China’s Blockchain companies have exceeded 1,400 operators. How can they drive the acceleration of blockchain application innovation?

Recently, the Blockchain Application Development Forum of ICT China 2021 High-level Forum was held in Beijing. The statistics revealed at the meeting showed that China’s blockchain industry has made positive progress and has become one of the countries with the greatest potential for the development of the global blockchain industry. In 2020, the scale of China’s blockchain industry has reached 2.78 billion yuan, a growth rate It is 33.7%. At present, there are more than 1,400 blockchain companies in China, and a relatively complete industrial chain has initially formed; there are more than 40 industrial parks, and the number of patent applications is the world’s leading; in terms of blockchain standardization, there are 6 national standards and more than 10 industry standards. Leading the world. In the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 long-term goal outline, the blockchain was included in the national plan for the first time.

Based on the scale characteristics of the telecom industry and the role of communication infrastructure, it promotes the innovation and development of the entire blockchain industry. From the formulation and implementation of standards to large-scale application practices, telecom operators have become one of the core thrusts . With the advent of the blockchain industry tide, operators will usher in big opportunities with the help of 5G strength.

5G and blockchain are mutually empowering. 5G aims to realize the interconnection of everything, which provides a solid guarantee for the high-speed transmission of massive data and information. It can also take advantage of cloud-network synergy to provide an increasing number of blockchain applications. Powerful computing capabilities and storage services; blockchain, as a decentralized and privacy-protected technical tool, aims to achieve mutual trust in all things and assist 5G in solving problems such as reliability, security, privacy, and trust. The integration of the two will promote a major transformation and renewal of the entire social production mode. The integration of blockchain technology will also help operators open the door to future opportunities and create new and greater value.

China's Blockchain companies have exceeded 1,400 operators. How can they drive the acceleration of blockchain application innovation?

At present, the era of the Internet of Everything has come, and the product form, application, channel, user and ecology of the terminal industry are facing new changes and new challenges. It is urgent to integrate and explore the integrated application of blockchain, the Internet of Things and 5G. As traffic dividends are declining, the gap in communication business volume has further widened. It is difficult to continue relying solely on scale and traffic growth. There is an urgent need to use blockchain and other emerging technologies to innovate business and find new profit growth points.

In the next year or two, how can operators accelerate the development of blockchain application innovation and integration? China Telecom stated that in the face of the competition of blockchain technology innovation, it will further leverage its cloud network infrastructure advantages, build a high-quality blockchain value network infrastructure with operator characteristics, and jointly build a blockchain industry ecosystem and empower digital Economic multi-industry applications ; China Mobile will take the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation, and realize the “double first-class” of blockchain capabilities and applications; China Unicom will strengthen the blockchain Technological innovation escorts data security and trust, and combines technical reserves and breakthroughs in parallel, and a high degree of integration of industrial landing and scenario applications.

The author believes that if the blockchain is to be truly popularized and maximize its value, the top priority is to find the “killer” application scenarios, which must be driven by applications. Technology is not the main bottleneck of the blockchain. Many technical service providers can do it. The most difficult thing is to find practical scenarios for value. For operators, applications that are closely related to communication networks and services are their focus.

One is to use blockchain technology to build a new 5G network infrastructure.

Utilize the features of blockchain technology such as decentralization, security, and smart contracts to build a decentralized network infrastructure, promote base station sharing, spectrum dynamic management and sharing among communication operators, and mobilize users to make electronic products around them The micro base station that transmits, realizes the cooperation of the macro and micro base stations, and efficiently promotes the rapid landing and development of 5G.

The second is to accelerate the development of 5G and blockchain integration applications.

In the Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, Driverless, Industrial Internet, Smart City and other fields, 5G Internet of Everything can realize real-time and rapid transmission of hardware data. The non-tamperable, safe, traceable, and zero-knowledge proof technology of the blockchain can be used for Large-scale collaboration between equipment and equipment provides decentralized and secure solutions.

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