CES 2022’s first experience of the Metaverse

Although the Metaverse touted by companies like the newly named Meta may seem like hype, the next era of innovation will require virtual worlds.

At the most lively CES after the epidemic, technology giants such as Samsung, Qualcomm, and Microsoft were busy showing off their Metaverse.

On January 5, 2022, the world’s most well-known international electronic products and technology trade exhibition-International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially opened in Las Vegas, USA.

This CES is the most lively exhibition after the epidemic (not held in 2020, and online exhibition in 2021). Although due to the epidemic, companies such as Amazon, Meta, Lenovo, AMD have announced their withdrawal from offline exhibitions, and this year’s CES exhibition It was only three days, but it still failed to stop the enthusiasm of various technology companies for cutting-edge technology exploration.

For example, BMW exhibited a latest research result at this exhibition, using the unique technology of “electronic ink” to successfully realize the one-key color change function on the innovative BMW iX. It is reported that white, gray and black can be realized. Another example is ASUS launched a folding screen computer that can fold a 17-inch all-in-one computer into a 12.5-inch notebook…

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

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Of course, this year’s CES conference is also indispensable for the figure of the universe. For example, Qualcomm and Microsoft announced at the CES conference on the 4th that they plan to jointly develop and customize augmented reality chips that can be used in future lightweight AR glasses. They also announced plans to integrate their AR software, namely Microsoft Mesh and Snapdragon Spaces XR ( Mixed reality) developer platform.

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

My House living room

But the most attractive to ordinary consumers is Samsung. It is reported that at Samsung’s booth, visitors can access its Metaverse space-My House through the Zepeto app (a Metaverse platform). In My House, visitors can interact with the exhibits in it, which has become the most successful this year. One-dimensional universe application case.

Walk around the exhibition hall in the Metaverse

In August last year, Samsung and Zepeto’s developer Naver Z began their cooperation in Metaverse, launching platform games such as “Galaxy House” to allow BTS members to participate. But the CES version is more inclined to the second life experience: Players can walk around in a fenced yard and enter a customizable home filled with Samsung products, such as Freestyle projectors, Bespoke vacuum cleaners and the Frame TV.

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

Samsung Freestyle projector in My House

You can start from the front yard of the house, where you can interact with other people and visit different families. Although their walls, decorations and decorations are different, the actual layout of the house is the same for everyone. .After you enter the front door and enter the living room, turn right to enter the kitchen. There are colorful Bespoke appliances in the kitchen, then turn right to enter an open laundry room, and finally move along the corridor, where there are offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also a complete front yard and back yard, but you can only sit in a few places (there is a tree house in the house where you can sit, but you cannot enter the tree house).

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

Feel the breeze in the Metaverse

I thought that this kind of experience would have a lot of product information, just like a real consumer electronics exhibition booth, but this time Samsung obviously hopes that the products will remain low-key, so that everyone’s attention will be focused on the Metaverse experience. You can pick up the Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, run around with it, stand in front of the air purifier, enjoy the breeze, and play video games on an unknown TV in the living room or on a Samsung curved monitor in the office.

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

Playing video games in the Metaverse

In addition, you can also listen to music while cleaning in the kitchen with a vacuum cleaner, watch Samsung’s latest Sero rotating TV or frame TV in the bedroom at home, and use expensive Air Dresser clothes disinfectant for you A shiny shirt, you can brush your teeth in the bathroom, but although it has many functions, it always feels almost meaningless.

Look at the Metaverse in the exhibition hall

In addition to Samsung’s display of Metaverse at this CES, Nvidia, TCL, Panasonic, Sony, Canon and other companies are also vying for the outlet of Metaverse.

For example, Shiftall, a subsidiary of Panasonic, released three Metaverse-related products in one go, namely VR glasses “MeganeX”, wearable hot and cold somatosensory device “Pebble Feel”, and Bluetooth microphone “mutalk”. Takuma Iwasa, CEO of Shiftall, emphasized: “Panasonic will cut into the metaverse field mainly from a hardware perspective.”

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

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Metaverse veteran Sony has brought the latest Metaverse hardware device PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset (the new headset needs to be used with PlayStation 5, and the experiencer can use a cable to connect the headset to the PS5 to enter VR World), also brought a good news-the original game specially created for PS VR2 “Horizon Call of the Mountain” (Horizon: Call of the Mountain) will be launched soon, which will greatly complement the content shortcomings of the Metaverse.

In addition, Canon also came to the door of Metaverse to join in the excitement. During the CES exhibition, it announced that it is building a VR social platform based on VR Canon cameras that can video call. Canon named this new platform Kokomo, and users can use it to be compatible. Canon cameras, VR headsets and compatible smartphones to meet and chat with friends and family virtually.

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

Canon VR social platform Kokomo

Of course, as a solid support of Metaverse, semiconductor giant Nvidia also made Metaverse absent at CES. On the first day of CES, Nvidia officially announced that it will provide a free version of Omniverse to creators of Nvidia GeForce Studio with RTX GPUs, and provide a “one-click collaboration” function Nucleus Cloud and AI support application Omniverse Audio2Face (3D can be adjusted according to the audio track Face animation processing).

It is reported that Omniverse provides a shared virtual world for 3D designers, from which they can collaborate across different software applications and different geographic locations. Since the launch of the open beta one year ago, Omniverse has been downloaded by nearly 100,000 creators, a move that extends the new platform to millions of individual creators.

CES 2022's first experience of the Metaverse

Pictures from the Internet

After visiting CES, we can find that whether it is Samsung, which dares to innovate (model innovation), or companies that add to the infrastructure of Metaverse, such as Nvidia, Sony, etc., their current products seem to be far away from Metaverse. .

But as Richard Kerris, vice president of NVIDIA Omniverse, said: “Although the Metaverse touted by companies like the newly named Meta may seem like hype, the next era of innovation will require virtual worlds. .”

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