CertiK: Q1 2022 Web3.0 Industry Security Report Released

This is the golden age of the Internet, and it is also the era of the big explosion of technological development.

A16z (Andreessen Horowitz), a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm, released a proposal “How to Win the Future” in October 2021.

The introduction to the proposal says: Web 3.0 will be a fresh start .

Just two weeks ago, the inaugural NFT Film Festival kicked off in Decentraland . Under the premise that the Cannes Film Festival fully opens up offline screenings and market transactions, this NFT Film Festival combines high-level offline communication with a comprehensive Metaverse experience by embedding the main body of Cannes. Presentations, workshops, exchanges and NFT auctions.


The strength of Web3.0 breaking into the process of human development is evident.

As more and more countries try to seize the high ground in the Web3.0 revolution , this term has become the hottest outlet at the moment.

But great opportunities are often accompanied by darkness before dawn.

Following the 2021 Web 3.0 Security Report compiled by CertiK , we are shocked to find:

2022 is the worst year for asset damage since the rise of Web 3.0 — the first quarter of breaches caused losses more than eight times as much as the same period last year.

At present, the growth rate of Web 3.0 is significantly higher than that of the blockchain security field, so the battle for its security has become more intense than ever.

In the [ Web 3.0 Security Status Report for the first quarter of 2022 ], CertiK will reveal the secrets for you:

Centralization risk is the most common attack vector in 2021

Then board the first quarter of 2022

Who is the player who maliciously attacked the “Throne” ?

Where did the sky-high stolen funds come from?

What is the total amount of stolen assets more than 8 times the “harvest” ?

Where is the future of Web 3.0 and users ?

How can I save myself?

Security status in the field of Web3.0 ;

The basic measures that are easiest to ” break the defense ” today;

Types of attacks with the highest frequency and their causes;

What actions will governments and central banks take ,

How does it affect us?


High returns always come with high risks.

CertiK is committed to guarding the Web3.0 world , and will focus on security data and continue to analyze the security future and development of Web3.0. Help users stay away from “earth dogs” and artificially stepping on the air, and use technology to endow technology with value and a boat-carrying road.

The PDF version of the report has been included and a link has been generated, please download and view.Copy the link to your browser and download it now

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