CoinBurp Completes $2 Million Private Placement Round to Build “Coinbase in the NFT Space”

CoinBurp, a cryptocurrency trading platform based in London, UK, announced the closing of a $2 million private funding round.

CoinBurp Completes

London-based cryptocurrency trading platform CoinBurp announced the closing of a $2 million private funding round co-led by Moonrock Capital and Alphabit Capital, with the team aiming to build the “Coinbase of the NFT space” while launching a new DeFi project to build an app ecosystem.

UK-based cryptocurrency trading platform CoinBurp has announced the closing of its first private placement round, with a total fundraising of over $2 million, oversubscribed by 1000%, co-led by Moonrock Capital and Alphabit Capital.

CoinBurp has developed a self-sustaining business model that has helped it position itself well in the marketplace, such as more easily entering the DeFi and NFT space,” said Peter Wood, CEO and co-founder of CoinBurp, adding that our development and He also said that our development and marketing teams, as well as our operations team, have doubled in size in less than a month. Of course, with this increase in size comes an increase in expenses, and the successful completion of this funding round will help us continue to grow quickly and sustainably, with an Alpha version of the app already in place and scheduled for release in June.”

CoinBurp aims to become the “Coinbase of NFT” – a cryptocurrency trading platform that has been “in the game” for years CoinBurp has been ranked as the number one cryptocurrency trading platform in the UK by Trustpilot UK, and has a wealth of experience in the field. As the market begins to turn bullish, CoinBurp will begin exploring decentralized finance and NFT, aiming to build an end product that bridges the gap between centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), giving more users the freedom to explore the decentralized finance market, hold and trade NFT, pledge tokens for income, and access unique NFT — all powered by CoinBurp’s fusion CeFi and DeFi APPs that support fiat currency trading and also help more people access all major NFT trading platforms.

Notably, this round is also part of the Outlier Ventures gas pedal program and was co-led by Alphabit Capital and Moonrock Capital, with other participants including Outlier Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets Blocksync Ventures, Momentum6, and Inclusion Captital.

Moonrock Capital (MRC) also expressed its pleasure to co-lead and partner with CoinBurp, which has influence in the crypto industry and can help accelerate CoinBurp’s entry into the DeFi and NFT space, said Alex Smith, Managing Partner of Moonrock Capital. next phase of development. MRC believes that partnering with CoinBurp will bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi, and they are confident that the CoinBurp platform will become the “CoinBase of the NFT space”.

The successful completion of this private placement is certainly an important milestone for CoinBurp, as they accelerate the launch of the $BURP utility token and governance token, which will be a powerful support for the entire ecosystem. In addition, CoinBurp will launch an MVP product.


CoinBurp is a platform offering cryptocurrencies for purchase, sale and consumption, primarily serving the UK and European markets. CoinBurp is building the next generation of DeFi and NFT platforms, leveraging an established infrastructure that allows users to buy and sell NFT directly from mainstream NFT trading platforms. CoinBurp can also interact with mainstream DeFi platforms through a separate platform that supports fiat currency transactions.

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