CEO of Epic Games: It will take ten years to truly realize the Metaverse

Meta universe will not be created by only one company. It will be created by millions of developers, and everyone is building their own content.

CEO of Epic Games: It will take ten years to truly realize the Metaverse

Tencent Technology News November 19, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) recently accepted an interview, was asked about the ongoing struggle between Epic Games and Apple, and his own views on the meta universe. Sweeney believes that if the metaverse is to become a reality, it is necessary to break the monopoly of Apple and Google in the application market.

Sweeney has a heavy responsibility.

After Apple removed the popular video game “Fortnite” developed by Epic Games from the App Store, Sweeney launched an attack on Apple. Apple said at the time that Epic Games’ quiet establishment of its own payment channel was a contempt for the digital payment rules of the app store.

In response, Epic Games sued Apple, and the court trial has aroused great concern in the industry. Apple claims that the app store’s strict payment rules are to protect the safety and privacy of developers and users, and that Apple’s app store is only a part of the electronic game market, so there is no monopoly problem.

Sweeney’s view is completely different. He believes that companies such as Apple and Google have huge influence in the application market. Their controls prevent consumers and companies from choosing how to run their own businesses.

The case is still under trial. But in September of this year, a US judge ruled that Apple must not prohibit app developers from guiding users to use payment channels other than the app store. At the same time, the judge believed that Apple did not monopolize the market. Apple still bans “Fortress Night” from re-listing, which may delay the return of this popular game to the iPhone for several years.

Sweeney recently went to Seoul, South Korea to participate in the “Global Mobile Application Ecosystem Fairness Conference” hosted by South Korean Congressman Cho Sung Lai, and was interviewed.

South Korea recently enacted a law that allows app developers to use other payment systems. Interview in Swaziland Nigeria asked for your views on this law, the continuing struggle Epic Games with Apple to carry out, and his own views on the yuan universe.

Q: South Korea recently passed a bill that prohibits app store operators from compulsory in-app payments and requires technology companies to allow developers and users to use other payment methods. What do you think about this?

Sweeney: South Korea has Samsung and excellent game developers. I am very happy to see that South Korea is really protecting developers against these bad practices by Apple and Google.

Q: How much business and revenue did Epic Games lose because of being kicked out of Apple’s ecosystem?

Sweeney: “Fortnite” has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. With the withdrawal of “Fortress Night” from the iOS platform, the losses are now getting bigger and bigger. But fortunately, “Fortress Night” has also been successful on personal computers and game consoles. So despite the departure from the iOS platform, the company’s business is still strong.

But this just shows how powerful Apple has that can completely erase a game from the iOS system. No platform company should have this kind of power, right? Consumers should be able to install software freely, developers should be able to develop software freely, and platform companies should not intervene sideways.

Q: Do you have any regrets about the legal proceedings between Epic Games and Apple and Google?

Sweeney: We have always known that this will be a slow and complicated case. Apple and Epic realized from the very beginning that no matter what happens in the district court… the verdict will be appealed to the U.S. Ninth Circuit. If possible, it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to make a final ruling. Therefore, this must take many years.

Question: Do you have anything else to say to the big people on this issue?

Sweeney: In the final analysis, this is a consumer rights dispute. Although these disputes mainly occurred between companies and regulators, they involved whether smartphone users could install software from the channels of their choice, and whether they could directly conduct business with developers, without the need for platform companies to impose levies on each transaction. Taxes… This is the basic freedom for everyone to choose how to do business directly.

I think this is the most important digital copyright dispute in the industry. Because all aspects of our lives have begun to shift to the Internet, and the degree of digitization has become higher and higher, but more and more digital interactions are controlled by Google and Apple. If we allow the two most powerful companies in the world to control our online life, it will inevitably become an excessive force.

Question: What is Metaverse to you?

Sweeney: This is actually a real-time 3D entertainment experience with social attributes. It is you and your friends in the same 3D world, having fun in a variety of different ways. You can play games like “Fortnite”, you can go to a concert, you can dance, or you can stand there and chat. It is the various social interactions between us and a group of friends in a real-time 3D environment.

Question: What is the future of the meta-universe you envision? Just like the Internet that just came out, will it really become a game changer?

Sweeney: I think it will take ten years or more to actually achieve the goal, but I think this is happening. This will be a better online experience than what we have now. It will succeed because it is better.

Metaverse does not require fancy new hardware, augmented reality or virtual reality equipment, and nothing that has not been invented yet. As long as you can go online, you can start the experience now.

The next step of this meta-universe development is to broaden the experience and attract the next batch of billion-level users.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle to achieving this goal?

Sweeney: Metaverse will not be created by only one company. It will be created by millions of developers, and everyone is building their own content.

Another challenge is to construct the economics of the meta-universe. In order for millions of developers to build meta-universe, you need to have a real business, so that they can make the same or even more money from this work, and support their business by developing software.

First of all, we need to win the fight against monopoly platforms, because Apple and Google have established rules to prevent the meta-universe from appearing in the Google App Store and the iOS system. They have long established rules to block existing browsers, so you can only use their browsers.

They also do not allow developers to directly transact with users. If it has not been reviewed by Apple and Google, they will not allow the code written by the developer to run on the user’s local device. But Metaverse needs to support all these things, so before Metaverse can truly become a reality, we really need to win this battle for open platforms.

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