China Youth Daily: What opportunities will the Metaverse bring to young creators?

China Youth Daily: What opportunities will the Metaverse bring to young creators?

At the “Warm BaoBao Youth Bookstore” in Beijing, China Youth Daily reporter (left) talked to Liu Ying (right), executive vice-principal of Internet University Open Class, Tang Feng (middle), editor-in-chief of Chinese online fantasy universe science fiction station, and well-known Internet writer Lost Ye (video link), discussing “Youth Writing and Reading in the Metaverse Era”. Wang Haiwen / photo

On the World Book Day, a dialogue about the Metaverse was held at the “Warm BaoBao Youth Bookstore”, the physical bookstore of the China Youth Daily in the Shuxiang Shiye Cultural District, Nanxiaoshun Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Liu Ying, executive vice president of Internet Literature University, Tang Feng, editor-in-chief of Chinese online fantasy universe science fiction station, and well-known Internet writer Lost Leaves, together with our reporter, discussed “Youth in the Metaverse Era” through the “Warm One Square” live broadcast room. Writing and Reading”.

After more than 4 months of soliciting works, the “First Global Metaverse Essay Contest” hosted by Chinese Online has received 11,000 submissions. As one of the co-sponsors of the event, China Youth Daily launched the “Youth Metaverse” theme event on April 28 to explore the content form of the Metaverse era and promote the growth and development of youth in this new wave. .

The concept “Metaverse” first born in science fiction has become a wave sweeping the global technology, economy, and culture fields. How should we tell stories? How will the literary creation of this era be affected by this? What will the future “Metaverse” IP look like?

Metaverse brings opportunities to youth

Tang Feng said that the concept of “Metaverse” did not suddenly become popular. The word “Avalanche” appeared in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”. “When Google Glass came out, there was a small fire, but the technology was not mature at that time.” Tang Feng pointed out that the internal cause of the recent “Metaverse” fire is: the technology has begun to mature, and the hardware and software conditions of VR glasses have kept up. External factors include two points: the popularity of 5G networks and the emergence of digital currency based on blockchain technology.

Liu Ying believes that the Metaverse is an opportunity for the younger generation. He recalled that before entering the online literature industry as an editor, he did not have much confidence, and other colleagues at that time were the same. He did not expect that online literature would develop into such a large industry and create so many opportunities. “The same is true of the Metaverse. It is first driven by technology. If there is no technology as the underlying layer, there is no way for it to evolve to the next generation.”

Liu Ying believes that the Metaverse is more like the next-generation Internet. “It will definitely provide a lot of opportunities, especially in the field of content creation, there may be a large and fertile land for everyone to cultivate together, and there will also be a lot of good stories, and then use technology to turn these stories into reality. “.

Tang Feng pointed out that the “good stories” brought by the Metaverse will not be mainly reflected in the form of words, but will be more film-based, game-based and even industrialized content. In Tang Feng’s view, the greatest influence of the Metaverse on young people will come from the Metaverse’s own powerful cross-border ability.

“Metaverse is to think about where you should be based on the universe. Cross-border will give freedom to many young people and users.” Tang Feng said.

The complementarity between the Metaverse and literature

Lost Leaves, who was first known to many readers for his creation of online game novels, said that the genre of game novels he created in the past actually echoes the popular concept of the Metaverse. As the Metaverse has gradually gained public attention, the details of this concept have become clearer, more complete, and more specific. “The Metaverse will provide a clearer theoretical basis for the online game novels I write; and the imagination contained in the novels will also have certain guiding significance for the Metaverse. I think the two complement each other.”

Liu Ying is a long-lost reader and friend. He started to study online game novels in 2004.

“At that time, there were already smart helmets in novels, as well as VR and AR technologies that appeared later, as well as health cabins.” Liu Ying said that at that time, the authors of such novels would think more about how to make readers “happy and happy.” Immersion”, less consideration is given to technical content, but many elements and designs have already coincided with the current Metaverse.

In November 2021, the “First Global Metaverse Essay Contest” sponsored by Chinese Online and co-hosted by China Youth Daily attracted the active participation of creators. At present, the judges are evaluating the entries layer by layer.

Tang Feng said with a smile that at the beginning, many authors “did not dare” to participate. “Because the Metaverse gave everyone the impression of the movie “The Matrix” at the beginning, I felt that if what I wrote was not as good as “The Matrix”, why should I write? There will be such confusion.”

After finding that everyone was a little confused and timid about the Metaverse novels, Tang Fenglian made four or five episodes of explanation videos, telling everyone the specific direction of the Metaverse, key technical points, key story points, suitable play and content that needs to be avoided, etc. These explanations were also seen by Lost Leaves.

Lost Leaves said that he just wanted to open a new book at the time, and when he saw the Metaverse Essay Contest, “I didn’t even think about it, I thought it was too suitable”, so I signed up directly.

Liu Ying pointed out that the core reason why Chinese Online wanted to hold this event was to promote the rapid development of the Metaverse. Liu Ying stated frankly that some other countries started to explore the Metaverse early, while the domestic ones were not yet mature. He hopes that the concept of the Metaverse can be implemented on a larger scale in China as soon as possible, experiencing “growth from small to large, and then participating in global competition”.

The Metaverse will tell more good IP stories beyond words

The 49th “Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development” shows that by the end of 2021, the total number of online literature users in my country reached 502 million, an increase of 41.45 million over the same period last year, accounting for 48.6% of the total number of netizens, and the number of readers reached a new high.

After more than 20 years, the online literature industry has developed rapidly, and has created many high-quality IP and successful transformation cases. And Liu Ying, Tang Feng and Lost Leaves all pointed out that the Metaverse era may bring us a different IP concept.

In Tang Feng’s view, in the Metaverse era, IP is not necessarily just a novel, but will “evolve”. “For example, a grandmother has long since passed away, but the AI ​​recorded her voice, face, and smile. If the deceased person was born kind and was very good at comforting others, she would be immortalized on the Internet and become a goddess.”

“Many people are waiting slowly, and only a small number of people are promoting it.” Tang Feng said, “Web3.0” means a huge development across time and space, and there may be some content that you have never imagined. Become a new IP with great power.

Tang Feng believes that in the Metaverse era, the creator’s world has been broadened, and there are more opportunities to express talent. Even a non-written story can become a super IP if it can be recorded by the ubiquitous network technology of “Web3.0”.

Several guests expressed their expectations for the cooperation between Chinese Online and China Youth Daily in the “Youth Cosmos” section. Liu Ying believes that in order to make the Metaverse from concept to reality, the whole society needs to participate together. “China Youth Daily has a great influence on young people, and young people have the highest acceptance of new things; at the same time, the media can amplify social influence.”

Lost Leaves said: “With the advent of the Metaverse era, the content presentation will be more realistic, so there are many challenges for young people, but there are also many opportunities. As long as you dare to work hard, you can still achieve success.”

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