CheersUP community AMA record: will use NFT as an entry point for more exploration

On June 2nd, Baselabs, the development team of the NFT project CheersUP, conducted an AMA in the community. For this NFT project closely integrated with station B, the team answered questions such as “follow-up gameplay”, “thinking about NFT and Web3” and so on. The following is a compilation of this AMA.

About CheersUP

First of all, please make a brief self-introduction of Baselabs

Baselabs: Hello everyone, I am the operations leader of the Baselabs team. Thank you for your support of the project. I am honored to share more information with you here today.

Many users don’t quite understand the relationship between CheersUP, bilibili, Cryptonatty and our Baselabs. In short, Cheers UP is the IP that bilibili focuses on in the NFT field, and it is also the first NFT project issued overseas. CryptoNatty is the platform officially authorized to cooperate with Station B, and our Baselabs is the operation team of CryptoNatty and Cheers UP.

“Meeting is a good friend, and it is worth toasting.” Cheers is the community culture and philosophy of station B, and it is also the community culture of our community. Because of the same friendship, it is an honor for us to meet here and build consensus together.

One of the things that everyone is most concerned about at the moment is when the pictures will be opened.

Baselabs: Indeed, everyone is looking forward to the opening of the map during this time, and we have already prepared. It is currently planned to open the map on the evening of June 5, domestic time, and set June 6 as CheersDay as a celebration.

As for why we chose a time like the evening of June 5th, we have also considered various aspects. It just so happens that tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. After deliberation, we decided to leave the festival to everyone to feel at ease, so we decided to open the map on June 5th. Just in time for the ChaeersDay event on June 6th.

Cheers DAY sounds fun, what’s the event?

Baselabs: Haha, this event was first proposed by community users in the #suggestion channel. First of all, thank you for your suggestions. We will carefully read each suggestion and study its feasibility and consider adopting it.

Speaking of CheersDay, we are holding it more as an annual cultural celebration of Cheers, rather than just a chart opening day event for chart opening. As mentioned just now, “Cheers” is the spiritual core of our community culture. This celebration will hold activities around the concept of “Cheers”, and will also give some benefits to supporters who joined Cheers in the early days.

This year is the first Cheers Festival, which is also a starting point for CheersUP or Station B to move towards a new world. We hope to bring more people to understand our culture by raising a glass and celebrating on this day every year. , join our world.

Can you chat about the utility of Cheers UP? I saw that there are social attributes and Pass attributes, can you tell us in detail?

Baselabs: Okay, I’ll start with social. Last year there was a lot of discussion about the value of PFP, and why the category of PFP would stand out in the NFT field.

As discussed by many, we believe that social attributes are an important reason for the achievement of PFP. To pick another important point, the ability of PFP to be “cross-platform” is very beneficial to its early promotion, that is, it can be used as the avatar of many Web2 platforms. This human-centered, cross-Web2 product function has become a foundation of PFP social networking.

Therefore, for Cheers UP, the brand building of its own IP is the key work behind. He has the attributes of PFP, and at the same time, the ecology of station B will be blessed with avatar certification to enhance its social exposure; for the ecology that already supports PFP, it also has its own certification, such as Twitter’s hexagonal avatar.

At the same time, about some attributes of Pass, we have also made some descriptions on the roadmap.

I still have a lot to learn about Pass. Pass has only been FOMOed in the NFT field not long ago. Many people think that NFT has iterated from social capital to the story of tickets. How do you think about the application of the so-called Pass in NFT?

Baselabs: Well, the premise of being able to do Pass is that there is a platform-level ecology or organization behind Cheers UP NFT. Behind Cheers UP NFT is the platform ecology of Station B, so having this condition is the most direct empowerment for Cheers UP.

From the perspective of the platform, issuing an NFT capable of Pass will have another effective governance tool, and Pass and the platform complement each other. For example, cooperation with other projects or platforms can be carried out from the perspective of the platform ecology of station B and Cheers UP NFT, as well as the voting mechanism based on NFT.

Specifically, as stated in the roadmap, at the platform level, two sets of list systems will be established. Combined with the entry mechanism of NFT projects, Cheers UP holders enjoy certain privileges. This ensures the equity value of CUP owners. The role of pulling new, through the power of CUP owners, guides high-quality project parties to settle in station B, forming a virtuous circle. We believe that together with high-quality project parties and communities, we can complete the co-construction of Web3.

Next I want to ask about the details of PASS. How is the first-level list selected? Will there be cooperation with blue-chip projects that are not on the list?

Baselabs: The first-level list has been announced in the community yesterday. The initial list of the first-level list is mainly based on Hodler’s recommendation. We will focus on respecting the holder’s proposal and reflecting the holder’s right to nominate. At the same time, our project team has also selected some recognized blue-chip projects to attract the attention of more blue-chip holders.

At the same time, the construction of the first-level list will continue, and the App display function will be collected and updated on schedule. With the implementation of the project, a platform-based management mechanism is gradually formed iteratively.

In addition, we are also actively introducing high-quality projects to further complete the construction of the second-level exclusive list.

The following is also a topic that the community has been more concerned about recently. Can PASS unlock the lifetime membership of the NFT corresponding account? Is there an airdrop plan or a dividend plan?

Baselabs: These are all possibilities. You can also see that the contract includes a brewing function, which will be a friendly function for long-term holders. At the same time, it will also have a certain periodicity to take into account the joining of new users. If there is a possibility in the future, the airdrop will be done. A certain combination will increase the value of NFT and encourage holders to hold for a long time.

It is also mentioned on the roadmap that we will have a large membership card pool, and we will formulate a monthly free collection mechanism to ensure that no waste is given to those who really need it, and the card pool will be expanded periodically.

In addition, it will be more important to explore new and greater values, such as the pass mechanism, joint cooperation with the project party, etc. We are all in progress.

In fact, there is already a set of Cheers UP in China. Is there any difference from CheersUP overseas? This is also the question of many people.

Baselabs: CheersUP and the domestic “Cheers”, first of all, there will be a certain relationship from the IP point of view, the big style is the same, this is to focus more domestic and foreign resources to jointly build the brand, and to CheersUP itself Branding is beneficial.

But there are still big differences on the whole. First of all, the rights and interests are completely different, the scope and freedom of circulation are also different, and the content is also a completely different series.

I understand that there are many users who want to adjust the style of the certified CheersUP display corner logo. What is the official consideration in this regard?

Baselabs: The current dark blue style dynamic icon design is actually a comprehensive consideration, including trying to distinguish it from other icon colors (for example, the icon of a large member is red).

However, taking into account everyone’s feedback, we have reflected the needs to the design.

The icon update involves the change of the avatar resource bits all over the site. It also needs to be combined with the release of the APP. The plan is to formulate several plans for certain consideration.

In addition, there will be other special effects and resource bits in the future to further enrich the personalized rights of the display, which you can look forward to.

Is it possible for CheersUP to make an animated gif? Animated pictures should be very cool

Baselabs: This question has been answered in the suggestion feedback channel before. From the comprehensive consideration of product experience, dynamic avatars will interfere with normal content browsing, so there is no implementation of dynamic avatars on the entire site (the few remaining historical issues from the early years are also will be gradually removed).

But from another point of view, we encourage second-generation entrepreneurship, and even provide resource display for high-quality second-generation entrepreneurship in the future. Motion pictures can be supported in these display spaces, which will bring a new experience different from avatars. For example, the just-concluded CCC competition is the first attempt of our second creation. After that, the system will be gradually established and perfected.

About the project party’s thoughts on the development of NFT

I think a lot of people want to know how Station B views NFTs. What is the strategic position of this NFT project in the planning of Station B, how strong is the support, what is the right of the project leadership to speak, how much resources can it win, and how much determination does it have?

Baselabs: As the official partner of Station B, according to the information we have learned so far, the resource slots open to NFTs in the overseas version of the APP of Station B are very valuable traffic portals. This kind of support is very strong. Compared with other applications, it is generally only used for advertising space, which is directly related to revenue. This is also the most difficult resource to obtain, which shows that the strategic position is very high.

And for CUP, we are the first overseas NFT project at station B, and its various rights and benefits are naturally arranged first and satisfied as much as possible. Therefore, in terms of fighting for resources and determination, everyone can rest assured.

CC0 is a very important concept in NFT. Even the leading CryptoPunk is complained by NFT players because it is not CC0, but CheersUP does not seem to be CC0, why?

Baselabs: The main reason for this is that CheersUP’s PFP contains existing IP elements such as small TVs at station B, so it is difficult to meet the CC0 standard. But we will also be more proactive in building the brand itself.

And relax the constraints as much as possible to encourage everyone’s second creation and dissemination. Second creation is a direction that we will focus on in the future, so although we cannot achieve CC0, we will try to relax the restrictions within the scope of operation.

CheersUP is a Web3 project. Although Web3 has no boundaries, CheersUP still has the majority of domestic users. Can you think so? Who are our target user groups? Have you considered overseas publicity?

Baselabs: From the perspective of empowerment, the user group of station B will indeed be more convenient to experience, which will be directly related to the overlap between project holders and users of station B.

In fact, the simplified/traditional version of the APP of station B only started to be launched in the application market of countries and regions other than mainland China/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at the end of April. In less than a month, the coverage of the global Chinese-speaking group has grown rapidly. Among them, NFT The support is the first feature.

Therefore, from the perspective of user attractiveness, the goal of the simplified/traditional version of the APP is to serve the Chinese/Chinese community of Web3, which is a high-quality user that requires very hard work to win. In the global Web3 community, Chinese/Chinese have a huge influence .

In addition, in the future, the Southeast Asian version/English version of Station B will also be promoted to cover more users.

We have also seen many non-Chinese speaking users participating in the project. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks here. Since the community is still under construction in the early stage, some people’s feelings have been ignored. Language community building, and the process of internationalization of Station B is also accelerating.

What plans does CheersUP have in terms of overseas market expansion? Will it cooperate with overseas up owners, big v, etc., and what kind of strategy will it be?

Baselabs: Yes, that’s for sure. In addition to the Kol in Web3, we will continue to attract big V and UP masters in the Web2 field, and let more new users join us.

For Web2 user groups, it is also necessary to popularize basic concepts, and at the same time introduce the brand concept and user rights of Cheers UP.

Promote the resource value of the platform to the Web3 community and attract more Web3 user communities to use the platform functions of Station B.

It is currently in progress and continues to select suitable candidates.

About Bilibili’s thoughts on Web3

As mentioned earlier, Web3 has no boundaries, but it is closely bound with the ecology of station B. Does it go against the spirit of Web3? How to integrate with the external Web3 ecosystem?

Baselabs: As the official partner of Station B, the following only represent some of my personal views, based on the information I have learned so far.

First of all, from the perspective of Cheers UP (CUP), Station B is an ecosystem and community that already exists behind it. This is an important advantage of this project. We should not avoid it, but actively integrate it.

This is also the biggest difference between the development path of this project and other projects. We will not create a Web3 ecology from scratch, but will breed and grow a Web3 ecology on the original Web2 ecology.

On the other hand, CUP itself is decoupled from station B, assets belong to users, and it has an attitude of open cooperation, active access and promotion with other Web3 platforms. If there are other ecosystems willing to open up, CUP will also be active. Access and become part of each other’s ecology.

So from the perspective of the ecology of station B, for a platform with more than 100 million active users, it is open enough compared to other platforms, even more open than many Web3 native platforms. We welcome the cooperation of project parties and platforms to create new possibilities.

What else has B station done on Web3?

Baselabs: Let’s start with NFT. There are many elements to a successful NFT project, the most important of which may be: high-quality content, abundant liquidity, a strong consensus community, rich application scenarios, and so on.

There are application scenarios, which can also determine the level of value. This is the key area to be explored by Station B in the future, and it is also lacking in the market at present.

The overseas version of station B will start to explore in the field of Web3 by providing resource locations and application scenarios for NFT, and providing product functions for the community. In this regard, we have seen some actions (such as the display of the first-level list), and I believe that Station B will use this as an entry point for more exploration.

In fact, the action of station B is earlier than that of other large Web2 companies. As early as December 2021, the avatar authentication function (“Pigeon De”) was launched in mainland China based on the high-energy chain for the first time, which is faster than Twitter’s support for avatar authentication. The launch time is still a month earlier, and more traffic and resources will be opened in the future. The entry mechanism of the project party is also more layered than the simple membership fee model of the holder.

User questions:

1. What is the specific rarity ratio of the map?

Baselabs: Let me reveal in advance that the level of “primitive tribe” is scarce, and the next unknown level is only 12 1of1s. There is also a mysterious 0of0.

2. Is there any plan to issue coins in the future of Cheers up?

Baselabs: The project is still in a very early stage, and there is no such plan in the short term. The issuance of coins requires many mature conditions to be possible, and it needs to be based on the stable and breakthrough development of the project. Issuing coins is not the purpose of this project, but it may be a natural result.

3. How will our community culture construction be done in the future? Will it be taken seriously?

Baselabs: The construction of community culture is indeed a part that we attach great importance to. Currently, the first phase of the CCC creator activity has just been held. Next, the community will encourage everyone to create more and strengthen the core of community culture. At the same time, there will be The special “Creator Points” is used as an incentive, and the application of the points will be gradually launched. This is a relatively large system, and everyone can maintain expectations and confidence.

4. Does the brewing game refer to the brewing members? Will something else be brewed?

Baselabs: Large membership is a requirement put forward by many users before. For this reason, a lot of resources are prepared for users in need, and they will be satisfied with brewing. This is the most basic benefit. As the brewing time increases, it will also be combined with the gameplay of airdrops. At the same time, it will also have a certain periodicity, which is also very important to be friendly to new users.

BlockBeats host Jeremy Zhang: Thank you for the support of the CheersUP community, goodbye everyone~

Baselabs Operations Manager: Thank you, Mr. Zhang, bye~

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