Coca-Cola released “pixel-flavored” cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

On April 5, Coca-Cola announced the launch of the “Byte Bytes Limited Series” and announced the first product of the series – the flavour of pixels sugar-free cola.

Coca-Cola said on its official website that the pixel flavor is “the first Coca-Cola flavor born in the Metaverse.” Inspired by the world of online games and the Metaverse, the new drink aims to appeal to the younger generation of consumers who are familiar with the Internet.

Coca-Cola released "pixel-flavored" cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

Image source: Coca-Cola Coca-Cola’s new product “Pixel Flavored Sugar Free Coke”

FBIF has learned that this new product will be launched in China on May 23. In addition, other versions of the Byte limited series will also be released this year.

Not long ago, in February, Coca-Cola launched its first space-inspired “space-flavored” limited-edition Coke. The pixel smell this time also sparked speculation again – what is the pixel smell? How did Coca-Cola get hooked on these novel flavors? Why does Coca-Cola frequently link up with the Metaverse to open up their minds?

“Pixel-flavored” cola, what does it taste like?

FBIF has learned that this pixel-flavored Coca-Cola has been limited to retail stores in some Latin American countries on April 4, and will be released in the United States on May 2 and in China on May 23.

According to official reports, the pixel-flavored Coca-Cola will sell for about $15 and will be available in two-packs, with “very limited quantities” and while stocks last.

On the packaging, the whole body of this cola can is purple, marked with the red logo of Coca-Cola Creations, a global creative platform under Coca-Cola. The green and purple pixel squares are distributed in a progressive sense of space, and the words Coca-Cola are pixelated, which has a different dimension style of video games.

It’s unclear how the drink will taste, but Coca-Cola says “it tastes like a pixel” with a “straightforward, edgy taste” and a “refreshing experience”.

Under the official tweet of Coca-Cola, some netizens boldly guessed that it would taste like grapes, ice cubes, or even batteries.

Coca-Cola released "pixel-flavored" cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

Image source: Twitter users have speculated that the pixel taste will taste like “battery”

There are also lucky consumers on the Internet who bought this product first, and commented that it tasted “kind of like fudge”.

Coca-Cola released "pixel-flavored" cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

Image source: Twitter users say the new product tastes like fudge

Coca-Cola said the new product was inspired by the online game Fortnite, so the brand team decided to create the zero-sugar pixel flavor “to bring the taste of pixels to life in a beverage that transcends the digital and physical realms”.

It is understood that this global cross-functional Coca-Cola team, led by North American operations, brought together leaders in creativity, marketing, technology, R&D and design, and the team worked together to identify the right elements to “bring the pixel to life in the taste experience.” .

Welcome to the Coca-Cola Metaverse

In fact, this is not the first time the Coca-Cola brand has set foot in the “Metaverse”. Last year, Coca-Cola and digital wearable device design platform Tafi jointly launched an NFT digital collection, announcing its entry into the Metaverse.

Coca-Cola describes this “Pixel Flavored Sugar-Free Coke” as “the first Coca-Cola flavor born in the Metaverse”, and because of this, before the official release of this Coke, its “digital version” has already appeared in the game’s “digital version” in advance. in the virtual world.

Coca-Cola released "pixel-flavored" cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

Image credit: Coca-Cola’s Pixel Flavored Diet Coke appears in-game digitally

With this new product, Coca-Cola and the e-sports organization PWR have created an immersive digital experience in the game “Fortnite”, the core of which is a “Pixel Point” island, which players can enter by entering the corresponding code.

Once inside, players will discover the Byte line of products in this virtual world and interact with other players through 4 multiplayer mini-games, one of which is even set in Coca-Cola’s classic glass Coke bottle.

In addition to Fortnite Pixel Point Island, Coca-Cola has also launched an AR game on its own creative platform “Le Chuang Wujie”. After the physical version of Byte is released, people can enter the AR game by scanning the QR code on the can.

The game tells the story of “BYTE”, an 8-bit pixel left by Coca-Cola when it entered the Metaverse. Players can hold the arrow with their finger to guide BYTE to “jump” up the spiral staircase, rejoining those isolated pixels into the Coca-Cola logo.

Space flavor, pixel flavor… How many brain holes does Coca-Cola have?

The Byte limited series is the second product of Coca-Cola’s “Le Creation Unbounded” platform. The two products launched by the platform so far are all listed in China without exception, which shows how much Coca-Cola attaches importance to the Chinese market.

In February this year, we reported that Coca-Cola announced its first global creative platform “Le Chuang Wujie”. At the press conference on the same day, Coca-Cola also launched the platform’s first “Starlight” limited series, including four Space-inspired “space-flavored” cola.

From the taste to the packaging, to the digital marketing of AR immersive concerts, the products all take space as the theme and put forward the concept of “Metaverse gameplay”.

Coca-Cola released "pixel-flavored" cola, which was born in the Metaverse. What kind of flavor is it?

Image source: Coca-Cola’s Starlight Walk series launched in February this year

The rather mysterious space flavor and the avant-garde concept of the Metaverse have caused this series of products to arouse a lot of discussion and speculation on the Internet. The curiosity of the younger generation for interesting and new things has given these products enough heat, and it has also expanded the marketing voice of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola once said: “The creative platform means that the Coca-Cola team will accelerate the release of new products in the future.” [1]

Facts have proved that Coca-Cola has indeed accelerated the pace of new launches. The newly announced Byte limited series is only less than 2 months apart.

Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy for Coca-Cola, said that Pixel Coke is “the second expression of Le Creation, where we wanted to create an innovative flavor inspired by the fun of pixels and rooted in the experience brought by the game”.

Space flavor, pixel flavor… Today’s Coca-Cola seems to be “fascinated” with abstract novel flavors. At the same time, the simultaneous launch of the two series of AR digital experiences, games, online concerts and other methods have also diversified the products. , trendy, trying to attract more young generation.

The link between the creative platform and the concept of the Metaverse is also an extension of Coca-Cola’s concept of Real Magic, which aims to reflect the brand’s connection with culture in music, e-sports games, sports, etc.

Coca-Cola also said it will release more limited-edition beverages later this year, and expects the Byte line to be the foothold for products in the first quarter of 2022. But so far, the official information is not enough to let us imagine what the “pixel flavor” is, and how is this flavor different from the “space flavor”? We also look forward to what kind of consumer evaluation this new product will receive after it is launched in China in May.

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