
Description: Take pleasure in creating useful, adequate products, and learn from the outside world as you create.
Paired PFP: BAYC

Although BAYC (Boring Ape) was a project launched in April 2021, it is currently the strongest creative player in NFTs – selling avatars, issuing $APE coins, selling them virtually, developing related games and their own public chains, etc. Based on 10,000 random characteristic avatars, BAYC builds the brand into a sort of social organization that continually provides additional and ongoing benefits to those who embrace BAYC’s vision. For some BAYC holders, the most precious part of BAYC’s value proposition is the ability to commercialize the images of the apes they own. Holders can use avatars for product marketing and packaging, original merchandise, and even create virtual bands.
ISFP – Explorer Personality
Description: A true artist who likes to subvert conventional expectations with experiments in aesthetics and behavior.
Paired PFP: CloneX

Clone X is an NFT series created by RTFKT and Takashi Murakam, a world-renowned trend artist, with a total circulation of 19.1K. Since its launch, both the designer and the RTFKT company, which was finally acquired by Nike, are all high-profile NFTs in the industry. As a 3D NFT, the holder can change the properties of the NFT to achieve their own preferences. For example, users can freely dress up their favorite clones according to their wishes. In addition to virtual collectibles, there is an opportunity to purchase collectibles in the physical world through the game, with special access to the RTFKT ecosystem and the Clone X experience.
INFP – mediator personality
Description: Often quiet, open-minded and imaginative, they take a caring and creative approach to everything they do.
Pairing PFP: Doodles

Doodles is a community-driven collectibles project with a distribution of 10,000 pieces, and each Doodle allows its owners to vote on experiences and events paid for with community funds. The image of the project is mainly based on the work of illustrator Burnt Toast. Described as “playful cynical”, his work mixes bright, playful designs with sometimes dull undertones. The project is launching Space Doodles in February 2022, allowing all avatars to have their own unique spaceships. At the same time, this behavior is also an attempt to push new boundaries, users can only have the original Doodle or its corresponding space Doodle in the wallet at a time, but not both.
INTP – Logician Personality
Description: Disdain to associate with “mediocre”. Demonstrate proactive creativity, an unusual perspective and inexhaustible wisdom.
Pairing PFP: MAYC

MAYC Mutant Ape Club is the most famous NFT series evolved from BAYC Boring Ape NFT, and even contains a story – BAYC derived a new variant under the action of “mutant drug serum”. The serum is divided into three grades: M1, M2 and M3. The BYAC injected into M1 and M2 will retain the original characteristics of the boring ape, while M3 can create a new mutant ape unrelated to the original, which has the opportunity to become more rare. The appearance of MAYC has maintained the popularity of BAYC. Through the airdrop “serum” gameplay, it brings users a game-like experience, which is interesting and creative.


ESTP – Entrepreneurial Personality

Description: Influenced by the surrounding environment, with direct and down-to-earth humor, he likes to be the center of attention in the crowd.

Paired PFP: CrypToadz

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

CrypToadz consists of 6969 small amphibians (toads) who were created by Gremplin with the help of friends in an attempt to escape the tyrannical rule of the evil lord Gremplin. Interestingly, the name of the founder of the project is also Gremplin, an NFT big V with more than 60,000 Twitter followers. He once established the NFT dao community nounsdao and accumulated many community users. Gremplin’s amphibious line has maintained solid sales since its launch in September 2021. As a typical cc0 project, the stronger the community of Toad Army is, and the consensus on the value of NFT in hand will also increase, so your avatar will become more and more valuable.

ESFP – Hereditary Personality

Description: Always start singing and dancing involuntarily, and will indulge in the current state of excitement, and hopefully everyone does.


Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

The well-known monkeys in the NFT world are not only BAYC and MAYC, but also “Hape Prime”. These 8192 HAPE NFTs are all unique NFTs made by Digimental studio using 3D modeling technology, and the design of these 3D monkey NFTs is very clever, incorporating many common hip-hop street elements. After the first draft of the HAPE NFT design was published online, It has been loved by all sectors of society and aroused heated discussions. Moreover, the emergence of HAPE has triggered a boom in 3D avatars in the NFT market, allowing more NFT projects to follow suit from the current mainstream 2D ​​or pixel art to 3D development. The big brother who loves lively is here, who dares not to accept it~

ENFP – Campaign Personality

Description: A truly free spirit. They enjoy the social and emotional connection with people more than the immediate excitement and joy.

Pairing PFPs: Mfers

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

The stick figure with a stick figure set off social media as soon as it was released. The reason behind this is the community.Mfers did not officially establish an official Discord community, but the holders formed it spontaneously. There are no chats and robots in the community, and the members do not care too much about the price, but communicate and play happily together. And for this abstract image that reflects their real life, many collectors not only have no disgust, but also accept it with a self-deprecating attitude. A series of behaviors, such as sitting on a chair to control a computer, and even smoking leisurely, accurately and vividly describe the living state of the encrypted community in the Web3.0 world.

ENTP – Debating Personality

Description: No one loves the battle of minds more than them, good at cutting ideas and creeds into pieces and spreading them in the air for all to see.

Paired PFP: Deadfellaz

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

Don’t look at Deadfellaz as one of many undead-themed projects, it feels full of mourning culture, but it is one of the most powerful and beloved projects in the NFT community, and has expanded to almost every cultural form you can think of, from fashion to music and games. The Metaverse platform “DeadZone13” was launched last October, offering holders a virtual gathering space. On Halloween, DeadZone13 hosted live performances from the likes of Steve Aoki, while the project founders also reached out to Pussy Riot to judge their “Song of the Dead” song contest, and NFT community members were able to submit tracks inspired by the Deadfellaz series .

ESTJ – General Manager Personality

Description: Representatives of tradition and order, using their understanding of right, wrong, and social norms to unite families and communities.

Paired PFP: Pudgy Penguins

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8888 avatar NFTs that embody empathy and compassion. It was also featured in The New York Times after its launch in July 2021. The holders collectively refer to themselves as “The Huddle” and “Pengus”.After a flurry, Holder and a team led by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Luca Netz bought control and rights to the project from the co-founders. With the Netz leadership team taking over, Chunky Penguin is starting a new chapter. It is said that in the future it will be possible to allow launch tokens and airdrops to holders of the NFT series, as well as other new rights. Let’s look forward to the new roadmap!

ESFJ – Archon Personality

Description: Enjoy going to support their friends and loved ones, organize parties, and do everything possible to make everyone happy.

Pairing PFP: Cool cats

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

Since its launch in July 2021, Cool Cats has continued to earn accolades in the NFT space as a fun and inclusive project.According to OpenSea’s ranking list, the series quickly reached No. 3 in terms of popularity and sales. And thanks to a partnership with Ghxsts and TIME magazine, coupled with a near-viral drinking milk challenge, Cats hit 10 ETH at one point. To warmly welcome any individuals who join the Cool Cat universe, the ecosystem Cooltopia has been opened. The founders say they want to be “a place where you have cool cat NFTs, where you have constant access to games, tokens, community events, collaborations, and more.”

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

ENFJ – The protagonist

Description: A natural leader, passionate and charismatic. Gain pride and joy by influencing and helping others.

Pairing PFP: World of Women

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

WoW is the crypto industry’s first collectibles project for women. Reports show that currently only 5%-15% of NFT artist accounts are run by women. Additionally, of the top 10 most expensive NFT artworks sold to date, only one belongs to a female creator. These statistics put founder and illustrator Yam Karkai on the path to creating WoW after delving into NFTs. The project has made outstanding contributions to the development of the web3 ecosystem, including NFTs, by women, such as donating 7.5% of the project’s sales to real-world charities to support women.

ENTJ – Commander Personality

Description: With an almost brutal rationality in his character, he uses strong drive, firm determination and sharp-edged thinking to achieve all the goals he has set for himself.

Pairing PFP: Moonbirds

Come and take a seat: see which PFP is suitable for MBTI-16 personality

This is the first avatar project launched by the PROOF Collective community founded by the famous Silicon Valley venture capitalist Kevin Rose. In just two days after the public casting, multiple industry records were broken. One of the biggest benefits of owning Moonbirds is access to the PROOF Collective private Discord channel, which is said to be comprised of wealthy and discerning fathers. At the same time, holders can lock their NFTs through a process similar to staking, also known as “nesting”. Once Moonbirds NFT enters the “nesting” state, additional income will begin to accumulate automatically, and the longer the “nesting” time, the more the holders will receive.

The above are all the PFP projects that match the MBTI-16 personality brought to you~ Many people are very excited, just wait until they are full of money and buy it. Gong Wanzai still has a friendly reminder here: Although NFTs have myths every day, they belong to others. In the case of severe market fluctuations, always remembering “take profit” is the kingly way. Otherwise, your avatar will finally correspond to “Brother Leek”

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