China’s three major operators plus code Metaverse track

In the past year, the Metaverse can be said to have made enough gimmicks, and it has frequently become the focus. The first is Meta’s “All In” strategy, which has raised the popularity of the Metaverse to a higher level; Microsoft’s entry and Nvidia’s desire to build the infrastructure of the Metaverse, etc.

Domestic players also have different levels of layout. For example, Tencent hopes to start with games and create its own metaverse. ByteDance also acquired VR hardware maker Pico. Alibaba hopes to enter the Metaverse from its old e-commerce business. In addition to Internet giants, domestic telecom operators have also come to the layout.

China Mobile builds the computing power network of the Metaverse

On November 2, 2021, at the main forum of the 2021 China Mobile Global Partner Conference, Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, introduced China Mobile’s deployment of the computing power network. In the future, China Mobile wants to build a ubiquitous and integrated computing power network, create a one-point access, instant computing power service, and achieve the vision of omnipresent network, ubiquitous computing power, and ubiquitous intelligence.

On the same day, Liu Xin, general manager of Migu, a subsidiary of China Mobile, released Migu’s metaverse evolution roadmap and NrealAir, the first consumer-grade augmented reality glasses, at the conference. According to the metaverse evolution roadmap announced by Migu, Migu will focus on five major directions in the future, including ultra-high-definition video, video CRBT, cloud games, cloud VR, and cloud AR. In addition, Migu will also invest more resources in the four major fields of 5G+MSC, 5G+video CRBT, 5G+cloud gaming, and 5G+XR. More detailed plans in the future include creating a sports metaverse through 5G+MSC; creating a global standard for digital and intelligent sports through 5G+cloud games; deploying 5G+video ringtones to realize the interconnection of the three networks; 5G+XR, empowering the industry Innovative experience.

China's three major operators plus code Metaverse track

Migu’s first consumer-grade augmented reality glasses NrealAir

It can be seen that the core points of Migu’s layout lie in 5G and cloud computing. These technologies are inseparable from low-latency links, and this field is officially China Mobile’s housekeeping skills, and Migu uses the advantages of its parent company to open the door to the metaverse. With computing power as the center and network as the foundation, Migu’s evolution roadmap will be gradually realized, the development of the digital economy will be promoted, and the application and experience of the Metaverse will be realized.

On November 9, 2021, Hangzhou Pingzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has signed a “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with China Mobile (Jiangxi) Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. and Dalian Robot Co., Ltd. The “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” mainly aims to jointly reach strategic cooperation in five fields including VR/AR, robotics, metaverse, artificial intelligence, and digital twins.

In fact, China Mobile has been deploying and building infrastructure such as 5G and computing power networks. Objectively, basic technical reserves for the Metaverse have been formed, and the Metaverse itself has a large demand for underlying computing.

China Telecom hopes to become a new infrastructure builder in the Metaverse

On November 12, 2021, at the forum on China Telecom’s 5G innovative application cooperation, Xinguomai, a subsidiary of China Telecom, announced its Metaverse strategic layout. According to the strategy, Xinguomai will be positioned as a new infrastructure builder in the Metaverse in the future, based on innovative application achievements, and comprehensively card the Metaverse track.

Li Anmin, chairman of Xinguomai, said that Xinguomai will be committed to building an integrator of Metaverse platform and computing power, a service integrator of Metaverse software and applications, and a collaborative innovator of Metaverse social ecology and content construction. In the future, the new national pulse plan will be mainly divided into two stages to achieve development goals. In the next few years, in the process of combining a series of large and small virtual worlds based on the real world, it will provide platforms and basic cloud network capabilities to serve various virtual world formats. After years of development, it will enter the second stage, and gradually form a super virtual world. New Guomai will rely on the state-owned identity and business technology foundation, and strive to become the national team and main force provided by the base of the virtual world. The Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet in the next 20 years, the virtual space for the digital life of future human beings, and an important production place/source of future digital assets.

China Unicom, laying a solid foundation for digital base

On December 16, 2021, the official version of China Unicom’s Metaverse APP was officially launched. Created by China Unicom, this platform is a brand-new virtual communication platform.

According to the introduction on the official website, this platform hopes to build a Metaverse content production brand, promote the acceleration of the VR industry, and lay a solid foundation for the digital base; build a 5G boutique network, a gigabit broadband network, and an integrated computing network service system, as well as pave the way for the VR industry. Promote 5G + MR integration applications with regard to the new high-speed interconnection between virtual and real.

The specific functions and services include the Yunchuang digital human creation system launched by Unicom Wo Music, which is currently mainly used in the production of virtual world content, the creation of virtual IP, and virtual intelligent assistants and other business fields; Unicom Wo Music will continue to focus on covering live broadcasts in the future. , content production, online and offline and other fields of multi-form innovation and layout.

Liu Liehong, chairman of China Unicom, said that in order to accelerate the development of the VR/AR industry, it is necessary to lay a solid digital foundation and achieve a new high speed for the VR/AR industry to connect the virtual and the real. Then we can take advantage of this technology to break through many bottlenecks in human-computer interaction and the intelligent connection of all things.

Obstacles are also opportunities

Today, the metaverse is unlikely to become a reality in the short term. Even the Meta company of the “All In” Metaverse has stated that its investment in the Metaverse will not be profitable at any time in the near future. With today’s technology, today’s metaverse is far from the ideal state of science fiction such as “Ready Player One” and “Avalanche”. Today’s immersive experience VR/AR devices are difficult to achieve a virtual world effect close to the real world. In addition, the Metaverse requires a series of technical support such as display technology, network transmission, cloud storage services, etc.

Yet lack of infrastructure also means opportunity. There are not many players in the relevant infrastructure today. If you enter the market earlier, then the established moat will be deeper, and you will have a first-mover advantage.

According to’s report “5G Technology Market, Global Forecast, Impact of COVID-19, Industry Trends, by Components, Growth, Opportunity Company Analysis” , the global 5G technology market is expected to reach $65.49 billion by 2026, with annual The compound growth rate is 58.7%. And the predictive models for this report do not include the metaverse. If we include the metaverse, there is a good chance that the 5G technology market will exceed the $65.49 billion market size in 2026.

The current and future of the Metaverse is full of controversy and uncertainty. But the concept of the Metaverse has indeed been recognized by the market, and its concept and the ideal world are gradually moving towards reality. The arrival of the metaverse will be no less than the huge impact of the Internet on human society, economy and other aspects.

The development of the Metaverse will drive the rapid development of a series of industries, such as chip, display, transmission, communication and other industries. According to IDC’s data forecast, from 2021 to 2025, the global VR virtual reality product shipments are expected to reach an average annual growth rate of about 41.4%, and AR augmented reality product shipments are expected to reach an average annual growth rate of about 138%. It is expected that the global VR headset shipments will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 41% from 2021 to 2025 . Shipments are expected to increase from 6.7 million in 2020 to 8.5 million in 2021, and 28.6 million in 2025.

China's three major operators plus code Metaverse track

Global estimated annual VR device shipments

Source: IDC

Research firm Newzoo predicts that the Metaverse market will reach $40 billion in 2021; Bloomberg predicts it will reach $80 billion. Regardless of the future of the industry, the current capital market has already moved under the influence of the metaverse concept, and the metaverse is expected to replace new energy and become the next battlefield for investment and speculation.

China's three major operators plus code Metaverse track

Bloomberg’s Metaverse Market Cap Prediction

Source: Bloomberg

Today, the connection + computing power + capability network built by telecom operators will play an active role in the future digital economy, thereby promoting the progress of the entire society.

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