China National Defense News: Analysis of the application of blockchain in the collection of civilian resources

According to media reports, by the end of 2022, various enterprises and economic organizations in Jinan City, Shandong Province will fully implement the electronic data signing of labor contracts, in order to realize the legal sharing of contract data and real-time inspection. Coincidentally. Chengdu City, Sichuan Province uses the “Anxinzhu” app to pay wages to migrant workers. Due to the scars left in the whole process, disputes over wage arrears and wage disputes have been greatly reduced. The two places have one thing in common, which is to use the unique features of blockchain technology, such as data tamper-proof and traceability, to solve the problems of difficult evidence collection, authentication, and evidence storage in labor relations. It is foreseeable that with the maturity of blockchain technology, similar application scenarios will be widely used in various fields.

From a certain perspective, national defense mobilization is the process of converting civilian resources into military resources. However , the requisition and compensation of civilian resources are related to both the military and the local and involve multiple links, which are prone to untimely evidence collection, inaccurate assessment of the value of the requisitioned resources, incomplete requisition records, unclear compensation standards, and highly arbitrary compensation behaviors and a large room for flexibility. and so on . If these phenomena cannot be solved effectively, it will inevitably affect the enthusiasm and initiative of the requisitioned objects. If blockchain technology is introduced in the process of expropriation and compensation of civilian resources, these problems will be easily solved.

The basic idea of ​​solving the problem is: to build a civil resource requisition and compensation system based on blockchain technology , so that the unit that proposes the requisition demand, the unit that organizes the requisition, the coordinating unit, the unit that evaluates the value, the unit that undertakes the transformation and modification of civil resources, and the subject of the requisition, etc., All become a node on the blockchain, connecting the points into a line, forming the purchase of civil resources, the proposal of requisition demand, the issuance of requisition orders, the evaluation of the value of the requisitioned resources, the transformation and modification of civil resources, the handling of requisition procedures, the use and return of civil resources Full life cycle management until compensation .

There are three main reasons for determining this basic idea:

First, through blockchain technology, the traceability and value problems of expropriated civilian resources can be solved. Although assessing civilian resources is not as difficult as appraising treasures, it is not easy to figure out the value of each civilian resource, especially those with high technological content, high cost, and transition from new products to ready-to-use products.

The “time stamp” technology of the blockchain can ensure that the purchase time and purchase price of civil resources can be traced back and forth. The value evaluation unit can make a relatively reasonable evaluation of the actual situation of the civil resources when they are expropriated based on the purchase time and price, and comprehensively consider various factors such as the duration and frequency of resource use, consumption, and current market prices, and provide relevant data and quotations. Stored in the block, other departments can also receive information synchronously, and it is difficult to modify, which strongly supports the formulation of subsequent compensation standards.

Second, through blockchain technology, the standardization and fairness of the expropriation process can be improved. As long as relevant units publish information such as “who the civil resources belong to, whether they are requisitioned, whether they need to be refitted, when to hand over, when to use them, and whether they are lost” and other information on the platform, the decentralized technology of the blockchain can allow other Relevant units share this information synchronously to achieve “every step for all to see” and minimize human interference.

Third, through blockchain technology, compensation can be automated. The smart contract technology of the blockchain can enforce established agreements through code. In the civil resource requisition and compensation work, as long as the organization of the requisitioning unit, the coordinating unit, and the requisitioned subject reach a consensus, code together, and form a smart contract, the compensation action will be automatically executed and implemented in a timely manner under the support of blockchain and other technologies, to the greatest extent possible. Protect the enthusiasm of the expropriated subjects.

Of course, we must also clearly see that the biggest advantage of the blockchain is to ensure the safety of the information flow on the chain, that is, the information on the chain is very safe and difficult to tamper with during the transmission process. The more this is the case, the more attention should be paid to ensuring “source security”: once there is a problem with the source data, the sooner the wrong information is chained, the greater the loss to each node, and the higher the cost of correcting the error.

For example, if the initial resource purchase price is inaccurate, then it will inevitably affect the subsequent value assessment and the determination of compensation standards, resulting in one mistake and another mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to increase information supervision, strengthen the comprehensive application of blockchain and other high-tech, and ensure the scientific and reasonable requisition and compensation of civil resources with the accuracy of source information.

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