Chain game Fusionist: How far can you go by relying on points to pull new and blue-chip NFT “mining”

Can Fusionist’s introduction of points and blue-chip NFT “mining” be an effective bear market growth strategy?

Art Gobblers’ recent surge in prices through its unique Dutch auction issuance mechanism has triggered FOMO sentiment, and although its life cycle needs to be further examined, its innovative issuance model and Paradigm’s endorsement have successfully achieved a cold start.

At the same time, another early chain game project, Fusionist, also relied on alpha points to pull new gameplay to attract market attention. What kind of growth flywheel does Fusionist have, and whether it can stir up a thousand waves with one stone, PANews will take you to find out.

Deterministic and random fusion, Fusionist’s bear growth strategy

Fusionist’s event, which started on October 29, is divided into three phases and lasts for about three weeks, until 11:00 (Beijing time) on November 19, and the event has entered its third phase.

Stage 1: Users start registering and earning more points. Users can mint 500 founding NFTs for free, and the whitelist is selected according to the requirements of the second and third phases. The founding NFTs will enjoy airdrops, in-game privileges, access to exclusive Discord channels and more in the future. The total supply of Genesis NFTs is 500 pieces, which will never be issued.

Chain game Fusionist: How far can you go by relying on points to pull new and blue-chip NFT "mining"

At the same time, Fusionist also sets up alpha points to play, and there are mainly the following ways to get more alpha points in the invitation rules: 1. New users can get 100 points when they register (you can get an additional 100 points by registering with other people’s invitation codes), and there is no upper limit to invitations; 2. Invite other new users to register to get 60 points, in addition, invite users to hold tokens and blue-chip NFTs, the inviter can also get additional airdrop points; 3. Retweet activity tweets, you can also get 80 points, which can only be forwarded once a day; 4. If you have the following digital assets and blue-chip NFTs in your wallet, you can get the corresponding points airdrop every day. Digital assets include ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI; Blue chip NFTs include MoonBirds, Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Clonex, Doodles, and Meebits.

Stage 2: Top 200 whitelists

According to the ranking of points as of 11:00 (Beijing time) on November 3, select the whitelist of the top 200 points and announce the whitelist on the official Twitter of 0:00 (Beijing time) on November 4.

Stage 3: 300 lucky whitelists

At 11:00 (Beijing time) on November 11, 300 lucky whitelists will be randomly drawn from the top 5,000 players (excluding the places already drawn in the second stage).

PANews Note: The time of this event is based on the time previously announced by the official on Medium, and the specific time is subject to the official announcement.

Chain game Fusionist: How far can you go by relying on points to pull new and blue-chip NFT "mining"

List of the top 10 points as of November 3

In the airdrop rules set by Fusionist, they are set from the perspective of determining and random fitting each other. From a deterministic point of view, as long as users have enough tokens and blue-chip NFTs that meet the conditions to deposit into the corresponding wallet, they can get more points and rush to the top 200 whitelist; From a randomness point of view, as long as the first 5,000 participants have a chance to get free NFTs. This is also one of the reasons for the continuous participation of new users, Bo assets and Bo luck, these two dimensions accurately capture the psychological dynamics of users, prompting users with different financial strength to continue to participate in it.

It should be noted that Fusionist requires registered wallets to have at least $1 in assets (ETH chain) to participate, which also shows that Fusionist is open to users and can participate at a lower threshold. Chinese mainland users can choose Hong Kong as their location, it takes about 24 hours for the assets and NFTs transferred to the wallet to be updated with the corresponding points. It is still in the early stages of the game, the product is not very mature, and in the case of the points that are now used to participate, the arrival of points is usually relatively delayed, which has also been complained by the community. Fusionist games are divided into three main stages.

  • Game stage 1: colonization, PvE stage, mainly mining, the threshold is low, and you can participate by holding the corresponding assets and NFTs.
  • Game Stage 2: Conquest, PvP Phase, introduces the game between gamers, the beginning of real game fun.
  • Game stage 3: Unity, SLG part, introducing multi-party games, the specific game details have not been disclosed.


Like other GameFi games, Fusionist combines PvE and PvP game modes to realize multi-party games in stages to meet the needs of game playability. In addition, Fusionist has set up a “Galaxy Market” in the game, where users can realize prop purchases, token exchanges and other operations, it should be noted that the points that users participate in are not Tokens now, and other content has not been officially announced.

Fusionist officially claims to be produced by industry veterans, but the specific team information and investment and financing information have not been disclosed. Fusionist’s vision is to achieve the quality of triple-A games by improving the gameplay, the game’s graphics, esports-friendly matches, and the viewing experience.

The number of active users has halved, and GameFi faces opportunities and challenges

Fusionist has not yet announced the specific underlying public chain, but from the asset requirements of the participating wallets and the description of the official personnel of the Fusionist community, it is likely to be on the ETH chain.

As of Nov. 3, GameFi had 63,554,828 total players and 170,321 active players, according to footprint. The overall number of active users of GameFi has dropped by nearly 53.35% from June, and the overall new user growth has been slow since the second half of 2022. GameFi is mainly focused on BNB, ETH and Polygon in the underlying public chain layout.



GameFi has also been a key track for top investment institutions, and since 2022, the top 20 investment institutions including A16z, Binance Labs, and FTX (Alameda Research) have invested in 2,054 games. PANews noted that on November 1, Binance Labs posted on its official Twitter account about Fusionist’s ongoing activities, with the text “Don’tmiss out, we are in”, but this tweet has now been deleted.


Because Fusionist is in the initial stage of project launch, it has not disclosed more information such as team and investment and financing, and data indicators such as daily activity and trading volume cannot be verified. However, compared to the current relatively mature games such as llluvium and Star Atlas, Fusionist needs core innovation and game development time and money to achieve corner overtaking, in order to achieve the first curve and even the second curve of user volume growth.

The circle-breaking effect of GameFi games needs to integrate playability, profitability, and continuity, and it also needs to improve the shortcomings of previous Play-to-earn. Fusionist was launched under the bear market cycle and faces a more severe market test, and it remains to be seen whether Fusionist can drive the growth of the entire GameFi through more innovative gameplay, and even drive the recovery of the entire industry.

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