China’s first virtual university officially unveiled on Baidu’s Xiyang Metaverse Platform: Open to the public for experience

Recently, the virtual Zhongchuan campus created by the School of Animation and Digital Arts of Communication University of China officially appeared on the Baidu Xiyang Metaverse platform, and is open to the public to experience.

The Virtual Zhongchuan Campus is China’s first “virtual university” open to the Metaverse platform. With the help of digital technologies such as street view maps, 3D reconstruction, and 3D engines, the virtual Zhongchuan campus vividly reproduces the entire campus buildings, public facilities and their proportional relationships, and accurately realizes the construction of a digital twin campus.

Not only that, the virtual Zhongchuan campus also uses the narrative and interactivity of digital media art to embed many Easter eggs that are closely related to the campus characteristic culture and campus emotional memory. Experiencers can freely access the Xiyong platform through VR, mobile or PC, and start a roaming tour of the future campus as a virtual avatar.
Based on the completion of the virtual Zhongchuan campus, the annual [Aniwow! ] China (Beijing) International College Student Animation Festival also ushered in the most special branch of the 16th this year. On December 26, 2021, the virtual Zhongchuan campus was updated in Xiyong [Aniwow! 2021] Animation Festival “Metaverse Branch” to welcome practitioners and enthusiasts of animation and digital art around the world. During the special period of the epidemic, the virtual campus allows and encourages people to gather on campus in a different way to celebrate the grand event.

China's first virtual university officially unveiled on Baidu's Xiyang Metaverse Platform: Open to the public for experience

Netizens “take pictures and punch cards” at the gate of the virtual school

The virtual Zhongchuan campus was designed and produced by Professor Lu Xin from the School of Animation and Digital Arts and the teachers and students of the virtual entertainment laboratory led by them in three months. The team work involves a number of interdisciplinary contents such as campus geographic mapping and sampling, digital modeling, interaction design, and technology development, and is deeply involved in the testing and optimization of the twin campus landing Baidu Xiyang platform.

It is reported that Baidu has invited the laboratory team to continue to deeply participate in the Baidu Xiyong project.

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