China’s first original virtual student “enrolled” in Tsinghua

A simple T-shirt, jeans, white shoes, a ponytail, carrying a red shoulder bag …… strolling in the Tsinghua campus, she can definitely be called a goddess. Her name is “Hua Zhi Bing” and she is about to start her study and research career in the laboratory of the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghua University. Unlike other Tsinghua students, “Hua Zhi Bing” is China’s first original virtual student, trained by Beijing Zhiyuan Institute of Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with relevant units, under the guidance of Tang Jie, academic vice president of Zhiyuan Institute and professor at Tsinghua University.

China's first original virtual student "enrolled" in Tsinghua

On June 3, “Hua Zhi Bing” sent out her first Weibo post to introduce herself to everyone. In a one-minute video, she strolls through the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Museum, sometimes reads quietly by the lawn in front of the auditorium, and finally steps into the laboratory of the computer department …… “Hua Zhi Bing” says that she has been interested in literature and art since she was born. The scientists not only gave her a beautiful face and a good voice, but also taught her to compose poetry and music. She also teased her teacher, Tang Jie, who once “hesitated” to train himself because it was too expensive and “required more GPUs (graphics processors) than the students he had taught.”

China's first original virtual student "enrolled" in Tsinghua

“Hua Zhi Bing” showed her paintings, and said that she is learning every day, and the next time I see you, the work will be more beautiful.

The reporter learned that the narration, background music, the face of “Hua Zhi Bing” and the paintings she created in the video are mainly based on China’s first super large-scale intelligent model “Wudo 2.0”, which contains 1.75 trillion parameters and can be used on tens of thousands of CPU on 4.9TB of Chinese data, English data, graphic data and other artificial intelligence pre-training, to provide strong intellectual support, “‘Wudao’ to do is to let the machine think like a human, towards a universal artificial intelligence, to empower developers to promote the formation of an intelligent application ecology. ” Tang Jie said, “Hua Zhi Bing” is the result of this effort.

With the support of the “Wudao 2.0” model, “Huazhi Bing” through continuous training, will become increasingly intelligent, in addition to poetry, painting, but also has the ability to explore, the future will also be programmed to design pages, code, etc.. “Her growth rate is definitely faster than the real people, assuming that she is only 6 years old intelligence, just ‘young to primary school’, next year may reach 12 years old, to complete the ‘primary school’. ” Tang Jie said.

“Hua Zhi Bing” a debut has attracted the attention of netizens, many people asked how to have further contact with this beautiful students. In this regard, Tang Jie said, “Hua Zhi Bing” still has a long way to go to learn, at present can not fully and ordinary college students as learning, living, and will not encounter emotional problems, “we hope that she first mastered enough skills, and then seek a breakthrough in reasoning and emotional interaction. “

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