CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

Because blockchain is still in its early stages, the technology and the environment are not very well developed, and the valuation models are not yet mature.

In the first quarter of 2021, 129 startups focused on the digital technology known as blockchain raised about $2.6 billion, according to CB Insights. That exceeds the size of funding for the entire year of 2020 – attracting $2.3 billion in 341 deals, according to the data analytics firm.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

Even though there is so much financing, there will not be many of these projects that can actually get multiple rounds of financing. Is it the windfall of the bull market, or is it influenced by the inflationary climate?

Cointelegraph Research data points out that while many projects are currently receiving seed rounds of funding every year, very few are able to consistently receive Series A, B, C, D and E rounds.

Because blockchain is still in the early stages, the technology as well as the environment is not very perfect, while the valuation model is not yet mature.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

In addition to putting a lot of effort into listing all of the projects and then researching some of them in depth, we can also pick and choose from a list of projects from good capitalists, as CoinList is one such example.

According to Naval of CoinList, they select projects from a list of thousands of projects to invest in and raise capital from. Even with this large number of projects, CoinList’s list of live projects is not overwhelming, averaging one project every two months.

Also, because of the high quality of projects on CoinList, the returns are relatively high.

Below, we start our analysis of the 12 projects that received funding from CoinList’s recent spring announcement. What are some of the projects and directions to take?

Coinburp: The Convergence Connector for CeFi and DeFi

Coinburp is a trading platform that supports FT and NFT, with a primary focus on connecting CeFi and DeFi, also known as “Coinbase for NFT”.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

Financing: $2 million

Project advantages: the largest and FCA certified and regulated FT, NFT trading platform in the UK; support the exchange of Euro, British Pound and crypto legal tender and, in turn, open the NFT world gap for CeFi; support the application of NFT and DeFi, BURP holders can get rare NFT.

Keywords: compliance; aggregated FT, NFT, DeFi

ImpactMarket: The Red Cross on the Blockchain

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

ImpactMarket, a decentralized anti-poverty system based on Celo, has its main idea to tailor a poverty alleviation mechanism for the disadvantaged people around the world, and it is beginning to bear fruit.

Currently, ImpactMarket has received 895,000 U.S. bonus donations, with a gain of up to 15,000 people. Each sponsor can receive no more than $63 per day, which normally lasts for a maximum of 38 months.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

In ImpactMarket’s donor demographics, the main age range is 18-44 years old, in 14 countries, with the most popular geographies: Brazil, Venezuela, Ghana, Cape Verde, etc.

Financing: not available

Project advantages: A global donation platform based on blockchain, which can track and trace every donation that goes out and has a certain market first; accurate data analysis and demographics to facilitate the maximization of the value of donations.

Keywords: public welfare; traceability

Dropstab: A Blockchain Browser with 1CO ROI

DropsTab, created by the 1CODrops team, is a cryptocurrency market browser for price, capital, charts, portfolio, analytics, and more.

Its differences with CoinMarketCap, non-small, etc. are not very big, but also have panic index, long-short comparison, etc. And DeFi and NFT boards are also not open yet, relatively after.

The difference with the same is that its stowed a list of 1CO ROI (private placement return on investment) to compare the return of the project comparison.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

Financing: not available

Project Strengths: There is no great innovation from data cleaning, combing, and presentation compared to other browsers, but the team was formerly known as 1CODrops, so there will be a presentation on that ROI.

Keywords: browser; 1CO ROI

Exponent is a decentralized asset management platform based on Enzyme Finance (an on-chain asset management protocol), which focuses on brokering partnerships between clients and quantitative strategists to profit “instantly” in DeFi.

Since quantitative trading strategies already exist on the centralized market and clients can operate based on API calls or directly on the trading platform, but are missing from the decentralized market, Exponent fills the gap.

CoinList Spring Seed Round Project Insights (1)

Financing: not available

Project advantages: aggregated data indicators and dashboard (not yet presented) are easy for users to observe, which is lacking in many platforms; decentralized trading platform belongs to the current hundred already, while decentralized strategy provides as a blank field, the market has not yet been involved.

At the same time, because of the congestion problem of the Ethernet network itself whether it can support fast transactions, whether the transaction cost can compete with the centralized trading platform, and whether the depth is supported, are more critical points.

Keywords: decentralization strategy; aggregated data dashboard

In the next article, we will continue to analyze the other seven projects and their similarities and differences to see what directions are worth learning from.

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