Coinbase regains the top spot in the U.S. Apple App Store

Coinbase has recently launched a number of mainstream marketing measures, and users have clearly noticed this. The mobile app of this leading crypto exchange in the United States has once again become the most popular product in the Apple App Store. In the past few days, it has downloaded more than any other App.

Coinbase dominates

According to the statistics of the Apple App Store, Coinbase is currently the number one free application. Followed by TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and the recently popular mobile football game “Retro Bowl” (Retro Bowl) and so on. Interestingly, another cryptocurrency exchange, CryptoCom, ranks fourth.

Coinbase regains the top spot in the U.S. Apple App Store

It is not surprising that these cryptocurrency-related apps have become popular. Bitcoin has regained a record high after several months of market adjustments, and has almost remained above $60,000 since then. This momentum may reignite investor interest in crypto assets and attract them to various exchanges.

This is not the first time Coinbase has become so popular. It has completed one of the top downloads on the Apple Store in May 2021, after Bitcoin reached a record high at that time. Another time is 2017-as we all know, 2017 was a bull market in the entire cryptocurrency market.

However, Coinbase is a very strong competitor to other crypto exchanges. The company launched a number of sponsorships and products, and integrated them into all areas of the encryption industry. These include the NFT market plan, and companies can use Coinbase to collect payments in cryptocurrencies. Coinbase even tried to launch an encrypted lending product, but it was subsequently blocked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Encrypted advertising penetrates into social life


Coinbase has undoubtedly established itself in the crypto industry. On the one hand, Coinbase has just become the official crypto partner of the NBA. Its advertisements can be seen at the bottom of basketball nets in NBA games and will also be broadcast on live TV.

Not only Coinbase, another crypto derivatives exchange, FTX, recently purchased advertisements that were broadcast during the Super Bowl live broadcast. even recruited Hollywood superstar Matt Damon to promote the exchange.

With such “flood” marketing, it is no wonder that the download volume of encrypted applications will hit a record high. Currently, Coinbase ranks in the top 25 on the Google Play store, and ranks higher, ranking 16th.

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