Chengdu’s century-old culturally long-established “Poem Maid’s House” encounters NFT what sparks will it spark

On September 20th, the ODin NFT platform of the new domestic cultural and creative NFT ecosystem plans to jointly launch the NFT blind box exclusively with Chengdu’s century-old cultural brand “The Poetry Maid’s House”. According to the deployment of strategic cooperation, the online NFT auction area of ​​Odin×Shi Maijia will be launched in early October 2021, and the NFT paintings of Chinese painting master Zhang Daqian will be launched for the first auction.

NFT is a new concept that has exploded globally this year. In China, NFT is more frequently combined with VR, games, public welfare undertakings, and the entertainment industry. Alipay has brought a variety of NFT payment skins, Tencent and Dunhuang Research Institute released the first public welfare NFT, Wong Kar-wai brought his first film NFT work for his “In the Mood for Love-A Moment”, a limited edition of “Thirteen Invitations” NFT sales of vinyl records are also good.

The NFT supported by the giants of the Internet industry has gradually made the outline of the development of the NFT industry gradually clear. If the soldiers and horses have not moved the food and grass first, what is the trend of domestic NFT? Just observe the layout of the giants.


Chengdu's century-old culturally long-established "Poem Maid's House" encounters NFT what sparks will it spark

Chengdu cultural business card poetry maid’s house

“The House of Poetry Maid” is a well-known Chinese and foreign cultural time-honored brand, founded by Mr. Zheng Ciqing in 1920. During the period of the Republic of China, cultural celebrities such as Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian were frequent visitors of poetry and maidservants. During the war, Zhang Daqian went to Jiajiang to study papermaking skills with the owner of a poet’s maid’s family due to the shortage of rice paper, and developed the “Daqian Calligraphy and Painting Paper”.

Because the poetry maid’s house gradually became a stage for the integration and development of Bashu culture and the national culture, the masters mentioned the poetry maid’s house together with Rongbaozhai, Duoyunxuan, and Yangliuqing, and they were called the four major cultural time-honored brands and became one of Chengdu’s first Zhang Liangli’s “cultural card”.

Business characteristics: Adhering to the excellent traditions and cultural heritage of the century-old shop, focusing on the management of modern and contemporary, celebrity paintings and calligraphy and holding painting exhibitions, with a rich collection.

NFT trend is in the ascendant in China

With the sale of the sky-high price of NFT art collections in March 2021, the button for NFT art realization was opened. Under this background, domestic Internet companies and giants rushed into this track madly.

What is NFT?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token), that is, “non-fungible token”, has the characteristics of indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique. It is a digital certificate that can anchor items in the real world. Its key innovation is to provide a way to mark the ownership of native digital assets, and the ownership can exist outside of centralized services or centralized libraries.

In layman’s terms, NFT can be anything digital, including but not limited to sounds, images, a paragraph of text, and a prop in a game. These common digital products, with the addition of NFT, become verifiable and tradable “digital assets”.

Knock down on the key point, what is NFT is not important, everything is empty NFT is the key, the big factory giants use NFT to realize brand IP and overtaking on the track is the key.

Fierce industry competition is giving birth to the prosperity of NFT

Which APP do you use to listen to songs?

In the past few years, the online music platform market has basically taken shape. The stable pattern of “one super and one strong” of the “top platform” has continued for many years. Monopoly is an obvious feature of the current online music market. Although Tencent Music Group is the only one, Douyin, Kuaishou has begun to build teams to enter the online music industry, but there are also major difficulties.

Tencent tested the “NFT” trading platform and produced the first limited-edition vinyl record of the music NFT “Thirteen Invitations” in China. Its ultimate goal is nothing more than maintaining the dominant position of music and its market share.

Chengdu's century-old culturally long-established "Poem Maid's House" encounters NFT what sparks will it spark

Poetry maid’s help to promote the digital upgrade of traditional cultural and creative industries

The Maid of Poetry has been advancing with the times. It first combined the national treasure panda with calligraphy and painting to create the popular IP Youyou pandas “Black and White Moon” and “Huaxiaoxian”. Through cooperation with the Odin NFT platform, the subsequent original IP “Black and White Moon” and “Huaxiaoxian” derivative NFTs will also be exclusively first released on the Odin platform in the form of NFT blind boxes.

According to public information, the maidservant poetry will carry out strategic cooperation with Odin NFT to build the first NFT auction house in China. The offline auction is transferred to the online, but by mapping the physical auctions and the NFT auctions on the chain to each other, creating an emerging business model that combines virtual and real.

At the end of the article

In recent years, NFT, a thing that was born overseas, has gained momentum in China. Many large domestic companies have also begun to tempted. Fierce industry competition is giving birth to the prosperity of NFT.

The successive entry of Shimaijia, Tencent, and Alipay demonstrates their confidence in the future development of the NFT cultural and creative market. As cultural products become more popular and convenient, they may further increase public participation and open up for enterprises. Add new traffic entrances to achieve the strategic layout goals of the enterprise.


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