Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Rise

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As mentioned in the last article, soon to share Coingecko’s annual report, here it is today. I really don’t know how many people read this type of report seriously, but there is still a lot of information.

Our own annual report is almost ready, and it is estimated that we will share it next week.

Coingecko’s quarterly/annual reports have always been very macro, and may even seem very simple to some people, but as a whole industry, some perspectives are provided to understand the overall changes in the industry.

Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Rise2021 Overall Overview

In 2021, the market value of the entire industry will close at US$2 trillion, and the highest industry value will exceed US$3 trillion, and the market value of Bitcoin will be less than 40% by the end of the year.

Public chains (Ethereum and Ethereum competitors), MEME coins rose the most

DeFi TVL continues to rise, and there are many protocols on the slightly improved public chain, supporting DeFi

In the second half of the year, NFT broke out, Axie games became popular, and the total annual transaction volume of NFT was close to 24 billion US dollars

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, Metaverse, the concept of Web3 broke out, the NFT-based GameFi, and the concept of SocialFi continued to ferment

Coinbase Nasdaq Listed, Bitcoin Futures ETF US Listed, El Salvador Accepts Bitcoin as Legal Currency

main currency

  • Solana skyrocketed, entering the top five, with a maximum of more than 150 times
  • DOGE SHIB, stands for MEME skyrocket
  • There are many hundred times coins: LUNA, SHIB, MATIC, FTM, AXS
  • Only BNB, CRO, OKB are still in the top 30 of centralized exchange platform coins
  • ETH’s market cap increased by 10% to 22%


  • The market cap of the top five stablecoins in 2021 increased by $127 billion, 469%
  • USDT is still the first, and its volume is larger than the sum of the last four
  • UST is growing rapidly, squeezing space for DAI
  • MIM FRAX is more than 100 million US dollars

big event Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Risehacking security incident

  • Affected funds will reach $14 billion in 2021
  • The biggest hack was Poly Network’s 600 million, the biggest bug was Compound’s reward vault, which affected $147 million in funds, and Polygon was almost GG because of the bug, and 800,000 MATI was stolen in the end

Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Risebitcoin

Bitcoin’s annual price return of 62%

Listed companies continue to buy bitcoin, El Salvador accepts bitcoin as legal tender, the Chinese government bans digital asset mining, miners migrate, and Bitcoin Taproot is upgraded

Bitcoin is again the best performing asset class, followed by Oil and S&P 500, Nasdaq

Bitcoin’s market cap is about to catch up with Meta (Facebook), half of Amazon, almost half of Google, one-third of Apple, and 7% of gold

Public companies hold 1.14% of Bitcoin


ETH quadruples in a year, ATH $4815

Two major upgrades: EIP-1559 & Beacon Chain Altair

This year, The Merge, the difficulty bomb will be launched in the middle of the year, PoW cannot be mined, and the shard chain will be launched in 2023

After EIP-1559, an average of 6.16 ETHs were burned per minute, deflation in a small part, inflation in most of the time, but the number of net new ETHs decreased

The applications that destroy the most ETH are: OpenSea, ETH transfer, Uniswap V2, USDT transfer, Uniswap V3, Metamask, USDC transfer, Axie

The annual average gas fee is 105 Gwei, and the fluctuation after 1559 is indeed smaller than before

The number of ETH 2.0 staking tripled, with a total of 8.84 million ETH

Other public chains

The multi-chain era is coming Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Rise, cheap, fast + financial incentives are the core reasons for other chains

Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse RiseDeFi Analysis

The total market value of DeFi projects increased by 6.5 times, and the market value ratio doubled to 6.5%

Ethereum leads the decline, BSC, Terra, AVAX, Polygon, Solana, FTM grow the most


The trading volume of NFT transactions soared in the second half of the year, and OpenSea ranked first in the market share

Total transaction volume for the year approaching $24 billion

The NFT market is still on Ethereum. Ronin has a lot of transaction volume because of Axie, and the NFT transaction volume of other chains is not large.

Keywords: CryptoPunks, BAYC, beeple

NFT big event Coingecko Annual Report: Public Chain, NFT Burst, Metaverse Riseexchange

The average monthly trading volume of the entire market is about 1.9 trillion US dollars, and the proportion of decentralized exchanges has increased, reaching 10%. The monthly trading volume is the highest in May of the year

In terms of the competitive landscape, Binance took the first place, with less than half of the market share at the beginning of the year, and more than half of the market share in the second and third quarters. Later, due to the influence of global regulation and the efforts of other exchanges, the market share finally reached 40+%

Huobi is completely finished, close to 20% market share by the end of the year only 7% (spot); OK remains stable at 13%-14% is the biggest dark horse

The number one in DEX is still Uniswap, Sushi has fallen more, and Trader Jeo has the fastest growth; the overall Q4 trading volume of DEX increased by 67%

In terms of Bitcoin perpetual contract trading, Binance has captured more than half of the market share since May

  • Huobi is the biggest loser, from 16% to 4%
  • Kucoin and FTX grew the most, with 207% and 42% respectively

In terms of open interest, Binance ranked first, FTX second, Bybit third (by the end of the year), Huobi was almost gone, OK remained stable, Kucoin continued to grow, and BitMEX also fell by half

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