Coinbase NFT announces the first four NFT creation partners

October 20th, Coinbase NFT officially announced the NFT creator partners of the first four trading platforms.

The four partners are Ponderware, the creator of MoonCats, GxngYxng, the artist behind the hand-painted NFT project Mythxlogy, the creator of Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, and the creator of @x0rart Michael Blau.

The following is the information of the NFT projects participated by four NFT partners.


MoonCats is the original NFT launched in 2017. The project is generated on the chain, distributed fairly, and can be customized by users. With the support of the active community, the original development team continues to expand MoonCatEcosystem.

Acclimated MoonCats are MoonCats in the official package, bringing full ERC-721 compatibility to the project. Technically speaking, Aclimated MoonCats are actually ERC-998 tokens, a more advanced form of ERC-721 NFT.

The first major extension of the MoonCat project is their unique accessory system. The accessories are entirely on-chain collectibles owned and displayed by MoonCats. Anyone can use the accessory designer to create accessories, specify their scarcity and price, and sell them in accessory stores. The accessories are always on the MoonCat, but can be put on or taken off at any time.

There are 25,440 MoonCats in total, and Ponderware promises to never mint any additional MoonCat tokens. Among them, 96 are called Genesis Cats, which are the only black or white (sometimes gray) cats, and 25,344 are rescue cats selected by the user during the casting process.

The DNA of each MoonCat (called their catId) is a unique value on the chain, which determines all the characteristics of MoonCat. This DNA can then be expanded in the MoonCat image.

Each MoonCat can only be named once by its owner. These names are permanently stored in the Ethernet Square on the block chain, it allows the user to customize each permanent MoonCat NFT.

MoonCat’s story is not only NFT, but has always been a core aspect of the project. Most of the content is recorded on the ChainStation log and the original website. Cooperating with the community and referring to what is happening, knowledge and the universe continue to develop. The story of MoonCat is far from over.


Hand drawn NFT project Mythxlogy

Hand-drawn NFT Mythxlogy. Ghxsts, Demxns, Alixns, etc. It was made by @GxngYxngNFT and @nftnofriends.

 GxngYxng was a worker in the animation industry. He quit his job in the animation industry 6 months ago.

When he resigned, he thought that every time he left his stable job to pursue becoming an NFT artist seemed foolish. He personally has two choices. One is a safe one: maintaining a stable career and telling other people’s stories, and the other is staying away from the comfort zone. I have the opportunity to share my own path with others.

In his recollection, his diary was full of sketches of lost souls at that time, all like self-portraits. Like them, I lost my way, looking for a place that belongs to me. So the first Ghxsts was created. And cast Ghxst 001.

He has gained a lot in the NFT community and can explore the future with all of you every day.

Currently, Ghxsts has 503 NFTs, with a base price of 6.69 ETH .


Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult is a collection of 10k Wizard NFT. Each is unique and has its own name.

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, as our worship, contributes to art, animation, stories, etc.

The decentralized world construction method has unlimited potential. We call it the “Legend of Collaboration.” Most of the people who participated in this world-building experiment joined the organization that started with the wizard NFT.

The release date is June 30, 2021. The minting price was 0.07 ETH, and all 10k Wizards were sold in 28 minutes.

When you become a mage, you participate in the co-creation of story, knowledge, art and community. This is the mage worship of Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult.

Masters come from different paces, ages and lives. We have young wizards and wizards over 60. If you like “Final Fantasy”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Magic Party” and other content, and like the stories, fun and friendship that follow, he Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult will suit you.



x0r is an alias for programmer and magician Michael Blau. x0r is exploring the ASCII art and digital illusion of creating code generation. x0r or “Exclusive Or” operations are key operations used in the field of cryptography and cryptography. These NFTs are essentially cryptographically verified ownership of artworks.

x0r is the first product of its kind in the NFT field to create incredible code-generated artwork. When each user buys once. The artist will keep 4 versions. Recently, x0r released the public version of EIP1559.


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