China Fund News: “Tyue” on the Metaspace Station, be wary of the concept of rubbing

Want to go to heaven by “Meta Universe”?

As soon as the market opened this morning, “Meta Universe Leader” Zhongqingbao immediately closed its daily limit, which is also the second consecutive daily daily limit for Zhongqingbao. As of press time, the stock price is 11.81 yuan per share, with a market value of 3.11 billion yuan.

China Fund News: "Tyue" on the Metaspace Station, be wary of the concept of rubbing

The concept of “meta universe” in the early trading stimulated the game sector to explode across the board. As of press time, Shengtian Network’s daily limit, Kaiying Network, Kunlun Wanwei, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, and Perfect World have continued to surge. Game ETF (516010) rose by more than 4%, with a turnover of over 32 million yuan.

It’s a word board again

The company’s response is still being developed

As soon as the market opened this morning, the leader Zhongqingbao immediately closed the daily limit, which is also the second consecutive day of daily limit for Zhongqingbao.

Last night, investors asked Dong Mi on the interactive platform: “Does the company have any plans or layouts in the meta universe?” Zhongqingbao responded, ” Any technology and concept are subject to trial and uncertainty. As a company As an Internet company, we are willing to try more new concepts and new technologies, and continue to expand and innovate ourselves. However, in the face of every innovation, we are also in a courageous, but cautious attitude. Meta universe is a huge concept and model , We are still in the preliminary stage of exploration, the concepts we touched are relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still being developed. At present, the launch time and region of the new game are affected by many factors, and there are also uncertainties. Please judge rationally from investors. .”

China Fund News: "Tyue" on the Metaspace Station, be wary of the concept of rubbing

Yesterday, a person from the Zhongqingbao Securities Department also told the media that the main highlight of this virtual reality game is “online wine making and offline wine tasting”. When asked about the development progress of the redesigned game, the person said that there is no latest news to disclose to the outside world. “There is no specific timetable for the launch, and it is uncertain whether the game will be launched.”

On September 6th, Zhongqingbao’s WeChat official account revealed that the company is about to launch a meta-universe game “Master Brewer”, which is a virtual and real fantasy linkage simulation business. It is understood that “Brewmaster” is a development and management game with the management of a winery as the core. It can map virtual to reality. Users can experience reality in the game or touch the game in reality. In the game, the wine you brewed by yourself can be pulled offline.

In the morning of September 7, the China Youth Daily pulled up in a straight line and reached the daily limit in an instant. As of the close, there were more than 60,000 buy orders placed on the daily limit.

According to data, Zhongqingbao is one of the earliest domestic game companies engaged in the development, operation and distribution of online games. It is also China’s first A-share listed game company, with patriotic red online games, mobile games and cloud games as its pillars. Since mid-July, Zhongqingbao has oscillated down for many days, and the daily limit may be related to the “meta universe”.

It is reported that Zhongqingbao enters the meta-universe track through the integration of its own Internet technology products, and provides support with communication cloud computing technology; games build the main scenes of meta-universe; VR performs visual presentations; builds economy with its own blockchain technology The system realizes the transfer of value. These four closely intersect and jointly build the meta-universe.

“Meta Universe” goes out of the circle

Related concept stocks and ETFs rose sharply

The concept of “Meta Universe” continued to explode, with related concept stocks on fire. As of press time, the Meta Universe Concept Index has risen by nearly 7%.

China Fund News: "Tyue" on the Metaspace Station, be wary of the concept of rubbing

Game ETF (516010) rose by more than 4%, with a turnover of over 32 million yuan.

China Fund News: "Tyue" on the Metaspace Station, be wary of the concept of rubbing

BOC Securities pointed out that Meta Universe corresponds to domestic cloud gaming, VR and other industries. The underlying technologies of Meta Universe mainly include cloud computing, graphics and image processing, network transmission, human-computer interaction and other fields. If the investment scope is focused from start-ups to listed companies, it will have a high degree of matching with the domestic cloud gaming and VR industries. Both include the virtual scene construction required by Metaverse, while the former focuses more on migrating the gaming experience from the host to the cloud to support large-scale online users, low thresholds and rich interactions; the latter focuses more on terminal devices and different virtual environments. Scenario application and other aspects. BOC Securities believes that games will be the first to benefit from the explosion of the meta universe industry. On the one hand, Roblox is popular in North America mainly with its mobile game products (160 million downloads in 2020, mobile revenue over 1.1 billion US dollars); on the other hand, cloud games require content scenarios, and Metaverse’s existing products and IPs can be fast Help cloud games mature.

Guohai Securities also believes that although the meta-universe is still in its early stages, there are still many elements of the meta-universe that have not been realized. The true realization of the meta-universe requires the promotion and support of technology. In the medium and long term, the meta-universe is expected to bring innovation in the virtual world. , To promote the co-prosperity of all links in the industry chain, such as game content, community, education, commodity trading, artificial intelligence, VR/AR, and blockchain, thereby bringing about new growth.

“Tuyere” on the Yuan Universe Station

Be wary of the concept of rubbing

What is the “meta universe” that is out of the circle?

Soochow Securities Research Report pointed out that the meta-universe of the intersection of virtual and reality can be understood as an artificial virtual space running parallel to the real world. It replicates the underlying logic of the real world and provides users with rich content and immersive interactions. Experience, pointing to the next stop on the Internet.

In addition, the research report of Soochow Securities claims that AR/VR and other technologies are becoming more mature, which has established an in and out channel for Metaverse. AR/VR technically solves the problem of interactive entry and exit between the virtual world and the real world. The maturity of technology is accompanied by price reductions and market penetration. AR/VR will become easier to obtain and use, and the improvement of technology will also make the user experience continuously improved. , The development of 5G, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies also provides support for the construction of the meta-universe virtual world.

This also means that the meta-universe spans the experience and lifestyle of AI, blockchain, games, social and other fields. According to IDC forecasts, the average annual growth rate of the global virtual reality industry will reach 54% from 2020 to 2024. With the continuous development of new technologies, industries related to the virtual reality “meta universe” may usher in an explosion.

When Roblox, a VR game platform, went public this year, it was the first time that Meta Universe was included in the prospectus. In less than three months, the stock price almost doubled, with a total market value of more than US$50 billion, which inspired the concept of Meta Universe.

However, industry insiders remind that Meta Universe is still in its infancy, and related products on the market are still far from realizing this concept. Be wary of concept hype. Judging from the current definition, the virtual space of “Oasis” fully meets the standards of the meta-universe, but the concept of meta-universe has not yet become popular at that time, and virtual reality (VR) technology is at a low point in its application. Hua Securities issued a research report also pointed out that head before AR and VR device is still flawed, in the current 5G technology, once the equipment is running too long, the world too ambitious, screen-door effect on visual and sense of vertigo occurs.


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