Collection strategy: “animal” wind came to take you overview of the zoo in a rare and exotic animals

Suddenly, like a spring breeze, zoo pets are coming first. Recently, under the leadership of dog coins, a number of projects named after small animals have started to emerge and have been launched.

Collection strategy: "animal" wind came to take you overview of the zoo in a rare and exotic animals

Recently, led by the crazy rise of dogcoin, a series of projects named after small animals have started to emerge and have launched project tokens, which have become a popular segment in the crypto field, and these series of projects are collectively called the zoo series. So, what are the “rare and exotic animals” in the zoo now? How hot are they? We can get a full picture of the zoo’s foundation by looking at the basic project information.

Dog Concept Coin Series
DOGE (Dog Coin)

The main army of the soul of the zoo series of coins, backed by master Musk and get crazy shouting orders, many times on the microblogging hot search, become the current crypto digital popular in the explosive, nearly a year up 17261.9%, currently resident in the crypto digital market value list top ten, however, success also Musk, defeat also Musk, affected by a certain statement, there was a recent dive market.

SHIB (Shiba Inu)

In recent days, SHIB has surged, sweeping the cryptocurrency world by the thousands, rising proudly without the slightest intention to stop, creating a hundredfold increase every day. Just like a big positive line, the whole army to meet, “Shib up” hot search words often hanging microblogging, wave after wave of stimulation inside and outside the circle of users running into, and the more capital injection, is bound to further raise the market value of Shiba Inu space.

AKITA (Akita dog)

One of the dog concept coins, a 100% decentralized community experiment, the current market is rising well and is expected to have further upside.

HOGE (Pug)

Another representative of the dog concept coin, this coin is a deflationary currency, meaning that every time a transaction is made using HOGE, 1% of the total supply is removed or “burned off” from the transaction. This ensures that there will never be more HOGE in circulation than there is today. In the last week, HOGE has risen 118.59%.

HOKK (Hokkaido Dog)

HOKK is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency that is fully controlled by its community, with built-in Automatic Rewarded Fortunes (ARF) technology. In theory, each user is an equal owner and contributor to the network, and the project recently generated a tenfold coin increase.

DOG (Puppycoin)

Puppycoin is a decentralized extremely deflationary currency based on the Firecoin ecosystem chain. During operation, the liquidity pool is permanently locked, and smart contract ownership is handed over to the black hole address on the day of issuance. Of the 5% tax deduction allocation for each transaction, 3% is added to the MDEX pool, 1% is put into the black hole address in real time, and the remaining 1% is allocated to holders outside the black hole. The current DOG is entirely driven by the DOG community, which is self-built by coin-holding users.

SOGE (Space Dog)

SOGE is a foundational ERC-20 coin that supports and celebrates space exploration. Team tokens will be used to establish various partnerships with observatories at high altitudes. These observatories will be used to create custom NFTs based on beautiful images of the night sky.

DOG (DogeSwap)

DogeSwap is one of the first decentralized exchanges to support the Firecoin ecosystem chain HECO. It is a new generation decentralized exchange built on automated market making (AMM) and combined with ecological incentives, the project aims to bring a high performance, free trading marketplace to the crypto asset industry by combining HECO ecology and decentralized finance concepts.

POODL (Poodle)

One of the dog concept coins with ten times coin increase.

CHOW (Loose Lion Coin)

Rapidly rising, up 174.15% in the last seven days.

PIKA (Pikachu)

Pika is a 100% mode-based decentralized community experiment, powered by the Pika community.

Small animal munchkin series
RVN (Dodo Coin)

Although the project was launched in 2018 and the Dodo Coin opened for trading in March 2018, it was not until this year that it started to show its face. According to the introduction, the project is based on the Bitcoin code branch and exists as an experimental peer-to-peer digital currency. According to third-party trading data, RVN rose 1027. 59% in the last six months, and the market has fallen back slightly in recent days.

SAP (Flying Elephant Exchange)

Flying Elephant Exchange comes from the revolutionary cross-chain flash exchange platform born under the Canadian blockchain prophecy machine Kraken, which focuses on liquidity mining, with its built-in airdrop pool, liquidity pool and NFT pool, providing a layer of Layer2 solutions for AMM type DEX, and the project token peaked in January this year, with a stage increase of 100 times.

FEG (Orangutan Coin)

FEG is an experimental progressive deflation DeFi token in which each transaction will distribute 1% tax to the holder and burn another 1% tax, thus incentivizing the holder to hold and reduce supply. In the last week, FEG has been rising flat, with a tenfold phase increase.

TRTL (Turtle Coin)

Anonymous coin TRTL, a cryptocurrency designed to safeguard privacy, can be used to reward and as a business payment with fast, privacy-protecting, ASIC-resistant properties. Turtle coin is rising fast, up 224.68% in the last seven days, and the market cap in circulation is increasing, with good overall performance.

PET (Pet Coin)

Battle Pets is a blockchain game of cute pets running on the Coin On Smartchain. The game sets up each pet as an NFT, which can be collected, raised and equipped with weapons to fight other pets. The project has gained 127.59% in the last 30 days.

FOX (Foxswap)

Foxswap is a professional decentralized trading platform that integrates more than 10 kinds of token issuance methods and multiple fund supervision methods. It completes the fast cold start of the platform in three ways: transaction mining, liquidity mining and invitation mining, with the intention of becoming a one-stop asset issuance, trading and investment platform for the ethereum network. On the whole, the project was up and down indefinitely in the early stage and now tends to be stable.

MC (Monkey Coin)

The project was launched in 2019, the project token is issued based on ERC20, and the application mainly revolves around four areas: blockchain + tip culture, blockchain + community circulation, blockchain + consensus trading, and blockchain + cultural and creative applications. It will be used as a Chinese zodiac concept token to showcase the monkey culture and develop more cultural and creative application products.

CAT (Grey Cat)

The token released by Love Cat Community, with the highest price of RMB 0.294 and a six-month increase of over two hundred times.

POFI (Little Yellow Chicken)

Pollo is a DeFi project that started on March 16 this year and has released Pollo Swap, Pollo Algorithm Stable Coin and Pollo Auto Farming. Pollo aims to build a DAO that allows people to get paid while contributing to the community.

SCAT (Sad Cat)

Sad Cat is an anonymously created, nearly independent modal coin primarily for cat lovers. The project is community driven and each week the Sad Cat team makes public donations on Go Get Funding, a crowdfunding platform, to nominate kittens in need, with the theory being that the higher the token price, the higher the donation.


BamBooSwap is a decentralized trading platform based on Defi and Game AMM on the Coinan smart chain, intended to build a decentralized economic ecology based on the Coinan smart chain. The project token has gained 640.27% in the last seven days and is now quoted at $2.38.

DUCK (Duck)

DuckFinance is a pure YieldGenerator protocol on the Coinan Smartchain. By utilizing BSC, DUCKFinance is able to increase transaction speed while significantly reducing fees. The project token is up 181.36% in the last thirty days.

HUNGRY (Hungry Bear)

Hungry Bear was launched on April 12, 2021 by a team in Canada. Hungry Bear is not only a Meme coin, but also a charity token. The project is built on the Cryptocurrency Smartchain and is driven by the community.

FOX (Fox)

FOX is an autowager token on the Binance smartchain that offers rewards to holders. FOX aims to build an ecosystem and community, with outreach focused on wildlife conservation.

PIG (Pigcoin)

PIG, a project released by Coin Smartchain, is the first token with a black hole design, and its every transaction is subject to a 5% tax, of which 3% is locked in liquidity and 2% is allocated to PIG holders on a pro-rata basis. In addition, the project uses an innovative auto-clearing feature that can quickly increase the token’s liquidity. Based on the unique deflationary design and incentive mechanism, users can achieve steady appreciation of their wealth assets, whether they hold it for a long time or trade it into circulation to gain income.

LION (Lion Coin)

The unique and innovative LION coin smart contract is the first in the world to automatically deduct one thousandth of the transaction quantity from each on-chain transaction to automatically hit the permanent black hole address, realizing a fully automated deflation mechanism, LION is automatically experiencing a complete decentralization and creating a unique community culture.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, there are also projects in the zoo such as Panda Coin, Teddy Coin, Rabbit Coin, Ant Coin, Dragon Coin, Cow Coin, Grumpy Cat and countless others, which are not detailed here because the projects are new and the number of this segment is increasing. Objectively speaking, the recent wave of boom is just the beginning, after the boom accumulates and will bring what new play, new species, new opportunities, we need to continue to pay attention. At the same time, the underlying value of the animal pet boom is not only reflected in the price of the token itself, but also in the spread and penetration of the value of the industrial circle caused by this boom, and whether it has brought multiple resources including user groups, capital water and technology development to the whole crypto world, which is also the way to win the “pop-up”.

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