Coinbase Super Bowl ad was a huge success: more than 20 million clicks per minute

Synopsis: The Super Bowl turns into the Crypto Bowl The crypto giants who sponsor the Super Bowl

Coinbase was undoubtedly one of the biggest winners in the Super Bowl finals on February 14.

Coinbase hyped cryptocurrencies at this year’s Super Bowl with a bold ad that consisted of nothing more than a QR code that floated on the screen for 60 seconds.

Scanning the QR code brings up a URL showing a promotion offering $15 in free bitcoin for new users who sign up within the next two days (ending February 15).

Coinbase’s commercials are undeniably successful. Shortly after the Super Bowl ad aired, people tweeted that Coinbase’s website and app were down.


The hiatus didn’t last long, with the Coinbase website launching minutes later, including a home page showing the giveaway promotion and messages like “Speak Less, More Bitcoin” and “WAGMI.”


Kate Rouch, chief marketing officer of Coinbase, responded to the website’s short-term downtime and said that the traffic brought by advertising during the Super Bowl far exceeded expectations. Previously, the engineering team had carried out load tests on the website to handle millions of users. Click at the same time. But the actual traffic was staggering, with more than 20 million hits on Coinbase’s landing page in one minute, “historic and unprecedented.” Due to the huge amount of short-term traffic, Coinbase temporarily restricted the system and quickly brought the website back online.

In addition to Coinbase, there are several crypto brands such as SoFi, FTX,, eToro, Square, etc. appearing in the crypto bowl. Kate Rouch said the number of crypto ads at the Super Bowl is another sign that crypto is going mainstream and at the center of the cultural zeitgeist.

Coinbase ads are popular in social media.

One user pointed out that the ad was extremely cheap to produce compared to a typical Super Bowl ad.

One cryptocurrency commentator called attention to Coinbase’s technical debacle, but praised the ad as clever and novel:


And the user’s dog showing a fascination with Coinbase’s floating QR code :)


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