Coinbase stock has surprisingly broken, is this a sign of the end of the bull market?

Today was another relatively uneventful day, and there were no ripples in the broader market. In addition to mainstream coins being relatively stable, many new projects are still in a state of gloom and doom.

Coinbase stock has surprisingly broken, is this a sign of the end of the bull market?

01 Orange view of the trend

Short-term (intra-day): down

Medium-term (more than two weeks): down

02 Orange talks about hotspots

Today is another relatively uneventful day, the general market also has no ripples, in addition to the mainstream coins are relatively stable, many new projects are still in a negative state, of course, this is not sufficient to change hands and lack of liquidity caused by the new project volatility, into the market sentiment is high, the probability of rising is greater, if the market is slow to rise signs, then the coin holders will certainly go to choose better liquidity, changing hands more fully asset This is also a tip for position allocation in response to uncertain market cycles, which you can refer to.

Today’s market sentiment may be related to the fact that COIN fell below the reference price given by NASDAQ. After all, the crypto market has been in an upward trend in recent months, but the price of COIN has deviated from the trend of cryptocurrencies, which is the reason why many institutional investors choose to hedge their positions. ARK Capital’s Sister Woody. I won’t talk much about how COIN should go in the short term, after all, playing short term is not my specialty, but I believe that if we extend the time scale of COIN to years, the short-term fluctuations are minimal, and my view on crypto assets and their core concept stocks in the medium and long term is always positive, so there is really no need to focus too much on the ups and downs of those few knives every day.

Finally, let’s talk about my view on the recent rise of the clay dog again. If you are a veteran clay dog player and have learned a lot of lessons from previous clay dog transactions and are ready to return to zero at any time, then I am not opposed to you continuing to plow deeper in the clay dog market, although I believe in value investment, there are thousands of ways to make money and what suits you is the best, just don’t shuttle; if You have no previous contact with all kinds of earth dog, and then you do not have a very high quality community, or the news you get is not in the source, then I really do not recommend you to touch, to put it bluntly play earth dog money is from information asymmetry, if you do not have more resources, then you are likely to be the one to take over, so it is really better to take bitcoin, ethereum and so on up.

I believe there is a lot of code hidden inside, so if you are interested, you can find it on my microblogging site, or scan the QR code at the end of the article, and Ms. Candy will pull you into the group or circle.

03 Orange reads the market

BTC: Bitcoin is a bit of a stopping phenomenon, but the signal is not very obvious, the morning turned down the perpetual funding rate, high scary, the current bitcoin funding rate reached 0.04%, which means that many people are still mainly long, even if you have to pay the high funding rate to do more, which is quite scary, the dog banker will not pull the plate unless the long side is clean, so we have also been The best way to do this is to take a look at the latest news from the Bitcoin market.

4 hours level, 42000 near the current has been 2 times effective support, while the bottom has been released, indicating that this position bottoming out quite a lot of people, so it is predicted that this position will be rebounded, and then will again test the bottom support level, this position on more look less move it, may be more attention to the hot plate in June.

ETH: The same view as yesterday, when the aunt is stronger than the big cake, it means that this market is not reversed, and the aunt is likely to be strong for some time, so this time it is still recommended to build a low position in Ether, from the perspective of medium and long-term value investment, ETH is still the core of the coin ring play, as long as the market does not appear suddenly pull the gate, ETH is definitely the first choice for asset allocation.

BNB: Thanks to the good fundamentals of BSC and Coin platform, it is a good opportunity to add positions in BNB when there is a significant pullback in the general market.

LINK: link long term trend keeps very well, one hour macd bottom divergence, there are signs of stopping the fall, it is recommended that small capital light position to participate in the rebound.

DOGE: DOGE is the bitcoin in Musk’s eyes, don’t ignore such a positioning, so as long as one day Musk and DOGE are not untied, the consensus of DOGE will be stronger every day, if you don’t have DOGE, when there is another DOGE selloff, you must do the allocation.

FLOW: FLOW continued to move down and briefly fell below 20 knives, from the plate FLOW buying is quite weak, this is the continuous negative decline on the buying confidence wear and tear caused by, but I still adhere to the judgment, do not care about the short-term pullback, look at the fundamentals of 1 to 3 months is better, from the medium to long-term FLOW still has not bad potential, which is the reason I keep adding positions.

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