CES 2022 focuses on: car companies embrace electric intelligence, industry chain companies compete for “Metaverse”

“Big muscle show”

Every January in Las Vegas, the label of “gaming city” will be temporarily removed, because a big show of “black technology” brings a different kind of halo.

On January 5th, US local time, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 officially kicked off. As the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition, CES 2022 is destined to be an important stage for various new technologies and new products. With the continuous innovation of automotive technology, the technological attributes of the automotive industry are also continuously enhanced, and CES has long become the forefront of auto companies and related companies in the industry chain to “show their muscles.”

CES 2022 focuses on: car companies embrace electric intelligence, industry chain companies compete for "Metaverse"

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It is understood that CES 2022 has attracted more than 2,300 exhibitors. The categories of exhibits include automotive technology, artificial intelligence, digital health, smart home, NFT, food technology, etc. More than 200 companies from the transportation and vehicle technology industries participated. Vehicle manufacturers including BMW, GM, Hyundai, Stellatis, etc., component manufacturers such as Bosch and ZF, and technology and electronics manufacturers such as Intel, Panasonic, Qualcomm, etc. all want to “make a big splash” in CES 2022.

It is worth mentioning that, one year after the offline epidemic was suspended, CES 2022 adopted a parallel approach of online and offline exhibitions. However, due to the epidemic, the offline exhibition that was originally scheduled to close on January 8 will also end a day earlier to January 7. Companies such as BMW and GM have also successively announced that they will abandon offline exhibitions and instead display their products through online releases.

auto companies Competition electric Smart

In line with the overall transformation trend of the automotive industry, the focus of various car companies in this CES exhibition is also concentrated in the fields of electrification, digitalization and intelligence.

As a local participating car company, General Motors released the Chevrolet Silverado pure electric pickup truck based on the Autoneng platform at CES 2022 with the theme of “Alte Energy Effect”. At the same time, GM also launched a new software platform Ultifi, which will be an important support for GM in the field of intelligent and autonomous driving in the future.

General Motors CEO Mary Bora believes that pure electric vehicles will reshape the automotive world in the future. Bai Li, President of GM China, also said: “The Chinese market is a key force in driving change. GM will bring more products built on the Autoneng platform to the Chinese market.” It is reported that GM will be in the world by 2025. Launched more than 30 electric vehicles, of which more than two-thirds of electric vehicles will be introduced to the Chinese market.

The BMW Group will focus on demonstrating its latest digital achievements in CES 2022. In this exhibition, BMW released four new themes such as Soothing, Ease, Digital Art, Cinema, BMW suspended giant screen, BMW electric vehicle sound simulation, and “electronic ink” technology and many other new technologies and products. Among them, the BMW electric vehicle sound wave simulation will be the first to be installed on the pure electric i4 models in the first half of 2022, and will gradually be applied to more BMW electric models in the future; and the “electronic ink” technology will enable the BMW iX to achieve a “one-size” body The keys change color”.

CES 2022 focuses on: car companies embrace electric intelligence, industry chain companies compete for "Metaverse"

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Gao Le, President and CEO of BMW Group Greater China, said: “China has become a global innovation leader and a key driver of digitization. China’s trends will lead the world. With the principle of “China first”, BMW will accelerate its progress. Digitization process.”

Different from other car companies focusing on automotive technology and products, Hyundai Motor announced its vision for future robotics in CES 2022, which specifically includes “Metamobility” that expands users’ mobility experience, and “Mobility of Things (MoT)” that makes things mobile. Ecosystem and human-oriented “intelligent robots”, etc. Among them, Metamobility intends to realize the ultimate freedom of mobility that transcends reality to the virtual world through the combination of robotics and Metaverse. In addition, Hyundai Motor also displayed the robot module, MobED platform, Spot, Atlas and “Metaspace”.

Hyundai Motor believes that the application of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving will break the boundaries of future mobile travel. Automobiles and urban air travel will become smart devices connected to the Metaverse platform.

Chip companies compete for the Metaverse

Car companies are fully fired, and industry chain companies are not to be outdone. Especially since the end of 2020, the “core shortage” in the automotive industry has also made chip supplier companies a “sweet pastry” for car companies to collaborate.

For example, Nvidia announced during CES 2022 that it has reached cooperation with many electric vehicle manufacturers such as Polestar, Xiaopeng, Weilai, Ideal, etc. These electric vehicle manufacturers hope to use Nvidia’s autonomous driving software and hardware technology to better communicate with each other. Tesla competes.

Nvidia said that companies such as Desai, Flextronics, Quanta, Valeo, and ZF will use its self-driving Drive platform to provide a basis for the design of self-driving systems for electric vehicle brands. In addition, Nvidia also officially announced four new graphics card products, and stated that its Metaverse creation tool Omniverse removed the Beta (test) logo and officially provided services to creators. In addition to the previously announced enterprise subscription version, Omniverse also provides a free version for individual creators who own NVIDIA GeForce STUDIO.

CES 2022 focuses on: car companies embrace electric intelligence, industry chain companies compete for "Metaverse"

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Qualcomm also announced new automotive partners at CES 2022, including Honda, Volvo, and Renault to provide components based on the company’s Snapdragon processor; with BMW, GM, Hyundai, Xiaopeng, India’s Mahindra, Jetto, and Wei. Car manufacturers such as Lai, Weimar, SAIC and Jidu have reached a cooperative relationship. In addition, Qualcomm also announced that it will cooperate with Microsoft to develop a new and customized Snapdragon augmented reality chip that will power future augmented reality (AR) glasses in the Microsoft ecosystem.

It is reported that the cooperation between Qualcomm and automakers is mainly based on products such as the Snapdragon digital chassis and the Snapdragon digital cockpit. Among them, the Snapdragon digital chassis can provide vehicles with technical capabilities across multiple fields, covering in-vehicle networking, smart transportation, car-to-cloud services, digital cockpits, driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

Qualcomm CEO Anmeng said: “As automakers continue to transform into technology companies, technology is becoming more important and spawning new partnerships. As cars continue to transform to support cloud connectivity and intelligent experience, automakers are beginning to cooperate with Technology companies and chip manufacturers have established direct cooperation.”

Not only chip companies, but auto parts companies also demonstrated their innovative initiatives in the digital field at this CES. For example, during this CES, component supplier Apofu focused on its SVATM architecture. The architecture uses a regional controller solution, which can effectively reduce the cost and weight of the entire vehicle. Through SVATM, suppliers can customize personalized ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), infotainment, smart cockpit and other functions for automakers. In addition, Anbofu also provides an open platform and development toolkit with standardized interfaces, so that OEMs or third-party developers can further develop personalized settings and functions on this basis.

CES 2022 focuses on: car companies embrace electric intelligence, industry chain companies compete for "Metaverse"

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Bosch said during CES 2022 that it will invest 4 billion euros every year to enhance software capabilities, of which about 3 billion euros will be invested in the travel business.

The research report of China Securities Investment Securities believes that one of the key directions of this CES exhibition is VR/AR, and it is recommended to pay attention to the possible investment opportunities of Metaverse. Digital virtual humans may become the first metaverse products to realize commercial realization.

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