China’s third Legoland will be located in Shenzhen, with a total investment of over 4.7 billion yuan

Today, the most important attractions in Shenzhen that can be shown to foreign tourists are Splendid China, which opened in 1989, and Shenzhen Happy Valley, which opened in 1998. And Legoland can undoubtedly fill the gap in Shenzhen’s international high-end tourism products.

Legoland is coming to Shenzhen.

July 23, according to the Shenzhen public resources trading center disclosure , Dapeng New District a land area of 533,400 square meters of land for the proposed transfer listed rides, the starting price of about 1.058 billion yuan. The listing period of the plot is from August 12, 2021 to August 23, 15:00.

The transfer announcement shows that the plot number is G17301-8336, located to the east of Xinda Road and north of Xindong Road, Nanao Office, Dapeng New District, with a construction area of ​​approximately 267,000 square meters. According to the industrial development supervision agreement of the land on the Shenzhen land and mining rights trading platform, the project name is “Shenzhen Legoland Project”. The above-mentioned land can only be used for the construction of the Shenzhen Legoland Project, and the land use period is 30 years.

In addition, the agreement also stipulates overall indicators. For example, the total investment of the project should reach more than 4.7 billion yuan; the investment intensity of fixed assets of the project should not be less than 8000 yuan per square meter; the number of people entering the park in the first full year after the project is put into operation should reach 2 million people second-class requirements.

China's third Legoland will be located in Shenzhen, with a total investment of over 4.7 billion yuan

The picture is taken from the Shenzhen Land and Mining Rights Trading Platform.

Earlier in February this year, Shenzhen Dapeng New District Administration Office has issued on the “Shenzhen Legoland midline industrial projects selection program,” the publicity , the site clear and specific formats Legoland Theme Park in Shenzhen.

According to the content of the announcement, the Shenzhen Legoland project includes three areas: Lego Theme Park, Lego Water Park, and Lego Discovery Park. It will create a flagship Legoland with the most complete functions, the most innovative elements, and outstanding Chinese characteristics and Shenzhen elements. The preliminary construction scale demonstration of the plan shows that the Shenzhen Legoland project is planned to occupy an area of ​​534,000 square meters, of which Lego theme park is 262,700 square meters, Lego Water Park is 96,500 square meters, and Discovery Park is 103,000 square meters, short-distance attractions and tourism services. The area is 71,800 square meters.

LEGO “LEGO” was founded in 1932 and the company is headquartered in Denmark. Now this building block brand has a history of 89 years. In 1968, Lego decided to put the building blocks into the real world, and opened the first Legoland in the Danish town of Billund (Billund). In 2005, Merlin Entertainment, the world’s second largest theme park group, paid 250 million The British pound bought Legoland and became the operator of all Legoland today. At present, 9 Legoland theme parks and 22 indoor parks have been built and operated around the world, and they are stationed in Windsor, United Kingdom, California, United States, Tokyo, Japan and other countries And region.

Just like Shanghai Disneyland, Legoland is not only a theme park built solely with building blocks, it has gradually developed into a large-scale resort that can support the construction of water parks, aquariums, and hotels.

Take Legoland Malaysia as an example. As the first Legoland in Asia, it opened in 2012 and covers an area of ​​over 76 acres (about 310,000 square meters). This Legoland is mainly divided into three parks, namely theme parks, water parks and aquariums. Each park has different attractions, restaurants and other supporting facilities. For example, there are 8 attractions in its theme park, including the core miniature park “Mini Park” of 18 Asian countries, the “Adventure Land” with the theme of pharaohs and dinosaurs, and the roller coaster “Plan X”.

Outside the park, Legoland Malaysia has also built a Lego hotel with 249 rooms. In the rooms, visitors can see Lego’s own “Adventure”, “Kingdom”, “Lego Friends” and other toy series-style decorations.

China's third Legoland will be located in Shenzhen, with a total investment of over 4.7 billion yuan

China's third Legoland will be located in Shenzhen, with a total investment of over 4.7 billion yuan

The picture is taken from the official website of Legoland Malaysia.

However, there are significant differences between Legoland and Shanghai Disneyland. In terms of area, Legoland and Shanghai Disneyland are not of the same magnitude at all. For example, Shenzhen’s planned Legoland project currently covers an area of ​​534,000 square meters, which is already China’s largest Legoland, but its area is much smaller than Shanghai Disneyland, which has an area of ​​1.16 million square meters. In addition, in terms of project experience, in Legoland in California, Japan and other places, the scale and excitement of its roller coaster project are equivalent to a roller coaster in a shopping mall amusement park.

These are closely related to the composition of Lego’s customer base. For a long time, Legoland has focused on children between the ages of 2 and 12 as its main market, attracting a family-oriented customer base. With the diversified business layout of the global Disney parks, the customer base has gradually expanded from children and women to Adult and male domains.

China's third Legoland will be located in Shenzhen, with a total investment of over 4.7 billion yuan

But for Shenzhen, Legoland will still be an attractive project.

After the Shenzhen Legoland project is launched, it will become the third Legoland in China. According to the current plan, the Sichuan Legoland project signed in 2019 is expected to be completed and put into use in 2023; and the Shanghai Legoland project signed in 2020 is also expected to start construction this year and officially open in early 2024.

Legoland’s landing in Shenzhen has also lost a lot of competitive pressure. Today, the most important attractions that Shenzhen can show to foreign tourists are Splendid China, which opened in 1989, and Happy Valley in Shenzhen, which opened in 1998. The selection plan for the Shenzhen Legoland project also pointed out that “Legoland can fill the gap in Shenzhen’s international high-end tourism products.”

At present, the operator of Legoland is Merlin Entertainment, which holds a large number of other IPs and currently operates 130 tourism projects in 25 major countries and regions around the world. It is well-known in China, such as Madame Tussauds and London Eye. Earlier, according to the Beijing Business Daily , in order to strengthen the synergy between Legoland and other projects in China, Merlin Entertainment is planning to combine Legoland in China with its Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Peppa Pig. of fun to play in the world and many other brand items series.

It is worth noting that Legoland is expected to return to the embrace of the Lego Group. In June 2019, Lego’s parent company Kirkbi joined the Blackstone Group and the Canadian Pension Fund Investment Corporation (CPPIB) to acquire Merlin Entertainment for 4.8 billion pounds. Merlin Entertainment has accepted the tender offer, but the acquisition has not yet been completed. If this acquisition is successful, the Lego Group is expected to leverage the synergies between the retail business and the travel business to add another source of income, which will also help it to withstand the risks that may be brought about by changes in the toy market.

The Lego Group’s 2020 financial report shows that it has achieved double-digit growth in the national market, and the growth in markets such as China and the Americas is particularly strong. In 2020, of the 134 retail stores opened by the LEGO Group worldwide, 91 will land in the Chinese market. Of the 120 branded retail stores that Lego plans to open in 2021, 80 will open in China.

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