CoinList launches points Karma High score users can enter the CoinList priority queue

As a way to further accelerate the development of token projects, while rewarding the growing community of early adopters, developers and communicators, CoinList announced the launch of CoinList Karma (Karma) on September 7, 2011.

CoinList stated that its mission is to accelerate the global progress and adoption of cryptocurrencies. CoinList has supported projects such as Filecoin, Blockstack, and Solana.

What is CoinList Karma

CoinList Karma reflects the user’s contribution to the token network on CoinList. The greater the contribution made through value-added activities, the higher the Karma. Users who log in to CoinList can find their scores on the Karma page and learn how to improve Karma.

What can be done with Karma

The more Karma you accumulate, the more rewards you will get on CoinList. CoinList plans to launch various rewards, but currently users can get badges through value-added activities, and qualified users with high-level Karma can get access to the priority queue of CoinList.

The priority queue is an invitation-only token sales queue, which is significantly earlier than the token main sales queue and runs in parallel with the main queue. Although priority queue invitees have a higher chance of being allocated, the allocation is not guaranteed. In the last 3 sales, Karma approximately 1,000 or more registrants were invited to join the priority queue.

How to get CoinList Karma

CoinList Karma is based on a points system that recognizes and rewards users for value-added activities, including:

  • Stake on CoinList
  • Trade on, CoinList Pro, CoinList mobile apps and through OTC services
  • Minting W BTC , TBTC and EFIL on CoinList
  • Continue to participate in the CoinList token sale
  • Participate in the experimental release of products, such as NuCypher WorkLock, Oasis ROSE Garden or EGL Genesis
  • Borrow and borrow on CoinList
  • Participate in the validator or miner program on CoinList
  • Successfully submitted the project to the CoinList Hackathon

Karma is not static. The more you contribute to the ecosystem, the more Karma you accumulate and the more you get in return. Some activities, such as pledges and transactions, are scored on a sliding scale.


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