Chia announces NASDAQ IPO in August with a market cap of $20 billion

According to Chia official announcement will be in August 2021, the opening of the NASDAQ listing, participation is in the form of equity, the total amount of $30 million – $50 million. Wall Street professional investment bank valuation of $ 20 billion!

Chia announces NASDAQ IPO in August with a market cap of  billion

Breaking good news: Chia Chia officially announced: “We have been maintaining a good relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Chia IPO as soon as this August.” The company has always considered an eventual public stock offering or listing as an integral part of our product and business strategy.

According to Chia officials will open a NASDAQ listing in August 2021, with participation in the form of equity for a total of $30-50 million. Wall Street professional investment bank valued at $20 billion!

Chia has always had a good relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission and an eventual public offering or listing is an integral part of our product and business strategy. And since our inception, our financial statements have been independently audited annually by Armanino LLP, a PCAOB registered public accounting firm.

Chia’s financials are fully disclosed for transparency and public reporting under the U.S. 1933 Act and the 1394 Act, and we are committed to being listed on the NASDAQ and regulated by the SEC.

Here’s a look at the big institutions that have invested in chia: (the whole of Wall Street is behind it)

Our investors include: Slow Ventures, Naval Ravikant, Breyer Capital, Collaborative Fund, IDEO Colab, a16z Crypto, True Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Cygni Capital, Greylock Partners, DCM, Metastable, StillMark Capital and Kamal Ravikant, Coinbase.

Coinbase The only listed digital currency exchange, Coinbase announced that it is considering going live in 2021 to focus on fostering 17 new cryptocurrency assets, chia being one of them.

Major institutions have laid out chia, and it is difficult to not want to be listed, because the driving force of capital is infinite.

Currently 470,000 XCH (Chia tokens) have been mined. The current network-wide arithmetic difficulty is: 2466PiB. 1T yield is: 0.0036xch . The number of active miners on the network is the number of addresses: 51681. It can be seen how fast it had grown. Fire speaks for itself you know.

Chia mining input-output calculation, we try to calculate the revenue that 1PB arithmetic can output: according to the current official website of the daily output of 0.0094 per T, then the output of 1PB a day is 0.0094×1024 = 9.6256XCH, this is the theoretical daily output of 1PB XCH, but with the influx of a large amount of arithmetic into chia, the future output will More and more difficult, according to statistics, the daily new arithmetic power reached 50-80P, the output also fell by a full half in 10 days, chia’s heat high state, the daily output value per T will continue to decline, the difficulty of obtaining XCH will gradually increase.

Seize the opportunity is the best life, others doubt you believe, this is the opportunity, this is also the existence of 28 laws in life.

Why is Chia better?

Chia has a new Nakamoto’s innovative consensus algorithm, which eliminates the need for proof-of-work energy in the system. CHIA will be significantly more secure than other cryptocurrencies due to its more decentralized blockchain. CHIALISP, CHIA’s new smart transaction programming language, is powerful, easy to audit, secure and reliable, and will unlock the security, transparency and ease of use promised by cryptocurrencies. CHIA also uses more modern cryptographic tools to enable richer smart transaction capabilities CHIA is taking a new, superior approach to funding, building and supporting the blockchain through an ultimately public, for-profit, open-source development company (holding PRE-FARM.) CHIA will use its pre-farm (strategic reserve) to mitigate coin volatility to mitigate bubbles and crashes and drive adoption of Chia.

4 advantages of chia chia

Chia has four advantages you can look out for:

First, it is backed by underlying assets (hardware devices) and has a longer in and out buffer period

It is not as random as DeFi;

Second, there is a smart contract;

The third is that there is already enough consensus and a large number of people are concerned;

The fourth is green + smart, can be said to be green smart bitcoin.

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