Clearpool receives capital injection from well-known investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital India and HashKey

September 28, 2021—Clearpool, a decentralized capital market ecosystem, announced that it has obtained funding from Sequoia Capital India, HashKey Capital, Hex Trust, Arrington  XRP Capital, GBV Capital, Sino Global Capital (Sino Global Capital) and Wintermute (Wintermute) investment worth 3 million US dollars. Other participants in this round of financing include Ascendex, BCW Group, FBG Capital, Folkvang, Huobi Ventures, Kenetic Capital, Mentha Partners, Moonvault Capital, One Block Capital, Panony, Plutus VC, Skynet Trading), UNKNOWN VC and ZBS Capital.

Clearpool being in Ethernet Square, the establishment of a decentralized capital market based on the ecosystem, which borrow unsecured liquidity for institutional way has brought a paradigm shift. Clearpool was originally created by Robert Alcorn and Alessio Quaglini. Since then, they have recruited Jakob Kronbihler as co-founder and chief operating officer. The project is being incubated by Hex Trust, a leading digital asset custody company in Asia. Hex Trust will provide Clearpool borrowers with custody and compliance services, such as KYC, identity verification and transaction monitoring.

“Clearpool has introduced several new concepts to the DeFi market, including a single borrower liquidity pool and a tokenized credit system. These new concepts enable institutional borrowers to directly obtain unsecured liquidity from the DeFi market ecosystem, and serve Lenders (liquidity providers) provide sophisticated risk management and risk hedging solutions to manage counterparty risk,” said Robert Alcorn, CEO and co-founder of Clearpool.

Lenders in the DeFi market are currently unable to obtain credit scores and risk profiles that are standard in traditional financial markets; Clearpool has faced this issue head-on. Clearpool’s agreement provides lenders with more ways to understand the risk profile of institutional borrowers, enabling lenders to better measure the creditworthiness of borrowers. Using a real-time credit scoring mechanism, liquidity providers can quickly and effectively monitor, manage and hedge credit risks without compromising the infinitely possible high returns of the DeFi market.

Clearpool’s innovation opens up opportunities for institutional borrowers, including traders and crypto hedge funds, to enable them to benefit from tools previously only available in the traditional financial sector. Obtaining unsecured liquidity directly from the DeFi market ecosystem-and the tokenization of credit-is the basic element necessary to unlock more advanced derivative products, and these products can further contribute to a strong decentralized capital market ecosystem Appear.

Clearpool will use these funds to continue to build agreements and launch other features, such as decentralized credit derivatives, to provide liquidity providers with more complex risk management solutions. Clearpool will publicly sell its token CPOOL at the end of October.

Jakob Kronbihler, Clearpool’s chief commercial officer and co-founder, commented on the financing: “In terms of borrowers, we have seen some of the largest crypto trading companies perform extremely well. We are also very pleased to see that among our investors are several industry leaders such as Wintermute and Folkvang. At the same time, we have noticed that institutional investors and individuals have a strong interest. May encourage them to fund and participate in the success of these trading companies, while obtaining stable and attractive returns.”

Quoting investors’ comments

“We believe that unsecured loans are the next frontier of the basic elements of the DeFi market, and solve an obvious pain point of native borrowers in the crypto circle. Clearpool relies on its cooperation with Hex Trust, as well as Robert (Rob) and Jacob ( Jakob) has a strong background in traditional finance and financial technology, occupying a dominant position in this market segment, and has begun to provide services to the traditional borrowers and lenders in the Web 2.0 era-this is also the majority of today The ideal that the DeFi agreement wants to achieve”, said Anandamoy Roychowdhary, CEO of Sequoia India.

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