Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

In the world, there is no “lying to win”, but it is set off by the “lying to lose” peers

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

Finally came July 23, 19:00 Beijing time, the Tokyo Olympic Games officially opened in the twists and turns.

Because of the one-year postponement and the use of empty venues, the Olympic Games may be the least “money scene” in history. Many of the organizers’ early investment has been squandered, which has caused many sponsoring brands to retreat. Arrogant.

On July 19, according to Kyodo News, Toyota, one of the highest-level sponsors of the Olympic Games, said that it would give up placing Olympic-related advertisements in Japan, and Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda will not participate in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Before Toyota, more than a dozen Japanese companies , including Canon , Tokyo Shipping, Nicido Fire Insurance, Ajinomoto, etc., have already withdrawn from Olympic sponsorship, and NTT, NEC, Fujitsu and other companies have also announced that they will not attend the Olympic opening ceremony. In addition to the calculation of actual benefits, the widespread Japanese boycott of the Olympics is also an important consideration. Companies are worried that such dissatisfaction will affect brands.

But for international brands and sponsors from other countries, this impact is not fatal. For example, although Toyota canceled its plan to place advertisements in Japan, it continues to place Olympic advertisements in Europe.

For Chinese brands, despite the low volume of the Olympics, it is still an opportunity to develop sports marketing, especially in the context of local offline sponsorship in Japan, which is expected to benefit from the Internet platform that specializes in online marketing. Moreover, in the context of the official state clearly that it wants to curb the downward trend of gold medals, the possibility of marketing explosions caused by bright events cannot be ruled out.

Japanese sponsors lie down, Chinese brands lie down and win?

Under the severe epidemic situation, one of the main reasons why the Tokyo Olympics has to be held is that the cancellation of the Olympics will cause huge losses to the Japanese government, the International Olympic Organizing Committee, the Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee and sponsors. Nomura Research Institute economist Tohide Kinou predicts that if the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are cancelled, Japan will lose 1.81 trillion yen (approximately $16.6 billion).

The Tokyo Olympics is the Olympic Games with the most sponsorships and the highest sponsorship revenue in history. As of 2020, Tokyo has received more than $3.3 billion in commercial sponsorship income from 67 sponsors, at least twice that of any previous Olympic Games.

The sponsors of the Olympic Games are divided into two levels, namely global partners (TOP sponsors) and local sponsors.

The highest-level global partners of the Olympics include 14 companies including Coca-Cola , Alibaba , and Intel , among which Alibaba is the only Chinese company. The Olympic Committee generally only chooses one company as a global partner in one industry, so this is also the type of partner with the highest gold content in the Olympic Games. Global partners can use the Olympic logo in their product advertisements, such as Coca-Cola with the Olympic rings on its outer packaging.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

Olympic Global Partners (TOP Sponsors) Source: Official Website of the International Olympic Organizing Committee

In addition, there are 67 Japanese local sponsors for the Olympic Games. The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee divides them into three levels, namely 15 “Gold Medal Partners”, 32 “Olympic Official Partners” and 20 “Official Suppliers”. business”.

These more than 60 Japanese companies paid more than US$3 billion for the Olympic sponsorship rights, and paid another US$200 million to extend the contract after the Olympics were postponed, setting a record for all previous Olympics, which is basically three times that of the Beijing and London Olympics.

But the twists and turns of the Tokyo Olympics made the Japanese sponsors “very hurt.”

14 top sponsor the Olympic Games, there are three Japanese companies (Toyota, Panasonic and Plymouth Division through), they are all sponsorship deal after the 2013 Tokyo Olympic bid success and BOCOG signed.

A report by the Global Language Monitoring Center estimated that the total cost of TOP sponsors for the four-year Olympic Games reached 1 billion US dollars. Toyota paid a one-time payment of US$835 million when signing the sponsorship agreement in 2015.

In order to support the Olympics, Toyota has specially launched a pure electric vehicle (EV) for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2019, which is used to transport spectators and athletes in the stadium area; Japan Airlines spends 200 million US dollars on special Zipair Tokyo, a low-cost airline brand, was opened, which was originally expected to open in May; Tokyo’s Okura Hotel reportedly invested US$1 billion in redecorating to welcome the Tokyo Olympics.

However, these large-scale investments by Japanese sponsors have all come to nothing with the empty venue of the Olympic Games.

Compared with the Japanese sponsors who suffered heavy losses, the Chinese companies participating in the Olympic marketing are undoubtedly much luckier. In addition to Alibaba, the TOP partner of the International Olympic Committee, the main way for Chinese companies to participate in the Olympics is to broadcast the Olympic games, as well as sponsor the national teams and related athletes.

As the world’s largest and most concerned sports event, the number of spectators for the Olympic Games is in the order of billions. Taking the Beijing Olympics as an example, the number of spectators watching the Beijing Olympics is more than four billion globally. This brings to the International Olympic Committee. Huge broadcast income.

Statistics show that 73% of the IOC budget comes from broadcasting rights. According to the Nikkei Shimbun’s statistics in June this year, the total cost of broadcasting rights for the Tokyo Olympics to the world is around 300 billion yen (approximately US$2.73 billion).

Take NBC, the largest broadcaster of the Olympics, as an example. Before the Tokyo Olympics, NBC had sold 1.25 billion US dollars in advertising. NBC Universal CEO Jeff Schell said that the Tokyo Olympics may be the most profitable in the company’s history. Olympic Games.

In mainland China, the broadcast rights of major international sports games are negotiated and purchased by CCTV. CCTV will then separate and distribute the broadcast rights to other TV channels and Internet platforms. Similar to the strategy of the last Rio Olympics and the World Cup, CCTV only finalized several distribution platforms shortly before the opening.

At present, the two major platforms that have obtained the rights to broadcast Olympic content are Kuaishou and Tencent . Olympic exclusive content is expected to directly drive its active users and commercial revenue.

On May 21, Kuaishou and China Central Broadcasting Corporation signed an authorization cooperation agreement to obtain the video-on-demand and short video rights for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, becoming the world’s first short video platform to obtain the rights to broadcast the Olympics. On the same day, Tencent announced that it has reached an official cooperation with China Central Radio and Television Station to become the right-holding broadcaster for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

On May 21, Kuaishou announced that it will become the right-holding broadcaster of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Source: Kuaishou’s official Weibo

In addition to the fight for broadcast rights, sponsorship of popular track teams is also the focus of competition for Chinese brands.

According to incomplete statistics from 20 agencies, the popular national teams of the Chinese delegation have basically been sponsored. Among them, vivo sponsored the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Liby sponsored the national fencing team, Ctrip sponsored the table tennis team, Xiaohongshu and Renren Che sponsored the Chinese women’s football team.

In addition, Han Shu is the official partner of the Chinese National Swimming Team; Baidu Smart Cloud is the exclusive AI technology partner of the Chinese National Diving Team; Hongxing Erke is a strategic partner of the China Roller Skating Association; IQOO has become the official sponsor of the National Rowing Team and Kayak Team …

Unlike the World Cup, no advertisements are allowed at the Olympic Games. Without an audience, we cannot see any sponsor advertising information in front of the screen. This is a huge blow to more than 60 sponsors in Japan. . However, in this Olympics, Chinese brands mainly relied on broadcasting competitions and sponsoring national teams to obtain traffic and exposure, and the impact was relatively small.

Who will be the biggest winner of the Tokyo Olympics?

Although the Olympics was boycotted by a large number of people in Japan, for Chinese brands, especially Internet platforms, the less-watched Olympics is still an important opportunity for growth. Up to now, the marketing measures taken by different participants are completely different.

Alibaba is one of the highest-level sponsor of the Olympic Games, China is the only one IOC global partner, in May officially launched the Olympic marketing “add oil alliance ” plans to Lynx, together cost-effective and The three main businesses of Taobao Live Broadcast are the main lines of Olympic marketing.

Take Taobao Live as an example. Taobao Live’s “Gold Medal Gas Station” not only unites 11 top anchors such as Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, and Sydney to form the “Alibaba Gold Medal Refueling Officer”, but also invites Deng Yaping, Tian Liang, Zhang Jike and other gold medalists started broadcasting together .

In addition, on July 22, according to IOC President Bach, the Olympic Games will use cloud technology to support global broadcasts for the first time. This technology will use Alibaba Cloud as the sole technical supporter, which will bring about Ali’s cloud computing business. Strong endorsement.

On July 23, before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the Taobao APP homepage has launched an interactive area for cheering for the Chinese team. After entering the area, use the cheering energy to cheer for the Chinese team to get Tmall red envelopes, and browse the recommended brand shops on the page. Refueling energy will help increase the exposure of corresponding brands and increase the overall GMV of Taobao.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

The Taobao APP screen and the Olympic refueling marketing activities on the homepage. Source: Mobile Taobao

However, it may be due to the relatively sluggish focus of the Olympics, and Ali seems to be more inclined to low-cost marketing. Alibaba people also said in an interview with Sino-Singapore Jingwei that the main highlight of the Tokyo Olympics is the part of Alibaba Cloud’s cooperation.

Kuaishou has made a stronger effort in this Olympic marketing. A few days before the official opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the latest version of the Kuaishou app icon has been launched with the “Watching Olympics” logo, as well as emoticons and stickers related to the Olympics. In addition, Kuaishou also planned an Olympic-related answering activity “Quaishou Champion-Olympic Answering Season”.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

The latest version of the Kuaishou APP logo has been changed to “Watch the Olympics”, and the propaganda around the Olympics has run through all aspects of the Kuaishou platform. Source: APP Store

According to 20 News Agency, in addition to the broadcast of the event, Kuaishou also invited five national teams including women’s volleyball, swimming, badminton, rowing and kayaking to join Kuaishou. Since the beginning of this year, Kuaishou’s stock price has repeatedly hit record lows. The acquisition of the Tokyo Olympic Games broadcast rights and related exclusive short video rights this time will greatly help boost user activity on the platform and form content differentiation with Douyin.

Although Douyin has missed the Olympic short video broadcast rights, it has spared no effort in signing the national team and athletes. According to the Entertainment Business Observation report, Douyin has won eight national teams for table tennis, diving, gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field, fencing, trampoline, and rhythmic gymnastics, as well as the three major teams for women’s volleyball, swimming and badminton, starting from July 6. , The Douyin platform has signed more than 100 athletes.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

Toutiao App Today’s Toutiao, Douyin, and Watermelon Video are also launching Olympic-related marketing, but they have adopted a more circuitous approach. Source: Douyin

Sports content has always been the hot content that major streaming media platforms are vying for. Back then, LeTV and Suning were old players on this track, but there are not many platforms that can really operate sports content well.

Compared with the previous Olympics, the Tokyo Olympics is the first Olympics to be deeply involved in short videos. The short video platform is good at planning a large number of interactive programs. In the previous sports event operations, the editing of various wonderful moments is a major feature, and it is expected to become a powerful tool for stimulating user activity.

As another Internet giant holding the rights to broadcast the Tokyo Olympics, Tencent owns a streaming media matrix such as Tencent Video, Tencent Sports, WeChat, QQ, and Video Account. Tencent Video is currently online in the Olympic zone, and the omni-channel output of Olympic content is expected to be Tencent brings considerable traffic.

Similar to Kuaishou, Tencent Microvision also launched its own question answering activity, launching an Olympic special in its “Million Answers Wonderful Night” column. In addition, just a few days ago, the men’s group INTO1, which debuted on Tencent Video’s “Creation Camp 2021”, announced that it has become the cheering ambassador of the Tokyo Olympics and launched the cheering song “INTO THE FIRE”.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

Creation Camp 2021 men’s team INTO1 released the Olympic cheering song “INTO THE FIRE” Source: Weibo

In addition, Internet lifestyle platform shortly before the little red book and also central , as the tat became a special strategic partnership, at the same time become an official partner of China women’s football. Xiaohongshu also invites sports stars, sports media and reporters to report in Japan to provide a variety of Olympic content.

Xiaohongshu still has strong labels for women and beauty. It needs more vertical content to break the user circle. At the same time, it also needs to attract more male users to maintain user growth. And sports content is undoubtedly Xiaohong. Ideal choice for books.

According to data from Xiaohongshu, the number of sports and fitness notes in its community will increase by as much as 300% in 2020. The person in charge of the content of the Xiaohongshu community recently disclosed to the media that the proportion of male users has reached 30%. For Xiaohongshu, entering the Olympic Games is an opportunity to further expand its user circle in the above direction.

Chinese companies chase the dream of the Tokyo Olympics

Xiaohongshu’s newly launched Olympic area source: Xiaohongshu

For other brands that bet on national teams and popular athletes on various tracks, if the sponsored team achieves unexpected results in the Olympic schedule, it is also a major benefit for brand exposure. For example, it also sponsored the Chinese women’s volleyball team, The cell phone manufacturer vivo (including the sub-brand iQOO) for the rowing team and the kayaking team.

And losses compared to counterparts in Japan, the Chinese company, albeit not “lying win”, but the Olympics as if transported camp properly, many companies can achieve a new round of subscriber growth and breakthrough user circle , In order to obtain corresponding advantages in the industry competition.

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